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Hi! I'm a 33 yr old wife and mom of 2. I have been...

Hi! I'm a 33 yr old wife and mom of 2. I have been overweight since the age of 5. At my heaviest, I was 275 (not pregnant). I gained 20 lbs with my first child for a whopping total of 295. I was 245 when I got pregnant with my second child and gained 50 lbs for ..again..a whopping total of 295. I have gained and lost 20 to 30 lbs here and there through the years but nothing significant or lasting. At the beginning of 2014, my friend and I made a commitment to get healthy together and we are doing just that. I started the year at 245 and am currently 210 and 5'4". My stomach has deflated some but is mostly hanging. My doc says to get to at least 205 by surgery day so that he can safely do the muscle repair and TT and lipo of flanks. I have 11 days and I can do it:) I go to the doc on July 2 for my pre op. I'm nervous about being out of commission so long. My daughter is 7 and she will be fine but my son is almost 3 and special needs and requires picking up and carrying around which I won't be able to do for a while. But my husband is going to be a huge help to me and we have family and friends to stay with me. I feel like this will be so worth it and a great step in the right direction for making a life long change. My doc said I could lose 20 lbs after surgery and not compromise the look of the TT. 180 is what he feels like I could realistically maintain and I agree. It feels weird to put all these stats and photos on here but if my experience could help someone else, then it's worth it.

Pre-op day!!!!

I was so nervous about this day. I's real! I signed all the permission papers, got my prescriptions (for pain meds, antibiotic, nausea meds, and OTC stool softener), took before pics, and exam. I felt better when Dr. T says "Oh yeah this is going to be good. You are going to be happy with it." I said "I'm ready! Let's do it! " lol After he said that, I breathed a big sigh of relief. No bloodwork was ordered so I didn't have to be stuck (Yay!). I was given an antimicrobial bodywash to use the night before and the morning of surgery. I have to be there bright and early at 6am on Tuesday. I'm ready now!

Checking off the list

I've got 2 more days before surgery day! I've been cleaning and doing laundry all day. I'm trying to have everything done. I had read alot of the suggestions about supplies to get and I think I've decided to do without some. I'm not renting an electric recliner. I'm going to make do with pillows and such. I'm just trying not to spend a lot of extra money besides the $4800 I've already spent:) Almost there!!!

One the flat side and in onederland!

My surgery went well! The doc was very pleased. He removed 9.8 lbs. I haven't taken off my binder yet so i haven't seen everything yet but just seeeing a flat tummy in the mirror is so weird...a pretty great weird:) I'm super sore mostly at the drains and the muscle repair. My husband has been wonderful. I could not get in and out of the recliner without him. My friend kept the kids for me yesterday and they spent the night with my parents. I miss them but its been nice to rest. I haven't felt like standing long enough to take after pics but I will soon. Thank you all for your support!

Markings pic

Day by day

I had my first post op appt today and doc said I was healing nicely. They changed my dressings and I will go back Monday to see if any drains can come out. I'm still very sore and have needed to cough all day but I was dreading it. I finally coughed and let out a scream. It was painful but I keep telling myself that it will get better each day. My husband took a couple photos while my dressings were off. I'm very swollen.

Coughing is forbidden!

I'm on day 4 post op. I have coughed 4 times. It may sound strange that I counted but when its that big of an event and hurts that bad, you know how many times. The last 2 were today and a little bettee. At least I didn't tear up. I am getting around a little better today but still can't stand for long. I haven't had a BM yet so last night I took a gentle laxative. My tummynis rumbling but no action yet.

Day 2 PO


I finally had a BM! It took 5 days but it happened. And it wasn't uncomfortable thanks to the stool softeners. My husband had his first night back at work and my sis and law spent the night to help with the kids. Everything went well and I got some rest. My mom stays tonight. I'm thankful I have help.

One week PO!!

I've made it a week! It has been challenging. I had 2 drains removed yesterday. It didn't hurt as bad as I was expecting. I'm looking forward to them all being gone so I can shower! My doc still says I'm healing great. I've had a lot of help. Friends and family have either brought us food or cooked us a meal, swept and mopped my floors. It's hard for me to ask for help but I really appreciate the support.

I've missed my shower!

Well tomorrow will be 2 wks po! On day 10, I got the last of my drains out. On day 11, I was able to get my first shower since surgery! It felt so nice even though the water hitting my skin hurt a little. All those nerves are still waking up. Day 11 was also the last day I took pain meds. I had spread them out to 2 per day and after my last one I didn't refill. I've managed well, just still sore. I got out some this weekend. It was nice to get out. I just can't wait until I feel normal. I stepped on the scale today (not my usual time which woukd be first thing in the a.m. naked) after lunch fully clothed and I saw 198 on the scale! I just needed to see it. I look forward to seeing that number go down. I'm trying to be careful about what I'm eating since I have 6 more weeks before I can exercise. it's been weird to go from exercise 5 days a week to sitting on my bum.

4 wks post op!

I've made it 4 wks! I have done a lot more the last couple weeks. I have to make sure I rest too since my upper stomach and right side (where my last drain came out) swell when I've done too much. I drove for the first time yesterday! I could have before, it just worked out that way. It felt do nice to have some independence. It was a quick trip to the post office while my mom watched the kids. 30 min of bliss! I tried a little shopping the other day. I'm in a weird place at 196 lbs. 1x is too big and some XL are too small. I don't want the shirts with the band around the waist and are loose above it because it looks like I'm hiding a belly...but I'm not anymore! I'll be glad when I can start exercising again and get comfortably in the XL . I realized that I am 79 (I like to say 80 ; ) lbs down from my highest ever weight! That seems crazy to me. I was in such denial. I can't imagine what putting on 80 lbs would feel like at this point. And I'll never find out. Because I'm not going back. Never again!

6 wks!

I'm 6 wks post op! I've been more active and getting back into my routine. I'm feeling pretty great. I still have some soreness on my sides but that's about it! I've had to pack my bellybutton for 2 wks and will have to for 1 more wk. I had a small tear that didn't get infected, it just needed to stay dry to heal. There is a lot of strain on the bellybutton with a TT. I got cleared by my doc to walk for exercise. I'm pretty excited about that. I have felt kinda lazy not being able to do much. And he said to start weaning myself off my binder between now and my next visit in 2 wks. Still no lifting. When I go back at 8 wks he said I'll have no restrictions and should be done with the binder! I'm almost there! Lol. I've got some new pics finally.

8 wks PO I'm free!!!

I had my 8 wk check up today. I've been binder free for the last week and today doc said I have no restrictions! He said whatever exercise or activity I decide to do, start slow. I can make my ab muscles very sore so use common sense. I had a pesky stitch he took out for me. He said it was ready to come out. I've also had a couple of irritated/bleeding spots on my incision that he says are pubic hair that is trying to figure out which direction to grow. It's not anything to be concerned about and eventually it will figure out how to grow. Bellybutton is great. I'm good to go:) I asked him about losing weight after a TT (we talked about it before surgery but I wanted to ask again). He said absolutely! Any more fat I lose will only make it better. Which will also help me on my next surgery.....arm lift! But we'll talk about that later;)

Small annoyance

Well exercise is back in full swing! Now if I could just reign in my eating. Lol. It is going to take a while for my ab soreness to go away completely and to get my ab strength back. I'm ready to get some more weight off. I have one small annoyance. The irritated spots on my incision. The doc explained that they are pubic hair that are trying to figure out which direction to grow. Figure it out already! Lol. My two current spots are the worst yet but aren't particularly sore. They just bleed occasionally. I have been trying to upload pics but am having no luck. Once I figure it out, I'll get them on here.

My spots

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