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Hi there.. I've just made the leap and scheduled...

Hi there.. I've just made the leap and scheduled my surgery!! Full TT with diastasis (muscle) repair and umbilical hernia repair. Not sure what to put here. I never wear dresses or anything tight fitting unless I wear a girdle... and I'm not overweight. I just have this bulging stomach I can't exercise away. 138 pounds at the dr... would like to be 132 but ehhhh... 5'6" normal build. Dr said I'm thin but with the belly its hard to ever feel thin... spend all my time hiding in baggy clothes! I've waited and waited because I have kids... I had to build up my sick leave and get some guts! Or err lose some??? Ha. Anyway, my younger child will be 3 by the time I have surgery in July, so figured I could stop babying him and baby myself a bit now! I will try and upload pics later but I do have some on my first post I made.


More pics

Here are some photos pre-surgery.. less than 2 months to go!!!!! Never take pics like this!! Hard not to suck it in!!

Anxious and Impatient!

OBSESSED with this site now. I started a new eating plan to give myself something else to obsess about... maybe I can drop a few pounds before the surgery! But my main obsession is reading all about anyone who's issues are similar to mine... I gained weight with both of my (big) babies... and my body didn't 'bounce back' even when I lost the weight. My stomach still looks like I'm pregnant. Uh oh. DIASTASTIS RECTI. Had no clue about it. After 2 babies, I had this weird angled point on my mid-line when I'd do a crunch etc. Turns out, my muscles were separated. UGH. My core was shot and exercise didn't help enough.

So now I'm waiting for my turn to head to the flat side! So excited! My tummy has always been a problem area, so I am so excited to see a flat stomach! Is it possible??? Hope so!!

countdown is on!

Ok I am so ready for July 20.. some days. Like today. It's actually uncomfortable to let my stomach hang without me sucking it in at all... was hard to take a picture without sucking in! Can't wait for my muscle and umbilical hernia repair!!! Also bought a new bikini... so I am optimistic!! Have some more blah before pics but can't post from my phone grr. Oh well. Waiting....

ok here's some more pics

Hoping I look back at my pre-pics as a way to remember what I looked like. Since my actual shape isn't documented anywhere else... suck it in!! Wear baggie clothes! Lean back! Don't show it off! I would look pregnant for the rest of my life without the TT. I so hope the surgery will 'fix' me. I find myself doubting it will work. Like the dr will say he tried and it was the best he could do. So I am not feeling optimistic. But I am tired of feeling like my stomach is falling out... I want that muscle support back. And I want to not feel ashamed of how I look. I have flaws and I always will. But maybe, just maybe, my stomach won't be the most noticeable flaw once July 20 has come and gone!

Pre Op Today... less than a week to go!

Ok I may update again after my pre-op, but as much as I'm on here, might as well update now. I have been a nervous wreck lately. Last night, I barely slept. I kept tossing and turning and had this awful muscle tension in like all my muscles, like restless leg but everywhere. I read that can be stress related. Sigh. I can't exactly be completely calm. Overall, I feel ok. But there's this looming feeling inside, like I'm about to go take a final like back in college or about to get up to do a presentation at work or something. But the feeling is ALWAYS there now. Like I'm going to puke. Argh. So, I can safely say I am ANXIOUSLY ANTICIPATING this surgery. As in, hurry up already. Next Wednesday... 6 days... here we go.

Today, I have my pre-op. My second appointment with my PS. This time, I will know way more about TT surgery so I have questions about his technique. And last time I was like oh ok sure when he said my scar may be higher.. now I'm like whoa wait a minute!! And I need him to tell me the scar won't be showing out of my current tan line on the sides. And I want better pictures of belly buttons. And does he do any sutures to keep the mons area from moving up too high? Or what? Anyway, hope he addresses my fears and such. After seeing him, I'll pay for it all and then go to the hospital to pre-register I think? No idea if they are drawing blood or anything, so we shall see. Maybe I'll manage to keep my lunch down and not puke all over the place! I am so anxious!! I can't really say nervous, per say, because I have faith I will come out of the surgery just fine. But what on earth am I doing?!?! Will it be worth it?!?! Will I like my results?!?! ARGHHHHH. It'ls like I decided to get a tattoo I always wanted... when I'm someone who always SAID I'd be open to a tattoo but never ever got one because I couldn't commit to it. Well, after today, I'll be COMMITTED to this surgery. ACK!

in the hospital waiting room...

Waiting to do my pre registration so figured I'd paste my dr questions and his answers from today. Paid up and after this I need to go fill my prescriptions! But crazy rain storm just started so maybe not today!!

My notes:
Milk of magnesia pre or post surgery, constipation due to meds???
---He prescribed me anti nausea Phenergan, more than normal since I said meds make me nauseous. And he had some otc meds listed for me to get... Pericolace and something for gas... latter for PS benefit, makes it easier to work on me. And said don't need to cleanse beforehand but 48 hour liquid diet before surgery is recommended. Nothing heavy to eat especially the night before.

before and afters, wish pics?
---showed me patient w similar physique and she looked great. But he said can't get me as flat as when I suck it in.. sad face!!

Heating pad for back ok?
---didn't ask

Belly button pictures? hooded 'Brazilian' style preferred. is fat contoured around the bb and scar placed inside the bb?
--Yes he will do that. Only can't on like 10% of patients due to being super heavy, then just does round one. No fat used. He drew a diagram to show how he does it... I will just have to trust him on this sigh... so hard to tell because his photos aren't zoomed in.

Scar placement
can tan lines be followed? I wear low rise. Worried about high scar placement on hips showing over low rise pants and end of scar tipping down and showing in bikini bottoms that aren't super full rear coverage.
Hard to say. He showed me the planned curve. But then said he could go a bit straighter across. Still has to curve at the tail ends. But can try to make high side points of scar lower.

can I be marked before surgery with bikini bottoms on so scar fits my personal style? an inch or 2 below top of bikini in front and right in the middle at the sides?
--- He couldn't guarantee. Sounds like better plan on sides of bikini being wider. Bummed. But considering I can't wear a bikini now anyway, I guess I shouldn't be so picky.  But I can hope!

