38 Yo with 35 BMI

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Today will be day one of my 1 week liquid diet....

Today will be day one of my 1 week liquid diet. This Texas girl here loves her Southern food & anything noodles or cheese so not having a big plate will be a change. Looking forward to not having those cravings. I bought Isopure protein powder & clear protein drinks. The powder is Strawberry Cream & barely tastes of Strawberry but 2 scoops is 50 grams of Protein. I dont expect to be hungry with these. I am extremely excited for this journey. We will be going to Decatur, TX for surgery with Dr Stowers. Preop is Monday 10th

Day 2 of 1 week liquid diet

First day was really bad. My stomach was not happy & wanted food so I had stomach pains bad. Today is MUCH better. Im a little drained feeling but all in all I feel good. I picked up some Premier Protein shakes which are in a box of 12 & they are making things easier. They taste pretty good

Anyone done any activity while on Liquid diet??

My surgery is Tuesday.... that being said we are traveling that direction to stay with family this weekend & we got tickets to go to the State Fair in Dallas. How am I gonna do this? Ive been low on energy & light headed with some dizziness. When I went to the grocery store I spent 2 hours taking my time not to move too fast & by the end I was so sweaty lol

Im Sleeved

Im so happy all this is done & I can start my new life. Not gonna lie after surgery yesterday it wasnt so bad but today I am pretty sore & swollen.

4 days Post Op

Im getting a little better everyday. The CO2 gases have really gotten aholf of me & it feels worse than having the Flu muscle pains. They are mostly in my shoulders now. When I take deep breaths, drink, It gets a little more painful. I will be happy when that resides because Im not having near as much pain in my belly. The hernia they removed near my esophogus tends to give me problems as well. Makes it hard to drink with both of these healing but Im drinking anyway. I am so thankful & Blessed to be going through these "dilemmas " cause I see light at the end of this tunnel. Im down 13 lbs & it hasnt been 2 weeks yet from the beginning of my liquid diet. Liquid diet I lost 8. After surgery I lost an additional 5 lbs in 4 days. So about 1 lb a day :) ????

Shoulder pain is horrible

Anyone else know any tricks to this?? Night time is the worst. It goes away for a minute if I rub in certain places but comes right back. I havent yet had a bowel movement & surgery was 6 days ago. Im wondering if that might help if I get someone to pick up Milk of Magnesia for me

9 days Post op I feel great

I was having trouble with CO2 stuck in my shoulders & chest. I hadnt had a bowel movement in 6 days so I had my husband pick me up some Milk of Magnesia. I went three times a few hours after taking it & I swear more air came out of me that day than in my whole life added up. Next day my pains were reduced alot. Since then My pains are all gone. I have lost 15 lbs total. Since my BMI was 35 then I wont have as drastic of changes than others. I have been wearing shirts I havent worn in ages due to my belly looking Preggo. My ankle/achilles heel had some pain & I couldnt figure out what was wrong but since surgery Those Pains Are Gone!!! Its the little things & Im so happy Im able to see these little things & stay positive thru this plateau.

27 lbs down 3 weeks after surgery & 1 week of liquid diet

I am feeling lighter everyday. Ive had trouble this last two weeks with nausea. I think this may be due to me not taking the Omeprazole I was provided for keeping acid down in my new tummy. Ive been taking it & today I am feeling less nausea. Its been difficult getting enough water & protein in my diet when everything makes you sick.

My surgery was Oct 11,2016 & here I am 3 1/2 months later....

I feel like a whole new person. I just had my 3 month check up & all my vitamins were good. The doctor wants me to up my protein & workout now to build muscle. I have lost 65 lbs & with that was some muscle of course so they want me to try to gain 10 lbs of muscle while I lose. It's totally doable because up to now I have only been losing & not added in much exercise.

Down 75 lbs & counting

Feeling more normal now. 6 months post op Apr 11th... still feels weird but loving the new body
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