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I had braces almost 10 years ago to fix...

I had braces almost 10 years ago to fix overcrowded teeth on the upper and lower. I was in braces for about 2 years and hated every minute lol as I was in college at the time and was starting to come into my own. But after getting them off, I loved my teeth! Make a long story short, I wasn't real good about wearing my retainer and over time my teeth shifted. So I have some crowding and overlapping in my upper and lower currently. It has bothered me in the last couple of years but more recently because I am getting married in Sept of this year and want to look my best! I have friends and family flying in from all over the US that I haven't seen in ages and want to look amazing.
So I did some research and scheduled a consultation with an orthodontist that was recommended to me by my dentist. He went over the option of braces and Invisalign. As I am now at an age where braces would not be cute, I told him I wanted to have option 2. So we scheduled a day for my impressions to be made for Invisalign.
That whole process of taking the impression of my teeth wasn't horrid but wasn't fun. It's almost like they put a chunk of play doh in your mouth to get impressions of your upper and lower teeth. The doh has to stay on your teeth for several minutes for them to get an accurate account of your current teeth so that they can send them out to the Invisalign people to have your trays made.
Anywhos it took about 30 mins for that. I was then told that they would call me when the trays came in so that I could go and pick them up.
It took less than 2 weeks for my trays to come in and for me to receive the call. I was sooo excited! I scheduled an appmt to get my trays the following Monday.
I want to include a photo of of my teeth prior to starting this journey.

Well I went to my orthodontic office on Mon to get my first set of trays. My Doc checked my teeth and an assistant of his explained how to use my new trays and how to remove them. She pretty much explained everything that was in the booklet that u receive with the Invisalign packet. I received 2 trays on this visit and was told that I would be getting my attachments in 4 weeks. The assistant popped my trays in with no issue.
So I scheduled my next appt for the attachments and went home.
The trays really didn't bother me until I had to take them out to eat. My teeth felt sore. Not painful but not the most comfy. And after eating, putting the trays back in wasn't an issue, but my teeth continued to feel sore. It took several days but the soreness went away.
As far as my dental hygiene, that took some getting used to. I was a snacker in btwn meals and hated the fact tht I couldn't as easily have some cookies or chips whenever I wanted. I also am a big coffee drinker and not being able to grab a Starbucks whenever I wanted sucked for awhile. Who wants to brush and floss to have a snack or coffee?! So I've come into a routine to have my coffee in the am w my breakfast and do a midday snack before dinner. It was hard at first but my stomach has gotten used to no snacking. I'm just eating fuller meals.
I've been able to keep these trays in for 22 hours/day for the most part. There have only been a few days where they have been out for maybe an hour or so longer because I was out socially. I didn't think it would be a big deal to put the trays back in after eating out, but I felt really self conscious brushing and flossing in a restaurant or bar restroom. So I just decided that I would wear the trays until after I ordered any food or drink and then remove them for the remainder of my time out. I have been able to just make up the time and have my trays in longer for the next several days.
I have noticed that with all the flossing I do now, I now have blk triangles in btwn several teeth. I guess that's a good thing as it means progress w only one tray in.
Tonight I was able to switch to tray 2! Yay! It felt like such a long 2 wks in tray 1 lol. I felt some pressure popping the new trays in, but not really any pain as of yet. We will see how I feel in a couple days lol.

Ugh 3 weeks in tray 2 and Acceledent

So i had to re-schedule my next appmt which was to get my next trays as well as get my attachments. Something came up so I now will be in tray 2 for almost 3 weeks instead. Ugh! Well at least I'll be picking up my Acceledent device at this appt so it isn't so bad as I believe I'll be able to change trays out weekly. So excited! As far as any changes in tray 2, noticing more triangles and flossing has been so easy and quick. I've pretty much have gotten used to having the trays in at this point and have not found that I've felt any soreness just some slight pressure when I put the trays back in after eating. Will update after my next appt and some feedback about acceledent!

Acceledent finally here!!!

