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I will start by introducing myself I'm a 44 year...

I will start by introducing myself I'm a 44 year old woman that found myself standing at work and feeling a awful pain in my lower back hip area. This resulted in to seeing a spine specialist who order an MRI. Scan to notice I had a huge tumor crushing into my spine. I had open back surgery in March of this year which when the doctor started he told my husband and parents that my number L-5 crumble in his hands nothing there. He fused the L-4 to L-3 and took bone marrow spray. When I woke up from surgery I immediately knew something was wrong with my left leg. Since this I now have major nerve damage to my left leg and I'm in worse pain now more than before surgery. Chronic pain every day every minute. I went got a second opinion but was told there is nothing they can do for me. I felt hopeless feeling that I'm going to be crippled if this continues. This is when on my own doing thought of weight surgery. I figured I have lost 45 pounds since surgery if I lost 70 more this would benefit my back ,lifting the weight of my spine. When I meet with my weight doctor he agreed this would help me. I have been attending my office visits and weigh in for insurance request been a long journey. And just received word that I'm scheduled for surgery this Friday. I am very nervous anxiety always happens the what ifs.. before being cut on or open up. But I did have a nuclear stress test done in hospital that was intense because I couldn't exercise I was giving iv in my arms to induced like I was climbing mountain to check my heart if i could handle surgery also require before surgery. I was very sick from the iv meds. the next day as it left my body. I have already stop my food intake since Monday when I received call but I've been real sick because I take pain management for my chronic back issues and no food on my stomach not been fun. I will keep you posted as days get closer and surgery.

Life changer don't want to be crippled

Still very hard to swallow

It's been 6 days and I'm still having trouble swallowing water and my pills for chronic pain. It hurts really bad. I've been able to have a popsicle but takes me 30 minutes to consume. Since weight on lady Thursday my weight was 201 pounds I'm 192 as of today. I haven't been able to get to this weight before even being on phentermine. Before only to 199. I'm going try to drink more sips of water today it's just very hurtful feel it all the way down. My back issues and leg is not helping I'm trying to stay ahead of pain but it's like putting a lot marbles in a bag that is empty.

struggle but pushing through

I'm sorry for long delay but I was very sick. I was not and could not eat anything. My parents and husband took me to the ER. They run many test one of my test was to drink dye while being ex ray they where checking to see because I couldn't eat and vomiting everything up if my hernia repair or something else might be wrong. I ended up 2 days in hospital lots op potassium and fluids. My hernia repair was ok and nothing wrong with sleeve stomach. I decided then when I got home ok it's time to bet this. For every time I got sick I drank and so on. Now today I'm better. Still pushing through


Beth, Nice to meet you. Where to start. It has been a long road. My journey I weigh in at 201 when I woke up from surgery I was told he repair my hernia as well as sleeve surgery. It was difficult to swallow the sipping of water was awful. The kept me on morphine for about a day. I had discussed prior to surgery with my doctor about all my pain management. He did not want to mix or change what I was on since it was the strongest medience. I was on Horizont which is for my major nerve damage which is a huge horse pill and two more pills. I was already concerned about Taking the pills on a tiny stomach but my doctor stated oh you will be ok. Well that was not true. When I got home I hurt all over back never stops like yours. I could not drink sips it was awful. I was coating my pills with jello to swallow. I was very sick because pills on empty stomach. I was unable to drink which according to what they want you to be at was not happening and I was very behind. When I went for my one week check up the nurse said ok let's start shakes. This never happened for me. I couldn't. I couldn't even lick. A spoon of soup or broth. Very very sick. Nothing stayed down vomiting everything. Which meant pain management coming up. Then pain pain chronic pain same as you day in day out. I couldn't eat. This went on for several months deathly sick. It got to point that I was so sick and weak couldn't stand in shower couldn't walk stayed in bed slept alot. My husband and parents said enough I had lost all color was dieing Was living with out food because my new stomach would not allow me to eat. This trip which since my open back surgery marked number 20 in less than 1 year. I finally felt like some one wanted to help me. I was there for 2 days loading fluids they checked my hernia and stomach for possible leaks I had to drink this awful dye while being exray. Very thankful Nothing was wrong. This doctor change my pills to patch. When I got home every time I got sick I made myself drink and eat. Up until today same. I eat small bites two spoons to be exactly. Ever few hours. My food Intake not theirs. I had to find out what work for me. A lot hard time finding out. As of today I'm Down to 159 pounds since open back all together close to 100 pounds lost. It's hard to be excited when you deal with chronic pain. It's still there I'm hoping when I do reach 130 maybe I will feel relief. Uncertain I can't exercise so all coming of slowly on its on.


