47, Full Body Makeover Required Lost 130lb Post Weight Loss Surgery

So ..... here I am totally bemused and confused as...

So ..... here I am totally bemused and confused as to where, when, who, why, what !!
I live in the UK but really can't afford the prices here so have been looking to go abroad .
Have contacted several clinics abroad in Prague, Poland, Spain and Hungary .
I've had to subject my poor 13 year old daughter to taking full on nude photos of me in broad daylight from every which angle in he most unflattering of poses and then willy nilly emailed said naked pics all over the planet to god knows who ! ????
Each surgeon has their own idea of what I should have done and in which order to do it.
The costs are varied, some I can't really afford and the ones I can I'm finding hard to trust as I'm wondering if they're too cheap !
It's a nightmare !
I'm finding it really hard to research the surgeons and clinics on the net ..... sure there are 'reviews' but not enough for me to feel confident in putting my trust into anyone specifically to chop bits off of my body all over the shop !
I feel like I basically have to just take a leap of faith and hope for the best which isn't ideal when I'm literally having to have a full body lift ... everything ! Legs, tummy, bottom, breasts and arms ....
I'll be posting every detail I can on here for you all as this has been the only place I've found that has really actually helped me and given me a true insight into the ins and outs / ups and downs of this type of surgery and hopefully I can be of help to someone else.
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