47, Full Body Makeover Required Lost 130lb Post Weight Loss Surgery

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So ..... here I am totally bemused and confused as...

So ..... here I am totally bemused and confused as to where, when, who, why, what !!
I live in the UK but really can't afford the prices here so have been looking to go abroad .
Have contacted several clinics abroad in Prague, Poland, Spain and Hungary .
I've had to subject my poor 13 year old daughter to taking full on nude photos of me in broad daylight from every which angle in he most unflattering of poses and then willy nilly emailed said naked pics all over the planet to god knows who ! ????
Each surgeon has their own idea of what I should have done and in which order to do it.
The costs are varied, some I can't really afford and the ones I can I'm finding hard to trust as I'm wondering if they're too cheap !
It's a nightmare !
I'm finding it really hard to research the surgeons and clinics on the net ..... sure there are 'reviews' but not enough for me to feel confident in putting my trust into anyone specifically to chop bits off of my body all over the shop !
I feel like I basically have to just take a leap of faith and hope for the best which isn't ideal when I'm literally having to have a full body lift ... everything ! Legs, tummy, bottom, breasts and arms ....
I'll be posting every detail I can on here for you all as this has been the only place I've found that has really actually helped me and given me a true insight into the ins and outs / ups and downs of this type of surgery and hopefully I can be of help to someone else.

Finally decided on surgeon !

Well after much deliberation and searching I've finally decided that every single surgeon has good and bad reviews so at the end of the day you just have to take a leap of faith ... so I am !
I'm going to Prague, Czeck with a dr Frajer.
I've seen the awful review on here but also seen some good reviews ...
I'm going through Prague Beauty and hopefully surgery will be on the 8th Feb.
Scared to death, dreading the aftermath, pain and getting through it but has to be done so will just have to 'man up' and get on with it lol !!
Have decided to give up smoking to help with healing and I'm picking up lots of tips on here about how to prepare my body for the best healing after .... lots of water, protein etc !
Will keep you posted xx

The dreaded 'before' pics ...

Ok .. so as much as it goes against all my grains to put my naked full on loose skin ensemble pics on here I have to ! I can't express how much others pics have been of help to me and i need to give something back for others .
Please don't be jealous ! Back off the haters ! ????????????????????????

Surgery booked 8th Feb 2017 ... aarrgghhhhhhhhhh

So, I've taken the plunge ! Booked my surgery for 8th Feb in Prague with dr Frajer.
It's been so hard to choose a surgeon and it comes to a point where you just have to take a leap of faith and throw your lot in with one.
The clinic gave me a phone number of a gentleman who has had the same procedure with the same surgeon as me in October .... lovely man ! Really really put my mind at rest talking to him, he was singing their praises and is very very happy with the whole experience.
So now, my deposit is paid, contract signed, flights booked, its onnnnnnnnn !!!!
I'm going to try and just forget about it all now until after Christmas as I've become somewhat obsessed ha ha, looking on here, reading, reading, reading ...... totally scared and when I think about it I sometimes feel a little nauseous, then sometimes excited !
Anyhoo-de-boo ...., it's happening so I will just man up and try to look forward to it xx

So the countdown starts ....

Only two weeks and two days to go now ... wow, that came round quick ..... trying to collect all the bits and pieces I'll need for after surgery ... have bought a cheap electric recline/lift up armchair off of eBay, 2nd hand, proper ugly design lol but clean, fullly working and only £50 ! Bargain ! It'll do for me I'll just chuck a throw over it.
I've bought a raised toilet seat so hopefully will be easier for me in that department !
Need to get hibiclean for pre op showering and silicon tape to help with scarring after.
Have a massive 'to do' list before I go so will plug away .....

Done and dusted !!

Will do a proper review soon but thought I'd quickly show a b4/after pic of my bottom ... very pleased !

Front pic

Day 4 post op update !

So, it's day 4 and I feel ready and human enough to go through it all with you ;-)
On wed (8th) I arrived at the clinic very nervous and feeling like I could bolt for the hills at any moment .. but I held it together:-)
I had a consultation with dr Frajer and we went through what he would do and both agreed on what I could expect from the outcome.
I then went for pre op tests (over the road in another building which was really odd) then I was shown to my room where I could settle in, unpack and wait to be taken to theatre.
Dr Frajer came and got me then took me to be photographed before and after being marked up then I was shown into theatre and laid down on a bed, they put a shot in my arm line then ..... goodnight !!!
I came round about 3 hours later talking absolute gobbley gook to my hubby.
At about 8pm I was properly awake and thinking 'wow ! It's actually done' I felt a little pain but not too much .. certainly not as bad as I had imagined it would be.
The next day Dr Frajer came to see me and he said he hadn't done the muscle repair because I 'didn't need it' ..... I'm not too sure about this part, in a way I'm pleased because there's a lot more pain when you have muscle repair but I find it hard to believe I didn't need it when I have been soooooo over weight and had two children ??
Hopefully it will all be fine and to be honest, as long as I have a flat stomach I don't mind too much (not like I'm the sort of person who would be training hard for that 6 pack lol )
Getting out of bed for the first time is very scary but when you need that pee you need that pee ! I managed with help from the nurses.
The food was amazing ! Absolutely delicious and loads of it , they really try and feed you up lol , the nurses were great and generally the whole staff and clinic seemed very professional, friendly and certainly know their stuff ! ( perfect clinic, Prague)
I would feel happy to recommend them and would definitely return here for my next surgeries (thigh lift and arms/breasts).
On day 3 they release you and I came back to out rented apartment for 3 more nights till we fly home on Tuesday, not looking forward to the journey home but can't wait to be home with my kids and loved ones.
I have to go back for a check up on Monday afternoon before I fly back.
Being back at the apartment has been fine, I even managed to walk down to the little restaurant just outside the complex which felt good .
Pain wise it's not too bad, I'm taking the pain medicine they gave me and it's bearable :-)

One week out dressing change pics !

Bit behind with my review updates but these are pics from last thurs when I had my dressings changed one week after surgery. You can see the bruising and swelling on my lower back. Everything still felt very numb and it's the strangest feeling, when I touch my upper leg my fingers can feel my leg but my leg can't feel my fingers , very odd !!
The binder has to be the most uncomfortable, hindering, annoying thing I have ever worn but needs must and I will do what I have to do !

Two weeks po.... tearful day today !

Hey :-)
Today is two weeks and one day since surgery.
All in all I'm doing amazingly well, went to the nurse today to have dressings removed and the wound is absolutely great !
There's no sign of infection, all healing together nicely and looking really healthy.
Got hubby to take some pics ..... that's where my day got bad .... I was looking at them and just started crying .... couldn't stop, sobbing and all sorts .
Deep in my mind I know it's just swelling but the bit above the incision on my bottom protrudes so that my back just seems to flow into my bottom in a big shapeless square ! I've always had a lovely arch where my back meets my bottom and I'm finding this really hard to deal with .
It makes me feel like a freak and that I look really weird .
I know I know ..... it's swelling but I'm so worried that this is what I'll end up with once the swelling goes down it's really affected me .
To top it off I look like I have loose skin on my belly .... it's like an overhang again which I'm seriously gutted about , it didn't look like that in last weeks pics or the pics on day 3 post op. It was lovely and smooth ...... again I'm hoping it's just swelling and that the original pic soon after surgery is what I will end up looking like .
All in all I just got very freaked out, down, and scared ..... I guess it all catches up with you .... anaesthetic, bruising pain, immobility, not driving, today's pics and this blooming binder !!
Have included this weeks pics .... at least the bruising on my bottom seems to be getting better ! Xx

3 weeks post op

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