Turkey Hair Transplant - Refused by One Clinic (Donor Area Not Strong Enough ?) Accepted by Others?

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Hi here, I'm from the UK. I've been mulling over...

Hi here, I'm from the UK. I've been mulling over whether to go through with a hair transplant in Turkey (obviously due to the reduced costs there! ) and have been in touch with quite a few of the clinics , I have done a little research online as most of us do ....You Tube etc.....
I was quite impressed by Longevita, the Maral clinic and also Get Hair due to reviews and price.
Longevita have quoted me £1265 for a FUE transplant
Maral clinic 2100 Euro ( may require another procedure in 12 months to complete density if required)
Get hair said my donor area is not strong enough "I regret to inform you that we can not proceed further with your application" which, if correct, I completely appreciate their honesty.
I would like some feedback from the forum whether you guys (Docs in particular) think I will benefit from a hair transplant or not ? or more importantly whether I am able to be considered for the procedure. The Maral clinic have said I'm Norwood 5, I am 41 years old and wear my hair extremely short ( 0.5 -1.5 mm) but would prefer not to have a shiny head in the future !! even if I do go through with it I will still wear it cropped / clipped. Any advice and feedback is most welcome :)
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