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After lots of research, debating and internal...

After lots of research, debating and internal strife I finally scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gordon Telepun. I have decided that now that I am done with child bearing it's time to do something for me. I was rather terrified that I would not "qualify" for a tummy tuck procedure but we met and he says I am good to go. I have schedule my procedure for June 1, 2016.

I am still rather terrified. This will be my first major surgery ever. My children were born via vaginal delivery and I have never even had a minor surgery. I'm a little scared of the anesthesia, surgery and all that but I know this will be a good thing. I've struggled with my self image since having my first child six and a half years ago so here goes nothing!

My next post will be photos, my stats and expectations.

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow morning I'll head into the hospital for my surgery. I got my pre-admission done and am ready to head in and see how this all goes.

The doctor provides a binder so I didn't bother with getting one. A lot of reviews have indicated a need for a hospital bed or a automatic recliner but I am not doing those. I have a great recliner that I used with my son so that is where I plan to hang out.

Here are my pre surgery photos... sorry about the sideways photos. The mobile site doesn't let you change the orientation even when it's set to a different orientation.

officially 24 hours post op

My journey yesterday was pretty smooth. I arrived at the hospital and got started on fluids and the Dr made the lines for the surgery. It took a few hours to go from "marked up" into the OR but I don't remember much past 1-2 minutes in the OR. I woke up back in my outpatient room and was talked to by the nurse. After the Dr saw me I was good to check out as long I could urinate which wasn't difficult (nothing like trying to it right after child birth). Once I went to the bathroom I got dressed and was wheeled down front to head home. I was awake the drive home but after getting home went to sleep. I've slept a lot today but the meds make you sleepy and I'm sure the body exhaustion from healing makes it more so.

I have an appointment with the doctor to have my dressing changed tomorrow (Friday) and he anticipates drains coming out next week - MWF.

As for pain, it is not pain in the sense of a cut, but for me, it is muscle pain. It feels like I just did crunches for 24 hours straight and cannot relax my muscles. Also, I have some pretty serious bruises which are very tender. I am not sure if this is normal or not, but I bruise very easy. I still have the bruise from the pre-admission blood draw over a week ago.

The hospital sent me home with the compression socks which I'll wear for 3 days and I have one binder on and another in a box; both were provided, I did not buy them. Outside of charting and emptying drains I don't do anything with my wounds, that is all the Dr at the appointment on Friday.

Standing and movement has gotten worse as the day goes on but I think that is probably all the healing process.

Overall - I'm in pain (not nearly as bad as labor contraction pain) and I can move about gingerly. I have been taking the meds as prescribed even if I don't think I need them as my pain level, I'm sure, is in check because of the meds.

I'll see about more photos tomorrow after the appointment.

Made it to Saturday!

My surgery was completed on Wednesday and I have it to saturday. I had my first post op appointment on Friday and Dr. T advised that I was healing well and the drains were looking good. The first two days after surgery the drains were dark red and mostly blood but now they are more cloudy water with a pink tent. Dr. T anticipates getting drains out this coming week.

Pain -
The day (Wednesday) of I had a little pain, mostly muscle
Thursday was a lot of muscle pain
Friday was some muscle pain and a sharp pain when I moved which hurt at my public area/thigh
Saturday - still the occasional flare up of pain in the public area

Movement -
Day of - feel great to move but tried to keep it to a minimum (pretty sure the meds made it feel better than it was)
Thursday - need help getting around and in and out of the chair
Friday - needed help out of the chair but could walk and sit on my own
Saturday - don't need help unless I over do it.

Still wearing my binder but it's loose and still have all drains and bandages. I got for my next post op on Monday. Things are progressing great!

Drains, binders and Showers!!!

So I am still in a binder but I was finally able to get my drains out. I had my surgery on June 1st and I had three drains total. I was drain free close to my 1 month mark. It was hard having the drains for so long as I was not able to properly shower (which I have seen some on here that recommend a way around that - but I would say just follow the instructions of your doctor if they say no then don't risk it) and had to do more of a wash cloth shower. Once the drains came out I was in the binder to help with the fluid retention and I will continue to wear the binder until my next appointment which will be at the eight week mark.

I am so happy with my surgery and while things have not gone as quickly as I would have liked, I was told this process would be an 8 week ordeal. I think it is important to note that no two surgeries are the same and as such no two recoveries will be the same. I had my drains in for a much longer time than some I see on here but I also produced a lot more fluid. Once the drains came out I felt like I could go back to my normal routine but I would be reminded at times that I pushed it harder than I should.

I am still on some restrictions just to ensure that healing goes well but I am able to sleep better than I used to. I slept in my chair from the time of my surgery until about 1.5 weeks after my drains were removed as I am a stomach sleeper and sleeping on my stomach was not possible and my sides hurt to sleep on them so I stayed in the chair.

If you are taking off of work, I would anticipate the longest time the drains could be in and take the full time off of work. I found ways to hide mine but it was still uncomfortable to have to empty them and all that.

I will post photos soon. I am extremely happy with my results even though I am still a little "puffy" in areas. I am hoping that it will go away soon and the doctor says that over time it will be less and less.

My initial appointment was very informative. I was very afraid walking in and talking about my body but Dr. Telepun made it an easy process. I left feeling excited and looking forward to getting out and into the world again. Dr. Telepun allowed me to ask questions about everything I could think of. He explained everything very well and asked about my postpartum depression and was willing to discuss my medication for postpartum and how that could impact, if at all, my procedure.

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