Is the scar made a bit lower and expected to migrate up some? is the incision line somehow sutured to the deep tissue to help it not move? Maybe below incision?
---No. Some movement but not sutured down to prevent. And can't know how scar will move but he will go low in front. Sides are now my concern. Goal is to make my tan more noticeable asap!!!!! I think I may be really bad and hit up a tanning salon! To prevent burning by doing it myself. So hard to not overdo it when I tan outside!

so close.. and life goes on

Off to a funeral today. My husband's uncle died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Never can plan on life to go as you want it... Hope to keep my kids behaving for the service and graveside portion. Younger one is hard to keep still. At least this is pre surgery!

Day before!

I skipped dinner last night, just had a snack. Ate light rest of the day. And today I'm eating light at breakfast and liquid rest of the day. Decided to take off work at lunch. I'll go home and do things around the house, spend time with my family, get ready for tomorrow. My mom flies in tonight, so we'll go pick her up at the airport. My daughter has kindergarten camp this week, so my mother-in-law will be at our house tomorrow morning before we head out so she can take my daughter to her 'camp' and my son to daycare... she'll also be in charge of pick ups and drop offs later in the day. Think kids will be okay at my house since my mom and husband will both be there. And young enough not to be scared about me. Well, and guessing I'm sleeping most of tomorrow. But maybe not? We shall see! I'll try and take some more pics like I've seen on here.. with leaning over and lying on my side etc. And I need to try to take my measurements. I weighed myself today. 136 pounds.

today's the day!

So sleepy. But u can sleep lots later. My mom's flight got delayed so she came in so late that we had her take a cab. Flying is awful. At least she got a $1000k voucher out of the ordeal. Anyway, 6am hospital time... here we go... to tired to feel nervous. Sleeping pills making me want to sleep more....

flat side

In recovery... hospital, but outpatient surgery area. Own room. Lucid but hard to type with finger pulse checker on. Surgery was at 730. Took over 3 hours... Dr thought he might save my bb so worked around it but turns out he had to make me a new one. He repaired me! Umbilical hernia gone. 1.5 inch diastasis gone. Skin below navel gone. Haven't talked to him, won't tell he does rounds around 5 and then will go home. He told my fam that there was no fat on my belly... so couldn't reinstall old bb because wouldn't blend... any sort of lump added back would have stuck up/out. I am stretched super tight. Dr said he had to go higher for incision than planned, so that's worrisome. He did do a dot outline of my bikini bottoms beforehand so I know he knew where I wanted the scar... eek. Woke up w bad shakes but no nausea. Yay. Patch behind my ear for nausea plus some pills. Worked! Not allowed to eat! And I could eat for sure. Not starving but yea I have an appetite. So hopefully I still feel like eating tonight. Dry crackers and sprite only right now. So old school. Both convert to sugars. Would rather have cheese.

Anyway, dr told my fam I did great. He was pleased. Hope I'm not too sleepy when he comes back. Don't like hearing all of this second hand through people that know nothing about the surgery! Took a lying down pic of my current situation. But can't upload since I have an android phone. Before, I had to upload from a desktop computer. Annoying.

3 drains. Standard. Shakes when I woke up like I was so cold. They gave me meds for that. I was so ooooh sleepy foggy. I don't take meds much so responded more strongly than some. Had some pain at first so they gave me something for it. Not killer but hey I will take drugs if offered... since I planned on minimal pain at first. Now, only pain I really notice is right rib cage at the bottom. Thought binder. But no.. so maybe manhandled during surgery or skin pulling tight hurting it? No clue.

Ted tights for a few days. And right now also got wraps around legs that compress often. On iv fluids still. They also give me pain meds that way.. or they did, anyway. No memory of dr coming to me in surgery. Just saw him earlier for markings. Oh so he dotted an outline of my bikini bottoms for reference before making his marks! Liked that. Now to find out how much higher he ended up goin... 2.5-3 more hours I guess. Watching tv. May try to sleep. But rather wait and sleep tonight. Need to work on peeing. Hmm maybe then I'd get off this iv. Husband and mom went to find lunch. They had hospital cafeteria breakfast so hope they find something better for lunch!

Breathing practice toy, supposed to use it every hour. They want to know you are taking good breaths since some folks tend to breathe shallow with fear of moving tummy too much. I don't feel like I'm breathing any different though. Throat sore from breathing tube and wish I could eat something other than dry blah crackers... not bad!

day 1

So I got home around 8 last night? dont want to cough but i feel like i need to. sore throat from breathing tube. Butt sore, that made me wake during the night so I tried to lean one wAY Then the other to relieve the pressure some. Added a pillow under me but still hurts. And ribs on one side hurt like maybe dr pushed down on them or due to tight skin pullling over the ribs,,, and yeah yesterdays pain was at incision line and meds made it go away. Today, pain is more in my torso so muscle repair, Also stings on my sides, probably where drains go in, my mom and husband couldnt pull my loose pants up, said even underwear wouldnt work becaause drains come out of my butt?? Hmm. Had expected drains to be in front or on sides more. Walking to the bathroom makes me nauseous and woozy. I definitely cant walk for long or i will pass out!

coughing ughhh

I have been coughing on occasion today. Hurts so bad. Feeling like phlegm in my throat. Not sure what to do about it. Think it's from the breathing tube.

So my surgery was 3.5 hours. Not sure if that's normal.

Hurting more than not. Pain meds help but then I cough and pretty much hurt till next dosage of meds. Also butt is in pain with all my weight on it. Drains are like on my side butt so can't move onto my side to relieve weight on butt.

Only thing that helps is telling myself this will be the worst day and tomorrow will be better.

Looked at part of my incision. Can't post pics since I don't have an iphone. Will have to wait till I'm feeling up to sitting at our desktop computer. Incision looked ok I think. Draining a lot. So will be surprised if I get a drain removed tomorrow at first post op.