So I went in for my appmt today to get attachments and also my 3rd thru 8th set of trays. And biggest news is my acceledent device also arrived. Yay!! So if you've read my previous post I had to keep tray 2 in for about 3 wks bc of some scheduling issues and I was obviously over wearing it by then. I was excited to move on to the next phase w the attachments. I apparently wasn't paying close attention to my ortho bc I got 10 on upper and 5 on the lower. Ugh! I have several teeth w two attachments which includes one of my front teeth unfortunately for me. But I guess after reading all the reviews on this site and mentally preparing, it doesn't look so bad. The process of getting the attachments placed wasn't awful either. I always figured that they would put a spot of glue on ur tooth and put the attachments in one by one. But as it turns out they use a tray as a kind of mold for the attachment. So they start off with cleaning off the surfaces of the teeth, where the attachments will be placed and I believe glue gets placed, then they fill the tray with the attachments which then they place on ur teeth. They use the blue light device to set the attachments to the teeth and then they remove the tray once they r set. And bam! You get a bunch of tooth pimples lol. The excess glue gets sanded off as well as the attachment smoothed down. After this, they gave me my 3rd tray and had me practice putting it on and taking it off. Yikes!!! It was painful and definitely not the 5 seconds I'm used to for popping off a tray or putting it back on. But I'm sure ill find a method that won't be too painful or time consuming. Seems to me that working from the back and pushing the tray outwards where there's an attachment will do the trick. This tray is definitely making my teeth sore which I expected after wearing tray 2 for 20 days. But it's been several hours and now it's slightly sore but not too bad. As far as Acceledent, they showed me the components and how to use it. Since I've read up on some invisaligners who already use the device, I pretty much already knew the gist of it. So I used it for the first time today after charging it( has to be fully charged and then can be used for 3 days before next charge) and it helped w the soreness of my teeth as well as setting the tray better. I thought maybe I was using it wrong bc all my teeth weren't touching the mouthpiece but I read that it only needs 3 points of contact to be effective. My upper front teeth didn't really touch it at all. And it was weird to have it in at first but wasn't uncomfortable. And 20 mins went by really quickly! I'll post an update after a week as I will now be able to switch trays out after 7 days! I will also update about acceledent as I'm sure many ppl r interested in it who have or are thinking about getting Invisalign. I'll include some photos later when I take these trays out for dinner. Oh and in regards to cost, I paid $920 for the device which I thought was pretty good as I've seen most have paid anywhere from $1000-$2000 for it. My ortho said he only charged me what it cost him to get it so I thought that was great! I also figure that I'm his first patient to use it, so in a way I'm a guinea pig lol. What was interesting to me is that he thinks that in the next couple of years the cost will go down dramatically. Half of what I paid! And that eventually acceledent will be included in all Invisalign treatment. Anyways, I hope my info was informative and will update soon ;)

Tray 3 w Attachments

New attachments minus tray

1 week of Invisalign/tray 4

So after using acceledent for a week now, I'm not sure if it's working lol. I will say that it has helped ease the pain of starting a new tray especially today as I just switched into tray 4. There was some pressure putting the new trays in and definitely soreness. My soreness eased some after using acceledent.
In regards to using the device, it's pretty easy. Insert the mouthpiece over the trays in your mouth attached of course to the device. Bite down on it enough to hold it in place but not too hard as it could wear down. Keep it in for 20 mins. You'll feel a slight vibration the entire time and staggered vibration after 10 mins of useage. It will shut off on its own after the 20 mins of use.
So it's been 8 days of using acceledent and so far, so good. I do feel like it helps my teeth loosen up and again I feel like it's helped a lot w new tray soreness.
I've been very diligent at keeping my trays in for 22 hours. It was a challenge at first but I've really gotten good at eating faster lol. It used to take me almost 2 hrs to eat dinner and an hr for breakfast or lunch. Now I've broken it down to 1/2 hr for breakfast or lunch and 1 hr for dinner. If I have a late breakfast I'll skip lunch and have a little more time to enjoy my dinner.
I wanted to mention that several of my teeth became so sensitive after I had my attachments put on. I'm assuming that it had to do w polishing my teeth before the attachments were set. Anyways I started using a new toothpaste w fluoride in it to help. I'll update w the start of the next tray.
I lastly want to mention that my ortho wants to see how I do w changing trays every 7 days now vs the 14 now that I'm using acceledent. He also mentioned that when I see him next after tray 8, he will evaluate my teeth to see if I can switch trays after 5 days. I'm a little leery of that even though getting out of these things will be great. I'm just not sure I want to take a chance on my teeth not settling in correctly. Any thoughts on this will be appreciated. Until next time ????

Tray 5

Just started tray 5 today! Felt the usual pressure and minor soreness in certain areas but nothing painful.
I reviewed my clincheck as I was wondering when I would start seeing some visible changes in my smile and it looks like after tray 5. I also noticed that my bottom arch would be straightened out by tray 18.
In regards to my sensitivity, I still have some in the same areas even after brushing w a new toothpaste w fluoride. It's gotten a tiny bit better but I'm not sure when the sensitivity will be gone if it will at all. *sigh*.
I've been using acceledent now for 2 wks. I found that all of my teeth didn't touch the mouthpiece (mostly just the back teeth on upper and lower and all of my lower teeth) so I've had to adjust how I sit my teeth when I put the mouthpiece in. The best way to describe it is that I move my upper teeth back some when it is in. This gives most of my teeth the ability to have contact w the mouthpiece. Not sure if this is alright to do but I figured that having more teeth in contact w the device would be better for results.
I've been finding that I'm adjusting to trays just after several days. Meaning no soreness or much pressure. Been thinking a lot about what my ortho said about changing out my trays after 5 days. I will see what he says when I see him at my next appmt at tray 9.
Will update w pics after tonight. ;)

Start of tray 5

Tray 5

Tray 6

Just put in tray 6! I already know that my teeth will be sore w this one as I felt a little bit more pressure than usual when I put the new tray in.
I have continued to be really good with keeping my trays in for at least 22 hrs/day. Downside is that I have been less social bc I don't want to leave my trays out for too long if I go out, or keep them in while drinking. Hopefully, it'll all be worth it in the end.
I've been finding that a couple of days after putting in a tray, my upper lip gets caught on the top edges of my upper tray. I've been having to push those edges back some as I don't want to cut or alter it.
As far as acceledent, still using it every day at about the same time. I'll be relieved to use it today so it helps the fit of my new tray.
No apparent visual changes yet but they should be coming in the next several trays.

