looking for support & ppl to talk to -- close ppl around me are against this

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So, I have begun my journey.I went & met w/my...

So, I have begun my journey.I went & met w/my surgeon, prepared to have lap band. To my surprise, my surgeon informed me that he feels the sleeve is the best option for me now I am scared to death & wondering if I should go through w/ the surgery cause it's SO perminate. How is life 5-10 yrs later?

Surgery scheduled

So, my surgery is scheduled for Friday, November the 13th---I know that might be a bad day..Friday the 13th-but I hoping number 13 to be a good luck thing..lol
My Upper Gi is scheduled for the day before (the 12th)---
I am scared to death now of the sleeve procedure--I picked up my pre-prescriptions and there are MANY nausea pills...so I am thinking, I should anticipate severe nausea and vomiting after wards....Is this so?
also, with the pain pills, can you take them and hold them down right after surgery? I don't wanna hurt....and my surgeon talked like I could go back to work in a week ( I have a desk job)--does that sound right as well?
I need some SOUND advice and some reassuring....PLEASE
I'm not so worried about being put out, i'm more worried about the pain afterward...
I have NEVER had surgery on any part of my body....I have however, had 4 babies---2 grown now and still 2 at home... but that's the extent of it...

Getting very discouraged

I'm a divorced single female in her mid-forties with 4 children--2 grown and 2 at home.
I've been overweight since I had my first child, and I have steadily gained weight since. In my many years, I have lost and gained a couple of small adults.
After giving it much though , I have chosen Dr. Scott Stowers to perform my sleeve procedure, (which I have scheduled for Friday November 13th, 2015). I feel extremely scared and alone...
I spoke with my best friend and she does not believe this was the right thing to do..I have 2 sisters and I have NOT told them and wasn't going to tell them (I was having the surgery) until I seen them at Thanksgiving. However, things have changed and I have to tell my sisters this coming Sunday..My only comfort in having to tell them is my surgery is already paid for (and i mean the funds are on hold on my cc).
My oldest sister is a RN and VERY opinionated and has said for years she is against the bariatric surgeries.
I am in tears daily----So I am reaching out here...
I am getting very discouraged and wondering if I have made the right life choice..I wish the surgery day would hurry up and get here so that it is done and over with.
Denton Bariatric Surgeon

Haven't had the procedure yet, but when I met with Dr. Stowers he was AWESOME!

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