Afraid to show kids I'm in pain so put on a brave face when they come into my room but then they get ushered out pretty fast bc cough makes me cry and don't want them to see that..

day 2

Ok yesterday was rough. Then after kids were put to bed, I decided to do a lap around the house with my walker. Will do that again today once they are taken to daycare. Butt soreness from recliner 24/7 is frustrating. But main thing that caused me pain (and tears and curses) was the occasional cough. The cough made pains from walking seem like nothing. But dr said coughing is good to keep mucus from gathering in my lungs. I have this incentive spirometer... inhale and exhale to try and take big deep breaths... need to make sure my lungs can still fill up all the way, despite less room in my torso! Wasn't doing great with the breathing yesterday but today I can hit the goal mark, can take deeper breaths now. Also, drain fluids went from dark red to somewhat see through which I think is good! Will see my ps this afternoon.

Time my pain meds to every 4 hours when can do every 4-6. Pain starts back after 3 hours and then takes a bit to go away after I take the meds. Yesterday I was stupid and tried to take one pill. Forget that. 2 pills as often as I am allowed! Why make myself hurt??

Oh and coughing today BUTTTTT doesn't cause the level 10 pain now!!! More like a 6? And pain recedes way faster afterward. Thank goodness!!

some independence!!!

I cam get around a bit now. May try to sit on the couch a bit tonight if I can get the kids to be gentle. 5 yr old would be fine, but 3 yr old is rambunctious and unpredictable!

My mom has been my caretaker. We have a system to get me out of the recliner but involves her pulling me up by my shoulders and also lifting my legs to position pillows. But she left to go get some groceries and pick up kids... so just went to the bathroom on my own for the first time!!!

goin good today

Sleeping is sporadic at night, mostly because my butt hurts but also from napping so much during the day. But I've been taking a walk around the house with my walker couple times a day. And using toilet just fine without a seat riser. Wish I had a power lift recliner for first couple days, but now I can get out of the chair on my own, but prefer help if someone is around. So really needed help for post op days 1 and 2. And now I love the help but more because I can't be mommy so need someone else cooking and taking care of the kids.

I did move to the couch today for a while. My 3 yr appreciated that the most. He's really missing my physical affection. My 5 yr old seems ok with just talking. Oh and put a pillow in my lap so I could put my small dog in my lap for a bit.

Started washing my face by myself yesterday. So started caring about hygiene on day 2. Still doing 2 pain pulls every 4 hours. When I go longer, I feel more pain, so don't think it's worth it.

managing pain

Ok so exparel injected into muscle will supposedly wear off by tonight. Hmm. Wonder what that will feel like. So far, pain was bad first day but once I got on a routine of 2 pills every 4, I was good other than butt pains from recliner 24/7. Now I go 5 hours and feel pain that last hour. Maybe I should try extra strength tylenol?? Need to find out how long after I take that can I have Norco if tylenol isn't enough!

emotional and teary eyed

I can't parent my kids. I can't even raise my voice enough to sound stern enough to stop my oldest from picking on her little brother. Only place I am comfortable is on the toilet! My poor bum! Sitting hurts but I get too woozy from standing. And it's gotten to me, so have to fight from crying when trying to do anything. Husband came up w the idea of the padded toddler potty seat... sitting on that in the Recliner to take pressure off my pelvic bone or whatever it's called. No amount of pillows had worked. Let's hope this does! I'm desperate. Or tomorrow will send husband out to find me a doughnut pillow.

Mental note to get some sunshine tomorrow as it may help my emotions. Period started so yea hello hormones galore..

day 4 going good

Hadnt updated today bc nothing bad to complain about! Will ask about the meds yall mentioned at my post op appt tomorrow since butt bone still hurts from sitting and lying down so much. But used to it now.

Didn't take meds during the night last night! Woke up sort of in pain? Like I knew I needed meds before attempting to get up to pee or trying to chat with someone, but not bad of just lying there. So I don't really have a reason to get off the meds, other than seeing people on here weaning off them. So figured ok will try to also but no rush. So I'm doing one pain pill every 4 hours instead of two pills. And I won't take them during the night if I don't need them. Just makes it easier to keep a positive attitude while stuck in the house.

Had my mom take a pic of the invision. Seemed the same as post op day 2. Not sure of the placement t since still hunched about 25 degrees. And pic was while sitting. No rush to know how low it is... in case it isn't low enough at first because still hunched. Worried so would rather wait a bit.

Started letting my kids lay their head on me. I have to be real careful to make sure they don't put weight on my stomach. But worth it for the lovin.

Love the walker. Back would be so much worse without it. I sit in it since had a seat whenever I get dizzy. And people can push me while I sit. So I'm good.

Husband tied a rope around footboard. So I can use the rope to pull myself up to sitting position and then turn and pit legs down and get up by myself. No more recliner!! My bones are thanking me. And now others can sit with me!

one drain out!

My mom and I nearly passed out at the appt ha. But not painful. He said he started using a new drain 4 months ago that is same width all the way to the end.

Binder off. Was loose before to hold up incision dressing. Now no dressing or binder, just white cotton granny panties to cover incision. Bb won't be deep.. he said I didn't have fat so not thick enough to do a deeper bb. Said significant muscle separation. And looks like he stayed within bikini area on sides and he said higher than planned in front but was still within bikini area. So I hope that it's low enough. Only thing would be if the mons area lifted a lot.

Bb still packed so haven't seen it. Incision seems thin!

And yea.... daughter just knocked my son off the bed onto his head and I couldn't stop it or even punish her or hold him afterward... had to call my husband on the phone to deal with the kids. The helplessness is real.

