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I decided some time ago that smartlipo was...

I decided some time ago that smartlipo was something I was interested in. I'm 26 years old, 5'1 and currently weigh 150lb. Even when I was down to 135lb a couple of years ago (my goal weight), my tummy never went away, the little pooch I hate so much.

I felt completely vindicated when I went in for a consultation, and the assistant took one look at my belly and asked when I had the baby. I have never had a baby. Some people might be insulted, but I felt like all of my feelings of hatred and disgust towards my gut were confirmed and vindicated.

Dr. Masri was kind, open, honest, and helpful. I was honestly a little nervous (though I hate to admit it), being Jewish in a clinic in Dearborn with a Muslim doctor. He made me feel so comfortable, and was so encouraging, that those feelings went away immediately.

I wanted the surgery to focus on my lower abdomen, where I have an inexplicable ledge of fat above my pelvis. I had contemplated getting my upper abs and flanks as well, but to my astonishment, one of the assistants during my consult urged me not to, as I had "such a nice hour-glass figure, it's only the pooch that needs to go." Having expected an up-sell attempt, I was really impressed by the consideration of the staff. They all agreed that yes, I could get those areas too, but they weren't the problem. No attempt to up-sell, just to understand and do what was right for me.

I had been to the Masri Clinic for laser hair removal, and so had a $500 off the first area for SmartLipo coupon, bringing a single area down to $2700. I decided not to waste any time, but to have it done right away. My Surgery was on Thursday the 12th of July.

Unfortunately, the sniurgeon only schedules by the day, as surgery is always on Thursday, so they call you the day before with a time. That being said, the day before I was asked to show up at 3:30, but was not taken back until 5pm. Sitting there was so stressful, and by 5 I was a bit freaked out. I got much more freaked, however, when I was taken to the surgical area. The waiting room and cosmetics area is lovely, with a coffee bar, massage chairs, flowers... very ce. The surgical area is not. It's dingy and terrifying. Luckily, that was really just the aesthetic. The staff and surgeon were highly professional, the drugs effective, and I *think* everything went very well.

After taking my percocet and attivan before the surgery, Dr. Masri came in to draw on my belly. He was very generous with the area covered in my payment, he drew at least 1.5 areas, if you ask me. He even sad, "I think we should do a bit more than one area here." When I asked if it would cost me more, he shrugged it off, saying that what mattered most was doing a great job, and me looking awesome, and that I would not be charged more. Wow.

After the surgery, Dr Masri seemed very pleased with the results, which inspired a lot of confidence for me. I remember bits of it. There were moments when I felt it, told him it hurt, and he fixed it. I remember very little pain. He also tried to keep me informed (I had been very curious to begin with), but I was really too messed up on drugs to be able to see much. He showed me the fat he's gotten out though, and I remember thinking it was super cool, and totally gross.

I slept on the couch that night, unable to move much, and spent the entire following day (yesterday) doing nothing. Today I ventured to the grocery store, but had to collapse right back into bed after, still hurting. It's not the worst pain in the world, just very sore, and I'm very excited to take of the bandage to shower tonight (waiting the full 48 hours).

I've posted soem before pics, and will post after pics after my bandages come off.

Today is day four, and I just had a follow-up...

Today is day four, and I just had a follow-up appointment with the doc. I'm amazed with him, personally, and can't wait to see how I look after ten days, when the swelling has gone down!

He was so excited to see the results, and to tell me about the procedure, he got me excited too. Plus, they pulled up a picture of my belly before, and held up a mirror to my belly now ... wow, huge difference!

Apparently, he almost actually cut into me during the surgery to detatch a band of muscle, in essence a tummy tuck (and for free), even though I hadn't signed a consent, that's how determined he was to fix that tummy bump I hate so much! But the laser ended up severing it after 1/2 hour of back and forth on the area. He said they really never spend that much time on what was supposed to be one area, but I was young, and would heal well and he wanted me to be really happy with it. He also ended doing significantly more than one area, but did not charge me anything.

The swelling is also at its peak. He said patients are always bigger in the first five days than before they start, and I'm not! I am really delighted. I'm still a bit rounder than I expected, but am smaller than I was to start, and am most likely at the peak of my swelling. I'll be going in next saturday, which will be 10 days post operative to begin the first of my six VelaSmooth treatments, they come with the procedure.

Today is one full week out from my procedure. The...

Today is one full week out from my procedure. The bruising in my pelvic area is subsiding, but something weird is happening to my abdominal area. Where there had been no visible bruising, today I have small lumps emerging which are tender to the touch, feel like hard lumps, and have a greenish bruise color coming in on them. Any ideas what's happening here?

I'm seeing little reduction in size, really hoping to shrink more over the coming week. I start the velasmooth treatments on Monday, so hopefully that will get rid of these bumps if they're still here then. I'm getting concerned about this, so if anyone has information, it would be very nice to hear.


