29 Yrs 204lbs 5ft.3 Im ready for my TT!- Decatur, AL

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Finally this is happening! This doesn't feel real....

Finally this is happening! This doesn't feel real. So here's a little background.. I have always had a large stomach even when I was a kid. It only got worse after having my children. I had my first child at 17, I was left with extremely bad stretch marks & my stomach hung even lower. With My second child my weight got up to 230, and once again my stomach reached even lower, I dropped back down to 190. I joined a gym and ate healthier, managed to get down to 180.. But my stomach has always been a problem. Working out was difficult, I felt like even if I lose weight my stomach is always going to be just... Well hanging. So I gave up a little and ended up gaining weight back up to 204. So come to find out my insurance will pay for me to have a pannulectomy(removal of the "apron" or excess skin). So I had a consult with a ps back in October 2015. So I will be having TT with lips to my flanks!

Rescheduled for May 10th

Updated pictures and my TT and MR rescheduled for May 10th. Also am going to ask about inner thigh lipo.

6 days away!

Trying to gather all supplies needed. .. stool softener, pads for dressings, ointment, bandaids, alcohol pads, paper tape, and compression garment.

Pictures with clothes

No sucking in.. just letting it hang, looks awful.

Made it to the flat side!

Tt and muscle repair. Also lipo of inner thighs going back to sleep after posting pictures

1st postop appointment

Still very swollen but Dr T removed 11.9 pounds.

1 week 3 day Po

Soo, let me just start out saying recovery is ruff. I've yet to read a post on real self about recovery being painful, most of them say recovery Is a breeze, well it was definitely not a small gust of wind for me, at least not the first 3 days it's not. Those first 2 to 3 days are very hard. Once someone helps you stand up, it feels like your splitting into as you old lady hobble to the bathroom, and lipo , there was lots of bruising from lipo makes things even more sore. . Not trying to scare any one just being honest. After 1st couple days it gets easier and easier. but with that being said, it was TOTALLY worth it! I love my results!

3 weeks 2 day

Loving my results, scar healing up well, bruising almost gone, but still sore where lip was performed, on sides and inner thigh . I can't wait to get back to gym and continue working on myself. I did measurements @ 2 weeks but never posted them, guess I will now, the swelling still fluctuats, but here they are from week ago, bust 40 1/2, it's same, waist then 50 1/2 now 47,.. hips then 52 1/2 now 46 1/2 , left thigh then 27 now 25 1/2 right thigh then 26 now 24 1/2

6 weeks post op today

Hey! I'm 6 weeks today. Nothing has changed much. I still swell at end of day I start out at 187 to 188 and then by the end of the day I'm always 190 to 191. I stopped wearing binder to work and started wearing Spanx for compression. I tried to get decent pic of belly button, I had a time getting it to heal it's finally starting to loOK normal it still has very small scab inside. I had to keep packing mine with gauze so it would heal, I no longer have to pack it. I've gone out and purchased xl shirts I was in 1x to 2x. One shirt was a large but it ran big. I have not even tried on pants yet because I've been wearing scrubs or black yoga pants to work that still fit. I did wear one pair of jeans that continued to get baggier as the day went on I had to keep pulling them up. I need a belt lol
Decatur Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Telepun and his staff were very kind. At my consult he examined my abdomen, and realistically told me what he could do. He was very knowledgeable and informative. Im not scheduled back for my preop appointment until April 28th. Im so excited!

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