Post Op Pics

Ok emailed myself some phone pics. Quick sit at the desktop computer to upload them, then back to reclining again!


one week post op

Had another appt today. Another drain removed and packing over bb removed.. drain was pain free but messing with the bb was a bit annoying.. made me queasy. Also got one last anti blood clotting shot... ouch, glad those are done. Everything looked fine. Should get last drain out fri and can shower on sat. I'll start caring for bb on sat. Drain sites I'll just keep covered with gauze. Torso still numb. Still hunched over. Appetite still reduced. Used my walker at tj maxx today since no wheelchairs there. I love how my wheelchair has a seat. Often, I sit and push myself around to give my back a break!

5 more days with my mom to help me. After that, I'll have to be able to cook, drive, and take care of the kids. Luckily, each day is an improvement. The nurse asked if they needed to call in more meds because dr would be out so next chance wouldn't be until next week. I have enough to last. I guess I could have asked for more just to have the meds. But I didn't even take any since the one pill I had this morning. Really, back pain is more what I'm taking something for... and tailbone pain!

one week random thoughts

Lying on my bed watching Team Umi Zoomi with my kiddos. My mom is cooking dinner and husband working in the garage. This is starting to be my new normal! I am not looking forward to being home alone. My mom leaves next Tuesday and I'm already lonely thinking about it! My daughter won't be in daycare next week bc she starts kindergarten that Wednesday.. so at least I'll have her company on Tuesday. And then 2 days of school. Then she will be home again until I start work Aug 9. So I guess just 2 days alone ha. But she won't be cooking and cleaning for me!

I haven't taken the strong meds today. I could have but really didn't have a need. I don't have bad side effects from taking them like some folks, but may as well taper off them if not needed. Don't seem to take away back pain I feel when standing without my walker or the tailbone pain from sitting, so no use to me! Man, I wish I'd bought a doughnut pillow like people get for bbls and such. No point now since I figure almost past that pain I think. Ehh maybe I will order one just to ensure the pain is gone since would be my luck for pain to stop just as soon as I get the pillow!

Drank a glass of wine last night. Wasn't as awesome as I'd imagined while watching all those Bachelorette episodes where they're constantly holding a white wine in their hands... made me want some!

Oh incision and such looks the same. I got to see my bb real quick before dr covered it back up. Thinking it looked small but it was really stetched out before so that was what I was used to! Also, even though dr said it was shallow, it's deeper than the flat outie I had before! Will take a pic when I clean it Friday. Hurt a teeny bit when dr cut the packing off since he had stitches holding that stuff on. But not bad at all.


day 8, outings and ouchies

Felt good today so just took Tylenol. Walked around the house, telling my mom what to pick up (I am spoiled!!). Last night, got the kids ready for bed and read to them. My mom still cooked for me since I can't stand long. But no walker! We even went and saw Tarzan at the theater! I took a pillow and the seats reclined with foot rests so was perfect. Had to stop in a store right before to buy Tylenol though. Drain sites are stinging. On my sides, so torso movement makes them hurt. Picked up kids from daycare after and took them to the library. I hobble around hunched but it works. As long as I have my mom with me to get the kids loaded and to carry stuff! She has been great!

Once home, I popped a real pain pill and laid on the bed. Seeing drain free would have had its advantages. But no complications this route so can't complain. Will get last drain out tomorrow hopefully then hope the holes heal fast! Need to stop twisting at the waist!

Ok back to watching cartoons with the kiddos now. May drink something with a kick in a bit if the pill doesn't start working. I only took one because didn't want to be out of it since everyone is home... better to be dazed when everyone is at school/work!


Here's photos from Friday's post op appt. Last drain removed! Snapped some pics while the bb gauze was off. This was a skin graft because there were multiple hernias on my old bb stalk... forgive me if I worded that wrong but that's how I remember my ps explaining it! Anyway, he couldn't keep a blood supply to the old bb so he made me a new one. I am ok with that because I can't see how he would have been able to make my old, stretched out, outie bb back into a nice innie again! But not sure what I think of this new bb... I guess it will be hard to know if I like it until its healed and such. Looks pretty freaky right now!!

Drain holes leaking. Ick. Checked and I think both on right side are inside bikini... but not sure about the one on the left side, eek. Look like bullet holes!

Just tylenol today. Sleeping flat on my bed at night with my legs propped up. Well, but then my 3 yr old crawled into bed and kept kicking my side (drain hole and lipo area yikes) so I moved to the recliner. Our bed tends to be crowded...

Um, what else. Oh kids have birthday parties to go to this weekend... having to send them with my mom and mother-in-law as I can't handle the heat and the standing just yet. And not sure how I would explain my hunch and lack of energy?? Glad I have help!

I DID cook a meal today. So that's impressive. And spent some time upright sitting at my computer desk. Good practice for real life coming up. Back is getting better at supporting me so I'm starting to be more optimistic about going back to work, phew. CANNOT imagine going back to work this early though. Baby steps!

New Pics, updates

Hey ya'll! Not getting online as much as I did in the early days. But wanted to post pics to show the progress. Yea I am happy with the results already! And I am feeling good! Dr said I can stand straight now, but I do admit I hunch still most of the time because feels too tight!! I imagine the stitches ripping open! I get around great and can finally reach our high child locks on our exterior doors. Sleeping can be uncomfortable still for my tailbone since can't sleep flat yet, dr's orders. And my mom left yesterday morning so on my own now. Took my daughter to a movie, went to her school's open house last night. Today, walked her into her school today (her first day of kindergarten!!!!) and then came BACK at lunch to VOLUNTEER in her lunchroom, walking around to help all the litttle kids open their snacks and drinks and such. I take extra strength tylenol, but just in case. Not sure if its doing anything. I usually have a slight aching pain on my external stitch line, really sensitive there. Not wearing anything with a real waist, just dresses and seamless leggings (no waistband). Um what else... guess I really can't complain. I hate not being able to take out the trash, get groceries, do much housework... but I have to TRY to take it easy where I can so its easiest if I just tell myself I can't do that stuff even though I could. Just hard to say what would be doing too much, so I try to do less.

