Vaser Scheduled for Tomorrow - Dedham, MA

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Going in for Vaser in 8 hours. Having upper &...

Going in for Vaser in 8 hours. Having upper & lower abs, flanks, bra roll, & double chin. I'm both excited & nervous! From everything I've read here I'm expecting to be sore for a few days minimum, especially since I am having so many areas done. I took six days off work, hopefully I'll be good to return on Monday 4/30!

I'm 5'3", 165lbs. & 40 yrs. old. I used to be much smaller in my 20's & early 30's. I quit drinking at 34 & used sweets to fill the void. I've been at a stable weight for years & have great skin (very elastic, no stretch marks) so my doctor thinks I am a good candidate. Hoping for the best, will post tomorrow after I get home!

Had my surgery this morning. The doc & nurse were...

Had my surgery this morning. The doc & nurse were great, made me feel comfortable. Doc said I could have drugs to calm me but discouraged me from doing so, said 99 percent of his patients go without. Let me tell you- TAKE THE DRUGS!!! The upper & lower abdomen were the most painful thing I have ever gone through! I had tears running from my eyes as I was laying there, even after he added more numbing fluid. After that was done the rest (chin/neck, love handles, bra roll) was a piece of cake. I don't know why there was such a difference in the pain but I was glad when it was over :)

The first 8 hours or so aren't too bad because the anesthetic is still in effect. I started feeling some pain a little while ago so I took my 1st Vicodin. Once I'm seated & comfortable I'm good, but getting up & down & bending are a challenge. Write more tomorrow! Thanks to all of those who posted before me- it really helps to have an idea of what to expect!

4/25 day 2: Was pretty sore yesterday, slept most...

4/25 day 2: Was pretty sore yesterday, slept most of the day & took my pain meds. Took my first full shower- felt good to wash my hair! Difficult to re-bandage my wounds & put the compression garment on by myself (I live alone)- dealing with a side zipper when you have large breasts is nearly impossible!! If you have big boobies and are alone get a front zip garment :)

4/26 day 3: Swelling seems to have gone down a bit & pain is MUCH less. I could pretty much walk around the house & do chores without much effort. I have almost NO bruising on my body, but two huge purple ones under my chin/neck- I posted a pic below. So far today has been a good day!
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