Dark Lip Bleaching to Get Pink Lips - Deerfield Beach, FL

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I started on this journey because I am...

I started on this journey because I am disappointed in how dark my lips are. When I wear lip gloss it has to be red for it to even show. I want naturally pink red lips like when I was a kid. They are dark now because I use to smoke, I drank so much coffee, and had a bad habit of licking my lips.

I am using only natural bleaching products since the natural solutions like almond oil and lemon aren't working for me. The products I'm trying are Piona skin bleaching cream, and H2O Natural Whitening Papaya Soap. I am also using coconut oil and almond oil as a lip moisturizer throughout the day under my chapstick. I also exfoliate my lips with a soft toothbrush and almond oil once a day at night to keep them soft.

My first day was 3 days ago. It looked promising my lips looked pinker from the first day. I felt a slight tingling when I put the Piona on and then my lips suddenly looked softer as you can see from the photo. The second day went okay.I noticed that my lips were very dry but I keep a small jar of a mix of coconut oil and almond oil with me at all Times, and I seal it with chapstick. I notice that if you put the Piona cream alone it feels chalky and sits on your skin but if you first massage a little almond oil in it seems to melt into your skin better and doesn't feel gritty. The second day I notice they are more reddish then pink but now when I put on my almond oil throughout the day it's visibly pinker. No gloss needed. I am feeling excited so far as this is the first visible improvement I've seen ever. I'll keep you chicks posted on my journey and what works or doesn't.

One week update on at home lip bleaching

So it's been exactly one week since I started this journey. At first I was nervous since it seemed Lighter when I first started, but now I know I just needed to exfoliate more. I am exfoliating twice a day now. It's gentle exfoliation with a soft tooth brush. I slather on some of my coconut almond mixture and go to work on the skin that's peeling. I don't over due it, but I noticed each time I did my lips became rosier, and feel better. They would be all wrinkly to the point no matter how much coconut/almond oil I would rub in it wouldn't help. I think the reason this is working so far is Because I am always rubbing in the coconut/almond oil mixture right after the piona soaks in a little bit and through out the day I keep reapplying..plus I am always exfoliating..

I have also started drinking a gallon of water a day because I hear it is great for your skin aka lips and any little bit helps.

Saturday was I think a bit frustrating because no amount of lip balm or oil would help, and even though I exfoliated my lips still looked like they belonged on an old lady..I was freaking out.

Then I decided to mix some coconut/almond oil with some natural raw sugar and massaged my lips for like 5 to 10 minutes. I rubbed all the rough patches until smooth,and worked around the edges of my lips until all the dead skin was off. After 5mins I rinsed it off and checked if there were any patches that wear still peeling and I worked on that for the next 5 minutes.

Then I took the oil and massaged my lips with it for 5 mins. I kept reapplying the rest of the day.... It looked way better!

I honestly see this working. My lips are pinkie and my bottom lip is almost a uniform deep pink.My top lip has a pinkish undertone and I feel super excited. I just feel like if you baby your lips you will see results, plus don't cake on the piona cream just a dab twice a day. I read so many testimonials of people really bad skin damage from using it and I think it's because they are slithering it in every second they can. Your skin shouldn't be man handled... They always say with skin treatments less is more...

Okay. That's it! Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this is helpful to someone else who want to try this. I am going to do this for 30 days to get the full effect. Hopefully in that time my lips will be as sexy a they should be. Smooches!!!????

Update on lip bleaching. with pics!

Hey everyone I just wanted to put up this update. I am showing pictures of the products I'm using and some pictures of my lips from tonight. I also want to tell you some lessons I learned I think everyone should understand going into this.

On wednesday my lips were feeling red and irritated I figure it's because of the Piona has shed off all the darker skin and I need to let it heal.

Listen closely... The active ingredient in Piona bleaching cream is glycolic acid. It's considered natural because this acid is naturally produced in fruits like lemons. Anyone who has tried looking up how to bleach lips have heard of using Lemon juice. Some side effects of using a glycolic acid peel is redness/irritation/very Miof peeling. My lips were turning red days before but that was because it was just removing the darker layers I STOPPED when I felt irritation. My lips felt very itchy, but they were soft and not crinkly as much as before.

I decided to speed up the healing process by putting a calcium bentonite clay mask on my lips for five minutes just once a day no exfoliating. My skin healed nicely and no more irritation. I made the mask with calcium bentonite clay about 2 tablespoon, one drop of lavender essential oil, two drops tea tree oil and mixed it with filtered water and put the mix in a bottle. My lips felt Amazeballs after wards!! I've been doing it since. Just twice a day and my lips have not gotten darker or anything, and oil massage afterwards for 5 to 10 minutes.

I will start using Piona again tomorrow just to be on the safe side. I believe if your lips are burning or itching it's not a good sign. When you first start using the cream it makes your lips have a tingling sensation like 100'S of bubbles are popping all over them at the same time. I believe this is the glycolic acid removing a layer of darker skin.
For someone who is nervous about trying it I would say make sure you put the coconut\almond oil mixture on your lips and massage it in first before applying the cream. I would only leave on the Piona for 5 to 10 minutes like a real glycolic peel would stay on and rinse it off then wash lips with the papaya soap and rinse after 2 minutes. Then massage on the coconut/almond oil before going to bed. When you feel like your lips are peeling a bit use a sugar scrub or a very very soft toothbrush. I put oil on my lips before I exfoliate and the brush is wet from running under the faucet for a moment.

I honestly think because I rubbed oil in my lips all the time it wasn't peeling but became darker and crinkly and that's when I would exfoliate.

Oh yeah can get Piona and all this stuff on Amazon and I believe they ship internationally.

I think I will only use the Piona twice a week for five minutes because I believe all the dark layers have come off because my lips are pretty light as of right now and I am going to start using another organic bleaching cream that Claims to have rapid results in 7 days. It's called ST7 Vita Carrot organic beauty. I added a pic of it above as well. I am going to use this one twice a day and 2 Times a week I will use the Piona.

Please let me know if there is anything else I could answer for you or clarify.

I'm adding ST7 Vita Carrot Cream Beauty Organics

I forgot to add the photo of this one to the as well. Has anyone tried this cream before. It says it's organic but I hope it does show rapid results like it says. Anyone has any experience with this cream before? What were your results or complaints
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