Had an appt on Monday, have another on Thursday. Not allowed to go back to work yet, my dr is wanting to give my bb a chance to recover more first, so we'll see. It was a skin graft, so have to make sure it 'takes' and continues to look healthy there and such. Happy with my results so far. Most people closest to me that know about the surgery did not understand and didn't think I needed it. This collage will explain it to them, as I guess I carried the belly fine to them before. But why live with that??? So glad I did this surgery! I don't have to hide my torso anymore... I can wear a shirt that shows off my curves without being asked if I'm pregnant!

I asked my dr.. he didn't really lipo my sides, he said the lipo was more around the top of my butt.. so I guess near the ends of the incision. Interesting because my sides hurt above the incision like I got lipo'd right where my sides indent. He thought probably due to the muscle repair of pulling things in tight. As far as what else I feel... the muscle repair I guess tingles some of the time, like now, but doesn't hurt. Only real pain I deal with is my sensitive incision line. And sneezing still hurts. Coughs don't. Odd. But all very livable. My worst time was the first 2-3 days post op. Which surprised me since I has Exparel... was thinking I'd be better off in the beginning and would be worse once that stuff wore off. CANNOT IMAGINE how bad it would have been the first days without that stuff. Wow. Ok, that's it for now. Hope this helps someone! Not sure if I will post that much after this, but will try to sometimes. I have to email the pics to myself and get on my rarely used desktop to save them and then upload them... so may do better with updates after I get an IPhone this fall and can use the site's app!

clothing, doing too much, life!

Ok so recovery is still going great. But life goes on. I've walked my kindergartener into her school past 2 days after getting her and my 3 yr old ready for the day. And since I'm off work, I've been lucky enough to be able to help out in the school lunchroom. It has been so great to see my daughter and help out... not something I'm used to since I'm usually busy working and not very present for daytime activities. Yay so this is what stay at home mom's get to do!

I overdid it a bit by picking up the playroom and kid's room etc... so ended up lying in bed for the evening. My stomach started hurting on one side so I figured it was best to take it easy. I'm listening to my body and resting whenever I need to.

Main issue? Clothing!! I am sore on my sides above my incision. My underwear waistband feels almost painful on my sides even though not tight enough to leave a mark! And leg opening also hurts on my skin. And even the seam hurts up my sides. I am wearing my underwear inside out to avoid seams! I want to wear seamless so hope to get ok to switch away from 100% cotton granny panties my dr told me to wear at first. You see, he doesn't cover the incision. So have to wear white (no dyes) and all cotton underwear. I just cover my bb with gauze.

Back at work! 2+ weeks PO

Hey guys. Waiting for my work programs to load, tons of emails. Got the okay yesterday at my dr appt to come into work for 4 hours today. He's waiting on my bb skin graft to totally take, so still wants me to take it easy, but I've felt good enough to go to work all week. I just sit at a desk and only get up to pee! I will be LESS mobile here than at home.. I don't think the dr understood that. I wasn't able to sit still at home, going places and cleaning house and cooking etc.

Dr appt went well. He said I have some swelling. But can't wear my binder yet, doesn't want it on till my bb has a bit more time to heal. Still have to wear stupid white cotton granny panties. Funny how much THAT annoys me. I actually cut the leg seam off the butt this morning!! Used to my thongs so I'm hating how these granny panties show an underwear line and are so unflattering. Anyway, first world problems, right?? We'll see how today goes. Husband is watching my daughter who already has a day off school today. I'll get her later today so he can go into work, since I'm working 6-10am. Wish me luck!!

no appetite, feeling lame

So I should be doing well. No complications. But I'm lying around most of the time because I overdo it and get real nauseous and sore if I get up. And I get real tired. So I'm trying to be lazy. Which is really boring and starting to get to me.

Sent the kids to their grandma's last night to get a break. Exhausted. So then went to a movie with my husband and got dinner after. That was nice. But I feel so boring. Hard to find stuff to talk about when this tt recovery has been my life lately.

Oh, went to work for 4 hours on Friday. I was feeling exhausted and uncomfortable after 2.5 hours. Will try again tomorrow morning. I am feeling fed up with recovery I guess. Everything is work, from laundry to making dinner, and I have to choose to slack on some things or I pay for it physically by getting pains and exhaustion and then I get emotional. I wish I had a meal delivery service every night! Oh that's another thing. Hard to get up to go cook when you don't have an appetite. But my kids always want food. Go figure.

19 days PO. working and chilling

I'm at work again today. Almost time to go home since only doing a half day. Doing better than Friday. My husband didn't think I should go to work at ALL this week. After I worked Friday morning, I had the kids because he went to work. Well, that meant no nap for me. And meeting their needs/demands. So yeah. I ended up mostly in the bed from Friday afternoon till Sunday. Mostly by choice, but I was wore out. It's not like I get a complete break when I go home now. Unless the kids aren't there. I told my husband to take my son to daycare and I should be ok to watch my daughter (no school today). But I will REST. I find I don't really need naps now. Oh and no Tylenol yesterday or today, not even at bedtime. I wondered if that made me feel sick Friday/Saturday so I stopped. Wondered if taking it without food might have not been good. Anyway, stomach upset again today and I DID eat and I DIDNT take meds. So that theory is bunk. I just feel queasy a lot now.

One thing that is helping me at work... putting my legs up under my desk, so I'm reclined with my legs up. Hard to do this, so good luck to those that have an easier setup at work! My butt is sore from lipo at my incision ends, starting to see some bruising to finally validate all the soreness... so this makes reclining harder.

I'm happy to say I feel better today after working 4 hours than Friday by a long shot. Part of it may be getting used to getting up at 5am again and only getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Back to reality, eh?

Ouch my Bum and First Full Work Day

Sitting on a yoga ball at work. But my bum still hurts. Who knew THAT would be my biggest gripe? I guess I spend so much time SITTING that it will continue to plague me for a while. I did have some luck taking a nap on my side the other day, but afraid to sleep that way all night. I stuck pillows in front and behind me and still felt really unstable. It'll be easier once I can wear my binder.