Its been a long hard road and I'm now down to 127 pounds , what I thought of having the surgery to get rid of the pain has not work our for me, just had a third opinion and the doctor is saying the reason I can not get rid of the on going pain is all my hardware screw are sticking out into my nerves as well as sewed into my nerves, this is looking like another surgery for me in the future to correct what the surgery doctor before did not do correctly, I'm heading in tomorrow morning to see if I'm healed enough to remove screw or redo screws, I'm 6 months from when I had my surgery, I really feel like skin and bones, its a good feeling at times, especially when you notice you pick up a pair of jeans and there size 5 or wearing a small I never thought I would be this size, now if I can get the inside to match the outside I would be doing great, This is a hard journey but you can do it, you will have to retrain your mind to not be focus on your next meal and to find a hobby that takes the place from eating, its been a challenge learning to eat the things I can, I found cheese and crackers work good but not good for other, stopping you up and slowing your colon down, I drank a lot of sweet tea it works well for me, I don't drink sodas anymore and I eat tuna sandwiches, I eat very small amounts a day like 5 meals a day, you will be sick a lot in the beginning and you will find yourself throwing up a lot in the sink or where it lands, all in all I've got use to my new eating habits but it is very strange I can only eat standing up for some reason? sitting down makes me sick, I'm hoping that this will change in the future so I can sit and enjoy a dinner with my husband again at a restaurant, I did have to do this on my own, figuring out what work for me, after surgery didn't get much advice for weight lost surgery doctor, but every person is different, it is a life style change and it works, now my challenge of getting all this to work for me and my on going every single minute chronic pain under control I will be doing great, good luck to everyone and I'm hear if you need support ,

update after doctor visit

My doctor has expressed an urgency to have surgery today (open back again), this will be my second open back surgery, but I have to hold off until the end of the month so I can get help from my husband, he stated that my screws are too long and my hardware has been put in incorrect along with fused incorrectly as well as the mold he use to create a bone has taken on a life form of its own and is growing rapidly, I'm uncertain of the outcome and the doctor is wanting me to be open to possibly of this working for me and taken away the pain and fix all the problems nerve damage etc, he says there is no guarantees but I must go thru with surgery because if I don't I could possible be cripple the stability of what the doctor did before is bad, and I'm not looking forward to being down another 3 months.

pushing through

Well I just got word that I now know what is growing inside my body and I'm scared more than ever, its called infuse and it is in the spinal canal growing. This will be part of what he will attempt to get out of me on my next surgery coming up 31st along with removal of hardware that was put in incorrectly for open back surgery, I'm praying that my insides catch up with my outside, I did the sleeve surgery to help myself with weight and to take the weight off my back so once this is done I'm praying this is the answer I've been waiting for and it all comes together and not worse for me, the doctor already stated because of my life and pain the way it is it will be a longer healing process for me it took 9 plus weeks to even come around but this time the doctor has order home health nurse and possible therapy at the house which I'm hoping I will be able to do thus this far I have not been able to accomplish.

the outside needs to catch up with the inside

I always here you look like nothing is wrong with you because I have been successful with my sleeve surgery, but I'm lucky to even be standing, and it is uncertain the stableness of what is inside me. This photo was taken coming back from church Sunday its hard to whip the pain off the face to smile wanted to share.


It has now been one year since my sleeve has been done, I'm down to 115 pounds. I've never been this tiny I'm wearing a size 1 to 3 in clothes, I have tried to gain alittle weight but seems like impossible. I'm very happy the weight is off I could not image caring that weight of the 167 pounds lost that almost two people. My health is still bad with dealing with ongoing chronic pain and my back pain is still the same after now having a 2nd open back surgery that happen in July this year, my doctor said that he found 9 things wrong with me from the first surgery doctor and it was very important that I had my surgery for I was looking at being paralyzed and possible still face that.
Its been hard and everyone ask if I'm enjoying my weight loss haven't been able too much because of the pain I deal with my mind is on other things, it only comes to me when I put on my clothes I used to wear and I can't wear them anymore swallow me whole. I have attached a few pictures of my weight loss, the outside looks good but the inside is in a lot of pain.

Pushing Through

It's been a very long road but worth every ER visit and doctor visits, I'm still dealing with chronic pain daily and could not even imagine caring around that extra 187 pounds that I had on me I would be in my bed unable to move. After having the sleeve done it took a very long time to adjust my mind set on not eating like I use to, my stomach was basically brand new and everything I put in either like it or did not it's been rough because before I made my decision on the sleeve surgery I was caring around so much weight I never thought I would ever be this skinny I don't really think of it much other than I'm happy I don't weigh close to 300 pounds. I'm down to 115 pounds I have kept my weight there in between 115 to 120 size 1 to 3 in clothes. I would say that I have learned a lot about my mindset they way I use to look at food compare to they way I look at it today. I use to think so non stop on what my me as long was going to be and shoved so much in. I have learned not to worship food only eat when I feel hungry and several small meals.

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