Liposuction to abdomen and thighs

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A little about me: Newly wed, 25-30yrs old,...

A little about me:

Newly wed, 25-30yrs old, female, 5'6", active (until I moved to Dubai, gained weight and got lazy here, hence why I'm doing this).

I was thinking of doing Biotite in Thailand but I found the service from Dubai to Thailand wasn't very good. During my research I came across Dr M who specialized and is a master in hi def Vaser. I was pleased to see that he is a visiting Surgeon to Dubai :-)). He does celebrities and elites in hollywood, so i felt comfortable with him.
After MONTHS AND YEARS of researching new technologies I booked in to see him. To my surprise my husband (who is AGAINST any form of surgery, let alone plastic surgery), decided to book an appointment with me same day. LOL. After sitting the half hour with Dr Matlock, my husband agreed to join me with surgery. He's never heard of this before this time and had no idea what Vaser or lipo really was.....needless to say I was shocked he jumped to book on the spot. Men are so unpredictable, lol!

We saw Dr M Tuesday, after he flew in 16 hours from Beverly Hills, and our surgery was booked today Thursday March 14, within 3 days of consult.

Day of surgery:
I had my husband watching over the Dr's shoulder the entire time while he was marking my areas of fat, taking pics and video documentary. He wasn't pleased knowing the Dr was male....but I didn't care cause I wasn't going to compromise results based on gender. We arrived 1 hr prior to my surgery. My husband was booked for his right after me.

I have to admit, the IV line was painful when they inserted!! It was my first time getting one and it burned ! The markings took 10 minutes.....this Dr is VERY SKILLED and has a keen eye for proportions. He knows what he is doing. He informed me of EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! Keep the garment on for 48 hrs straight, no pain, no bruising , just feeling soar. Garment to be worn smoothly and firmly for at least 4 weeks. The first 2 weeks to b worn day and night. The following 2 weeks, can remove garment at night. Leaking will continue for 2 days, no shower, no removal of garment! garment is ment to minimise swelling and ripples, and helps tighten skin back in place; very important to keep it on. He says tomorrow will feel like I had a very intense workout.

Because I had fluctuated in weight during my teens(heaviest I was 180+lbs, lowest 132lbs), no kids, my skin is not so tight to begin with. He worries about this and warned me that a pregnancy in the near future will hurt my skin further and depending on my recovery and tightness achieved, I may need to remove excess skin when I come to that bridge.

The general anesthesia was intense!! As soon as they put the drip in, my arms and neck was instantly heavy.....and within 10 sec, I was OUT!
I woke up to my name being called, shivering cold, nauseated and close to vomit.

Now I'm laying in recovery, my husband in next room sleeping, recovering himself ! I already see slender thighs and tummy .....I'm excited for next week! Leaking is heavy, blood and smelly fluid. So hungry cause u can't eat 10hrs before surgery! So dizzy and sick when I first stand, but nausea getting better.

The surgeon removed 3.6 Liters from me, and close to 3.2L from my husband!! He is so slender though so I'm worried that he'll just b too skinny!! I was surprised!!

I had my flanks, entire abdomen, outer thighs, upper inner thigh, iliac rest done. I wanted to do bra line, but surgeon refused. He said it wasn't part of consult. During surgery, apparently he threw in some anterior thigh, which he refused during the consult. He was surprised with the amount of muscle I had hiding under my coat of hibernating fat :-). LOL.

I hope it was worth it, but I do feel guilty for doing this , and spending this much money on it. I hope my husband made an INFORMED desicion and won't regret it. I worry about him.

Will update with results later. Feeling tired now.

Dubai's Worst Doctor and Clinic ever!

The "american and british surgical and medical clinic" with Dr David Matlock was the worst decision I had ever made. I was never booked a follow up appointment. It's been now almost 1 year, I did not have ANY results from the $17000 of liposuction I paid for. Mind you, I was never fat to begin with. I had a nice frame before surgery. But after surgery I was left with dents and ripples all over my abdomen and thighs. When i brought it up to the clinic, they didn't take it serious. They kept brushing me off.

I was never given a follow up appointment by Dr Matlock. To the contrary after 3 months, i was told to see him at the clinic. When i went to see him in Diera he was too busy and refused to examine my areas .

The staff were completely unprofessional. They would promise to fix the situation but never did anything about it. All the staff that were working there at the time have all quite their positions. That says a lot about the management of the clinic. At 10 months....still no call for follow up!

I was forced to pay another surgeon to fix Matlock's mistakes. The dents in my thigh are not fixable without doing a fat graft....the problem is, there are more than 10 dents and dimples all over the back of my thighs!

So I found out after leaving Dubai, that this David Matlock is NOT a board certified plastic surgeon. He is an egotistic "celebrity" gynaecologist. How does a gynaecologist get approved to do plastic surgery in Dubai?

This clinic is a selling machine. They sell procedures based on the fact they have "celebrity doctors" working from Beverly Hills....meanwhile these doctors never actually worked on celebrities. The clinic rushes you to buy quickly "before the doctor leaves dubai back to the US". They trick you into believing they only have one or two spots left to pressure you to buy and book. NEVER a good idea to decide on plastic surgery while being pressured.
I am so glad I didn't let those fakes touch another part of my body!

And did I mention that after 10 months I had ZERO results from the procedure...the only thing that changed was the disgusting dents that now fill my entire upper makes me cringe and want to cry when i see them in the mirror.

After reading some more

I just read some more Doctor answers on here regarding gynecologists doing plastic surgery ......and well i feel totally duped! I'm so outraged with myself that I fell for this doctors marketing hype. He's not a plastic board certified surgeon and yet I trusted him and he botched my body! I can't believe I fell for this.

Ladies and gents, please go to ONLY board certified PLASTIC surgeons for all of your plastic surgery. Make sure to look up your doctor and check their listings. Are they in good standing? Just because they are from Beverly Hills does NOT mean they are good!
Dr Matlock

I had to pay all upfront. They delayed our appointment by an hour twice! And then brought it back up to original timing one hour before scheduled appointment. That wasn't cool. I was never scheduled a follow-up. No one saw me after the procedure. Staff didn't know what procedure I had done after Matlock flew back to US the next day after my procedure. My weight, height, measurements were never taken. How do you trace results? I want to change the rating to ZERO for the doctor all across the board. He is unprofessional, not courteous, rude, egotistic, and staff do not have any bed side manners.

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