So a 5 yr old is not a great secret keeper. Not that I told her mommy's boo boo was a secret... I just didn't talk about it with her much in hopes she wouldn't talk either! Well, her little friends were already asking me about my stitches and wanting to see them the FIRST DAY of school. Crap. And they talked about it again in front of their mother, our next door neighbor. Double crap. So much for discreet.

A little over an hour until my first full day at work is done. After this, I go home to meet the school bus. We'll hang out at home so I can rest before we go get my youngest from daycare. I feel bad about lying around all the time now. I want to keep them busy with outings and activities when I have them, but we end up lying on my couch or bed mostly. I lie down near them while they play or we watch tv. I make the quickest possible snacks/meals for them that I can. I was impressed that I not only grocery shopped yesterday, but also cooked... ha, but it was just sandwiches and such for the kids and brats and premade mashed potatoes and steamed veggies for the grown-ups. We'd been doing a lot of lunchables and frozen pizzas, so that was a step up at least.

Current wish: to be able to arch my back in a really big full body stretch!!!!! I see horror stories on here of folks' incisions opening back up and my ps says DEFINITELY DO NOT arch my back. Drat.

Recent 'first: On a TMI note... got my mojo back. Husband thinks its too soon to try to get intimate, so I handled things 'solo'. Wondered if I'd ever feel 'feisty' again! So I guess it just took a few weeks!

3 weeks PO, Pics

Ok, I took pics last night and again this morning. I thought I'd get way better pics in the morning... less swelling right?? Well, I can't really tell THAT much of a difference. Just FEELS way tighter by evening! Like I shouldn't stand as straight or my incision will pop open. Although, the morning pics WERE taken at 5am when I woke up... so I'm thinking I'm probably still waking up and not standing quite as tall as I could have been (And rushed).

I have a dr appt today with my PS. Not sure what about. I think he'll check on the swelling and make sure everything is still looking good. He'll definitely be examining the BB to make sure it's still healing right. And he may tell me to start wearing my binder again finally. I bring it every appt and he always says we are still waiting on the bb to heal. I THOUGHT I'd be in the binder non-stop for 6 weeks. I'm 3 weeks in already though. So now I wonder how long he'll want me to wear it! And will I suddenly have more swelling once I use the binder? Will I feel weaker when I take it off and get addicted to wearing it? No clue. It was hard to get used to not wearing it, but I'm way past that now since way more time out of it than in it!

On a random and positive note, I am loving meeting my daughter's bus when it drops her off at my driveway each afternoon! Too bad that means working so freaking early. I am officially waking up before 5 am. That is not human.

Well, hello boobs! 3 week Update

Ha. Casual Friday at work and I'm in a loose t-shirt dress and capri leggings. Main thoughts I have when choosing outfits is stuff that won't be tight on my waist. Comfort related thoughts. But this dress, although loose and comfy, is nothing I could have worn before. It's how a loose dress SHOULD be! Flowy, but still fitted around the chest. My chest stick out farther than the rest below... amazing. I used to wear sack dresses if I wore a dress where the belly could hide even though it stuck out farther than the boobs. So I'm just amazed. I noticed now I can stand a bit better.. I can have better posture where my chest sticks out some versus being somewhat caved in. Makes me look better, this better posture. Yay!

Oh I still have a dressing over my bb. So limits me a bit in clothing. Tighter stuff, you can see the gauze sticks out from the belly. Dr still has me in cotton undies gah. And no binder still. He says bb is 95% 'there'. So I'm thinking I'll be put in the binder next week. I hope so. I want to hurry up and start wearing it so that part can be that much closer to being over with. I am so impatient by nature, so that is normal logic for me.

Upper back and neck pain. Trying different positions at my desk, but to no avail. Lying my head back on the top of my chair and looking at the ceiling helps, but can't exactly get any work done that way! It's possible that my head is now entirely too heavy for my much more svelte frame. ;)

3.5 weeks PO. Bikini!!

Tried on a bikini bottom last weekend. Yay! Scar is hidden! I would normally probably wear it a bit lower in front though. Seems like it was higher than the back side? So I'll want to shop around for another style. Although I have other bikinis I want to try... they weren't handy though... will try them on this weekend maybe!

4 weeks PO

Ok just posted pics, but figured I'd do an update also. Yesterday was my first day at work where I didn't put my feet up at all. I didn't get uncomfortable to where I was trying to pull my knees up.. I was fine sitting in my chair and working all day like normal! I did realize I was a bit stiff and bent at first when I'd get up to go pee and such, so tried to remember to get up a bit more often than I used to pre-TT, just to walk around my cubicle a bit.

I spent some time outside last weekend... not a ton, but I did go on a short walk with my fam and also spent a short time in my backyard fishing with my fam. The latter involved mostly trying not to get hooked in the face by my daughter and casting the line for my son and then getting the hook unstuck in a log etc after he reeled in. And I felt like I was mad the whole time, so not really relaxing. Perfect example of how evil Facebook can be. I could have posted a pic on there of us fishing and smiling and say 'what a nice evening to fish!' and people would think awww. But in reality its the parents struggling not to strangle the kids and being eaten by bugs and the kids driving us crazy! Ha. But its part of it! I know it's not that way for everyone, but I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook...

So I know I'm healing when I barely spend any time thinking about my TT. I don't think I got on here yesterday at all, which is not normal for me now. Scab is starting to come off the incision. I can stand straight all day. I went to church on Sunday, but was worn out by midday due to getting kiddos ready and myself, feeding them, then making it there on time... somewhat tiring on a normal day... then my son jumps into my arms from his car seat like normal... eek! It didn't kill me, but I noticed I was hurting a bit after that. So because I'm NOT thinking about my TT all the time, harder to be prepared for stuff like that. I'm not always on guard now.

