Deep FX AND Facelift at Same Time - Tampa, FL

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Under general anesthesia I had a neck lift, brow...

Under general anesthesia I had a neck lift, brow lift, and Deep FX all over my face on January 14, 2008. I'm almost 54, youthful in many ways but had a LOT of lines/wrinkles in my cheeks, severe squint lines, jowls, wrinkly neck, and droopy, tired, sad appearance. I will from here on out just refer to what I believe were the benefits/cons of the Deep FX rather than the brow and neck lift (which look amazingly natural.) Because I was under anesthesia, the plastic surgeon was able to go much deeper/hotter with the laser.

My face is completely clear of lines and wrinkles, it is like a miracle. However, I am still very red/ruddy after more than a month since the procedure, and not only that it is very streaky/blotchy in color. I could not really go out in public without attracting attention if I didn't put on makeup, it is very noticeable. It also has a very shiny appearance -- and feels tight/dry, though that could be the result of the facelift. I keep slathering it with moisturizers to no avail. I saw my doctor today and he told me it will just take time, months, and I got the impression that it just cannot be predicted who will react this way. He recommended I start using Retin-A and a topical bleaching agent (Obagi Clear) to help the coloring go back to normal. He likened it to burning one's hand and a dark mark developing which eventually lightens. He cautioned me once again to avoid the sun. I have been always wearing 30SPF sunblock and a hat for my 20-minute walk daily. Other than that I have been inside always because I also had knee surgery so I am recovering from both and am housebound until now. I am thinking now I will wear 55SPF.

I read other people's descriptions of the week or so following the Deep FX and they sounded just like mine. It is a horrible sight to behold, you definitely don't want anyone but family around for at least a week and you have to put Aquaphor ointment on several times a day after washing your face, it's a greasy mess, your hair gets into the act, so you are not fit to be seen until at least a week. I do not remember experiencing any real pain or itching, but definitely swelling and discomfort, and had to sleep propped up on pillows while flat on my back.

I hope that I will soon get back my normal coloring so I can enjoy the benefits of no wrinkles and beautiful skin! I will rate the procedure "good" for now, and await the final outcome.

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I look very natural, everyone says, and 15-20 years younger, just unfortunate that I'm still very red and blotchy.

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