Yesterday was three weeks out from the surgery,...

Yesterday was three weeks out from the surgery, and I need to update!

I'm going to put some images up, although the captions I gave the old ones seem to be missing, which confuses me. At any rate, the new pics that I will post really don't do it justice. So before starting the VelaSmooth last week, I was pretty swollen still, and very lumpy. The lumps varied in size, and density, and most of them were kind of numb.

I started the Vela, and have had two real treatments in a week. Lumps? Almost completely gone already. Which is great, except that it means I'm squishy again ;) I'm also a little more sore than I was last week I think, as my numbness is going away, and I definitely still have some unwanted belly. However, I have been constantly reminded by the staff at the Masri Clinic that I should not judge my results until I hit that three month mark.

I have three more Vela treatments, and then I get to see the Doc again. If I need more, the technicians tell me he will give me more vela. Right now my belly is lopsided, but I am reserving judgement about my results, as hard as that is, until that three month mark, or at least until after all of the Vela treatments. I recognize that the lopsidedness can be caused by internal bruising and lumps that will yet subside.

I read a lot before having my own surgery about the emotional roller coaster of the healing process. And here is what I have to say about that: For the first few weeks, you are not as good as you will be. It will look better, and gradually does. My pants don't seem bigger, and that would have been nice. But I realize that I did not do my back or flanks, so the only place my pants should fit better is my gut, and there it does already. Yes it does. And when I stand naked in front of the mirror, I feel a LOT better. And I think that means this was worth it.

As for the garment and the vela, which people have been asking about on here, I'm still going to wear it. The one they gave me is a velcro baby-band type thing, and it's not that bad. I slept without it for one night, and felt fine, but they assure me at the clinic that I will really get the best results if I wear it as much as possible through the first six weeks, or at least through the vela treatments. I'll see how I feel in two weeks when those are all done, but that will have been five weeks anyway :P

I don't mind wearing it, in fact, when I walk around without it, I notice the soreness, and with it, I dont!

Almost four weeks out, and three VelaShape...

Almost four weeks out, and three VelaShape treatments down! my stomach is still a little lopsided, but better than it was, and certainly smoother.

While I was in yesterday for a Vela treatment, Dr. Masri asked if he could see the progress, as he was so happy with it, which feels really good. They asked it they could use my pics when I was done for before and afters! I was pretty pleased with that too.

I'll add some new pics now, though I'm going to skip the red bars. Not at all worth the effort.

Ok, I'm eight weeks out, 2 months, and I have been...

Ok, I'm eight weeks out, 2 months, and I have been meaning to add some update, so here we go.

The VelaShape treatments are all over with, and definitely helped. I've still got some loose skin that I'm really hoping will tighten up in the months to come, as Dr. Masri said it would continue to do so for up to 6 months. I am, however, definitely smaller. I've just returned to graduate school, so dont have the time I wanted to keep up the exercise I'd planned on.

He did, at our last meeting, give me a prescription for a weight loss aid, called Metformin. I've been taking it for one week, and eating about 9000 calories a week, a little over 1200 a day. Like I said, I wanted to exercise, and hope to pick that back up next week. I have, however, already lost about 5 lb on the pill with no side effects or discomfort.

There is one major bit of discomfort which was a real surprise, and I suppose could be linked to the drug, but I have no idea. This is that in the area in which the work was most focused, whenever I strain, or press on the area (or when my cat walks across it) it burns red hot. It really feels like the procedure all over again, but not with pain, just extreme heat. Weird, huh? I'm assuming that it's actually just the returning of feeling to areas that were previously numb, and that the uncomfortable burning will go away, but I would certainly like to hear from anyone that knows better!!

I'm very glad I had this done, it's given me some confidence back, and I feel good about it, but I really wish I'd known beforehand, just how long the pain and discomfort would last! I'll post pics again at three months, as I do look better (I think/hope) than my last ones.

At our last meeting, he still seemed very happy with the results, which makes me happier with them. I know I cant expect miracles. I can't be 25 lb overweight at the time of the operation, and expect a flat tummy. I see women on here who get flat tummies from their procedure, but they were not as large as I was to begin with. Part of me wishes I'd lost more weight before having it done, but Dr Masri said it wouldn't matter either way. I don't know that that is true though, I think the difference would have been greater if it was removing the end, instead of the middle of the process. And I don't think I'll do it again, for the pain and trouble it caused. It wasn't awful or disruptive, but it is a lot to go through for beauty!
Dearborn Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Masri has gone above and beyond! He has an attitude that really says that once you're in the door, you're a patient and he will do the best he can for you. I only paid for one area, with a coupon no less, and he spent three hours perfecting the surgery on the table. He was determined to make it perfect. He also made me feel comfortable from the get-go, and I thought he had a wonderful bedside manner. He and his staff have been amazing, and I couldn't recommend him more!

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