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Hi there- I have been trying for years to fix my...

Hi there-
I have been trying for years to fix my skin...smoked for 15 years, laid in the sun with baby oil, worked in bars for many years. My skin had taken a toll.
I had paid (like a fool) $2400 for painful IPL treatments that helped somewhat with redness but by no means a miracle cure.
The guy lied up and down but that is another story. I did not even go to my last appointment.
After much research, I recently purchased a red Baby Quasar.
After only a few at-home treatments, my skin is becoming actually lovely! After the first time of using, I really noticed a difference. Softer skin, pores smaller, glowing, etc.
After the third time of using, I actually went out with only a light dusting of Bare Minerals veil. Now, I am the person who normally has to use full coverage Dermablend, the most coverage you can get in makeup, before I will even set foot outside of the house.
My usually oily skin is not too bad anymore.
The Quasars can really dry out your skin, so make sure that you moisturize well before and after using. Even then, you may experience some dryness.
Probably any led therapy light will work well, but the BQ received great reviews for durability, etc. That is why I purchased it, and worth every penny.
Perhaps no miracle cure, but nice results for being painless.
I am also combining this with derma roller (not painless) but only have done it once since it is no fun.

The baby Quasars can retail for as much as $450, but I am the coupon queen, so I found a great deal. was selling them for $399. I then used a "New Member" coupon. I think it was WELCOME20 for an additional 20% off, resulting in about $316 with free shipping. Before I purchased, I logged onto through to receive 12 1/2% cash back. Grand total: $278 tax free.
No, I do not work for anybody but like to share when I find a great product.
Don't pay someone else to do these treatments. The results are not permanent so the upkeep will be pricey.

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