2 more weeks, I believe, until I can carry my son again. Counting down. Wondering how it will feel. He's like 35 pounds? The dr actually had said I 'could' hold him sooner, IFFF I can do it without using my ab muscles. Hadn't tried though.

And TMI.... so don't read if not interested in poop, ha.... I'm a mama so that topic is normal in our house!! Anyway, my bowel movements went from spotty at best pre-tt to every morning like clockwork. I know I took something to help with that for a few days early on, but nothing for quite a while now. So I'm guessing this is due to my insides being contained more, so pushing stuff out of the way faster now? Not sure. But I'm good with it!! :P

Appointment tomorrow. Hoping he says my bb still looks good and that its 100% good now. I know he said it was like 95% last time. Whatever that means. Something about making sure its got a good blood supply, so making sure it heals well. But then I'll be wearing that binder... under real clothes... and will find out how that works... got used to being flatter than pre-tt, so I imagine it will require going back to some baggier stuff again...

BB aftercare and activity post op

After reading some folks on here talk about skin irritation around their bb, made me think I should post something. To avoid skin tears/irritation, I change up my tape placement daily when I apply a new piece of gauze. I'll place horizontal, then vertical, then angled one way, then the other. I started doing that when I noticed a tiny spot had scabbed from constantly pulling tape off the skin. EEk. So now I'm more mindful, even though I can't FEEL the tape, don't want to hurt my skin!

And I see so many people telling others to make sure they walk a ton after their TT. Like even right after. My PS had me wear compression socks and was giving me shots of anti-clot stuff... and then said to drink water and I'd be getting up enough to pee etc that I didn't need to take walks. He did make sure to ask me if I was getting around alright and if I was 'ambulatory', which basically means not lying in a bed 24/7. I'd get up, sure. But I might take a lap around the house like once a day and then go to the kitchen once or twice. Other than that, I spent my time in bed for those early days. Just my experience. The more I walked, the more my back would hurt. The more my back hurt, the more I wanted to stand straighter. The straighter I stood, the more pressure on the front portion of my incision. And I KNEW I was super tight. No way did I want to risk tearing that incision even a tiny bit. I haven't had any wound openings and my drain holes healed perfectly. Maybe it's luck or genetics or previous good health. I dunno. But I figure I listened to my body and didn't do much that I didn't have to do since rest was the name of the game. And then when I WAS up and moving, I was doing more than probably recommended. But it's what works for you. Know your limits. Stop before it's too much. Also, I wasn't afraid to have my mom pack my walker (with a seat) so that I COULD go shopping while sitting! And a pillow so I COULD be comfy at a movie theater! Ha. People tended to not make eye contact with me when I was checking out while sitting in my walker or wheelchair. Whatevs!

1 month notes

Must be walking better because now my butt sways and jiggles when I walk like it used to before.

Dr put me in my binder at the appt yesterday. Supposed to wear it 24/7. Will help flush out accumulating fluids. I DID pee a lot this morning, so maybe that's the truth!

I can get in the pool and bath tub in a week!

I have to wait till 8 weeks PO for lifting. Drat.
Belly button no longer needs a dressing!

I am supposed to wear cotton underwear or tank that covers my belly button.

Dr got rid of any loose scabs. I need to get a mirror to take a better look, but pretty much scab free now so will have a better idea of what my scar looks like now.

Not liking the binder, of course. I was used to not using it. It's not very tall, so it's not pushing into my ribs, but the skin gets pushed up some so underwire bra was not an option today. I didn't mind it for sleeping. Oh and wore pants with a zipper today for the first time, since I have the binder to block any irritation from the waist band. I am able to fasten the waistband closed!! I am bigger somehow though, not smaller. I think because I used to not be as big below my belly so would just wear my pants lower as needed. Now I'm sorta the same all the way down, but swollen? Hopefully? I still look better either way. But seems like since I don't look pregnant anymore, that I'd be smaller for sure! Hmm. I am going to measure my waist and see! Oh and I am using a hair tie to wear the pants looser like I did when I was pregnant when I am relaxing at my desk. No reason not to!

Also didn't end up keeping off the weight I lost in the first couple weeks. Don't see me going down a size in clothes.

Worried about my shallow bb. Dr always will bring it up and remind me there wasn't enough fat to make it deeper. So then I start to look at it and I wish he wouldn't bring it up if he can't do anything about it. Because yeah now I'm thinking about the bb!

incision hole! almost 5 weeks

Gah. Went swimming yesterday. Correction, put on a suit and stood in the pool for a bit and then hung out by the pool in a wet swimsuit a while. Then I noticed I had a small hole in my incision! Right in front where incision had scabbard up more, more tension. I will call my dr today. Need to find out if I should still wear my binder... if there's anything I should do. Makes me nervous that it's going to split open more and more. Seemed healed, no scab left. Very deceiving!!!!!

Trying to still take it easy but feeling pretty normal lately. I have said no to boat trips on the weekends because can be bumpy/rough waters. I haven't exercised. I haven't picked up my kiddos... other than once to get my son on the potty. Oh and it's good I am doing well bc my son (he's 3) got this horrible stomach bug with tons of vomiting during the night fri night. So I stayed up with him... I risked getting sick with a violent vomiting bug, but all I could think about was how helpless he was, poor thing. Luckily, knock on wood, I'm still healthy! First time one of my kids threw up like that. Ugh!

8 Weeks... time to exercise maybe?

An update hmm... 8 weeks now.

Well, I haven't posted in a while because not much has changed, not like the drastic changes and all the recovery involved early on. I see my dr every 2 weeks and he checks to make sure all looks well. It used to be weekly but then my belly button healed enough that he cut back my visits, phew. Then I had the hole open in the middle front that he was keeping an eye on... so this week he decided to 'dig around' to find the culprit... he said the skin won't heal if there's a hair trying to come out. So he dug.... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... owwwwwwwwwwww... and found the hair! Argh! So I'm guessing those that don't have as much hair might have less of a chance of this happening. I had a 'happy trail' all the way up to my belly button that got worse with each pregnancy. So glad THAT is gone. But yeah, means right in the middle of the scar, there's more chance of hairs trying to get through my incision. Anyway, hope that it heals now for good.

Other than that, he pulled out a stitch that was hanging around at the end of one side of my incision due to a knot.. that didn't hurt though. And he said I can stop wearing my binder!!!! And I can lift my kids up again! I just can't be lifting things far away from my body, keep the weight close to me. Well, my upper body strength (lack of) means I do that anyway!

Some areas of my incision that weren't as flat have slowly flattened on their own. I worried one side was going to be all bumpy but, nope.

Scar is higher in the middle than I had hoped. I'll have to get all new underwear. I hadn't done that yet since I've been in the cotton grannies all this time. I decided no binder meant also no more cotton, even though the dr didn't mention that! So I'll go see what underwear will be high enough to cover the scar, grr. Sides are fine... its just the front. Doesn't dip low like my underwear and bikini bottoms do. Kind of disappointed about that. But oh well. Swimsuit season is pretty much over, so won't really bother me again until next summer and I can figure it out then!

One thing, I plan to make sure my scar is VERY covered... because RIGHT BELOW it is the pubic hair. So if a tiny bit of scar shows, hair is probably showing also. So that area was definitely LIFTED a LOT.

So that's the physical stuff mostly. Oh I sleep on my side fine. I don't swell. Although that may change since being out of the binder is a new thing. I've gained almost 10 pounds sigh. My pants are snug. I blamed it on the binder. Guess I can't do that now... but I am slowly starting to wear all my old clothes again... pants from pre-tt as long as they weren't super tight back then... and shirts from back when I was exercising a ton (and still self-conscious about the belly). So it's nice to wear regular shirts, not billowy ones, and not be looking pregnant! My figure isn't perfect but I can go out and feel 'normal'. And I think working out will really work now... I can stop fretting about my stomach... it wouldn't ever go away with exercise. Now I can focus on building muscle and shaping everything! And this past weekend was a turning point... I weeded my garden for the first time since surgery... and I didn't get winded and have to sit down during the singing at Sunday's worship service at church. So my energy is better.

And now to try and shed these pounds. Sigh. I am awful at losing weight. I tend to GAIN when I work out because I get crazy with eating. So I do better by really getting serious about my eating and skipping exercise. Well, I've been skipping exercise for a long time now, ha. But my eating must be not great to be gaining weight. And I think I'm less active overall because of being in recovery. The binder made me not want to be outside due to the heat, so that was holding me back too. And not carrying around my kids probably also made me less active. Try doing everything while carrying 35 pounds around. Ha. So I got used to not doing that I guess. So its time to get serious!! Brought workout clothes to work. Scared I will swell up like a balloon because seems like everyone on here swells with activity. Ugh. We shall see.

Incision Problems ugh

Ok so I don't have a ton to report, so I don't get on here anymore. But last night, I showed my husband my incision and he balked and asked me when my next dr appt was and got all worried, so figured my current issue was something to share even though I am not concerned. For weeks now, I've dealt with my incision being open in the middle. Dr fished around with tweezers last visit and pulled out a hair. So when I had another spot open up, I figure its the same thing and I'm not worried. But it IS annoying because I have to keep something covering the area or I get blood on my pants. So its a hassle. But I can't let it bother me a ton because it is what it is. Other hairs have grown in right at the incision so some are getting through at least. Today, I stuck a panty liner at the top of my underwear in front... soft side toward skin to absorb any blood so I don't have to wear tons of bandaids and deal with the sticky part in hair ugh ouch. Also, bandaid padding was pulling off scabs when getting stuck to it.. ordered some more gauze pads.. these ones will have sticky tabs on the ends... so can wear over the whole area lengthwise and not use a bunch of bandaids vertically.

Hadn't taken a picture of the incision up close, maybe I will take one. I've been more interested in taking pics of my profile in clothes, ha. I don't swell (at least not much?) so I'm happy. I'm a few pounds heavier than pre-surgery which I don't love. But I'm also BIGGER. I look better. But my pants are tighter. I actually gave in and bought a couple pair of work pants because I just can't be trying to squeeze into too tight pants and have them rub on my incision right now. Pre-surgery, I'd just wear the pants tight as motivation to slim down again! Not now! So hopefully I don't 'grow into' my new pants... my focus has moved from my tummy to my butt and thighs needing to be toned... so we shall see. I think because my stomach is good now, I've just found something else to work on!

Hope everyone is doing well! I do light cardio and carry my 3 yr old some now.. although maybe its from not doing it for a long while, but I have a lot of trouble carrying him now! I don't know how I did it before! I am definitely weaker! But it's a process I guess. I can put in a full day at work no issues and do housework and projects at home on the weekends with no issues. That stuff used to be hard. So I am trying to remind myself how far I've come.
Decatur Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Telepun was the first and only dr I had a consult with before deciding to get a tummy tuck. Little to no wait times. Very friendly and attentive nurse. And he was very willing to answer all questions, but there weren't many after his extensive explanations and examination. He actually took the time to look over my problem area during the consult and talk about some different options for me. The surgery day went great. And all the follow ups after were also great. I have a hard time reviewing something unless I have lots of complaints, so I tend not to do reviews unless I'm unhappy with the service or product. In this case, I want to do a review even though I am happy with the result because I know the reviews are part of what helps someone choose their PS! Also, gives more weight to the PS's words when they answer the Q&A's. Dr. Telepun fixed me. I had what I consider a large belly due to diastasis recti and he made me flat again! And he made me a new belly button! The scar is low and placed where I wanted it. And thin! I am 4 weeks post op... no complications, makes sure to see you a lot post-TT to ensure all is healing correctly, and seems to want a happy client! I have had experience with another PS where there was virtually no follow-up. He never asked to see how the 'work' turned out later. Dr. Telepun wants to make sure you are happy, feeling well considering the healing going on, and wants a good result in the end! He is patient and experienced. No complaints!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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