Tray 7

So I put in tray 7 this past Monday. Moderate soreness for the day and no pain since. Still being very good with keeping these boys in for 22 hrs. I've been feeling a little lazier though getting them back in after meals. Ugh, can't wait to just be able to enjoy a meal and adult beverage without watching the damned time lol. Other than that, moving right a long. I will be seeing my doc in a 2 wks so I'm anxious to see if my teeth are tracking as they should and if he thinks acceledent is doing its job for me.

Tray 8

So I put in tray 8 last night before bed. Ouchie! Couldn't sleep very well bc of the soreness and even today I'm feelin the tenderness which is mostly in my lower back teeth on the right side.
As I mentioned in my last post, I'm trying not to count the minutes so much when I am out or enjoying a meal. I tell myself that I am being very good still bc I am keeping up on the 22 hrs/day still and every now and then if I am out, it's ok if I go over on my time a bit. I felt myself becoming somewhat of a hermit and I don't want that lol.
Still using my acceledent daily and I'm hopin when I see my doc next Thurs that I gt good feedback. There was only one day that I just forgot about using it. I typically use it in the mid afternoon daily and that one day I used it in the evening. I'm sure it's fine.
Anyways, other than the tenderness I'm feeling rt now, still smooth sailing and will be excited to gt my next round of trays so I can peek at the progress.

Tray 9

Moved onto tray 9 today after seeking my ortho. Was a quick visit to get my next round of trays and to check my progress. Doc said that my teeth are tracking well and that acceledent is doing its job for me. So yay! He wants me to continue to switch trays weekly instead of the every five days he mentioned on my previous visit. I'm totally okay w that since I don't want to mess w my progress. I had some minor soreness switching into this new tray but I don't think it'll be as painful as tray 8 especially after using acceledent today. I was very bad last night as I had my trays out for 7 hrs!! Eeek! But a good friend was having a going away party and I was having such a good time that I didn't want to have to put my trays back in bc I wanted to continue to have cocktails. Oh well. As long as I don't make it a regular habit, I should be fine. Gnna really focus on averaging my 22 hrs/day going forward which I think will be a challenge w the weather breaking and all the get togethers that friends will be having. I just have to think about my end goal here and do what I can to stay on track to prevent any refinements and gt out of my invisa-jail lol. I have so many events approaching w a trip to DC, my bridal shower, Bach party in Vegas, and a friends wedding along w my own wedding. Plus my honeymoon in Hawaii and several weddings after that. Lol so I think w all these events, it'll keep me more disciplined I hope. Anywhos, until next wk.

Wanted to add comparison shots

Seeing some changes but nothing dramatic yet

Double Digits!!!

Yay!!! I switched into tray 10 last night. This is the first time switching before bed as the last tray made my teeth quite tender for 2 days. So I wanted to avoid it this time around.
I also want to report that I've been good w keeping my trays in averaging about 22 hrs/day. Just have to keep in mind that the better I am, the better my results will be.
I have 5 trays to gt thru before I see my doc next. I am hoping this time will pass quickly so I can see my next batch of trays.

Halfway thru!! Tray 11

I put in tray 11 last night. I had some pressure and it was a little harder to put in the bottom tray. For a second, I really thought they wouldn't fit. But they did pop on thank god. Felt some pressure and didn't want to wait for pain, so I took some aspirin before bed.
I woke up this morning without any pain, but as soon as I tried taking them off, WTF! I totally understand when ppl say that it can feel like ur ripping out ur teeth bc that's exactly how it felt. I was fine having breakfast though and was able to pop my trays back in without issue.
I've been continuing to use my acceledent device daily. I really do think it has helped me make this process easier in terms of time and pain relief. The 20 mins of use is no biggie either. Great investment.
Being halfway through my treatment is awesome. I just hope to stay on track so I can prevent seeing any refinement trays. Gnna be a good little patient and stay disciplined.

Tray 13

Well I'm now on tray 13! Haven't noticed much change so I'll hold off on posting any pics.
Wanted to mention that I moved my acceledent useage to evening from afternoon. I really think it's been great for me thus far. For one thing, since I change trays at night, it has helped take the edge off of some of the initial discomfort of a new tray. I really don't feel any pain past the first 12 hours now. Plus I feel like the tray sets better after using it. And since I'm going to bed not long after using it, I have over 10 hours or so with my trays in. I'll continue to use acceledent at night and report any new info.
Not much else to report. Just keeping at it and hope to post some pics soon w new results.

Tray 15

I moved to tray 15 this past Thurs. I also had an appmt to pick up thru tray 20! My doc said I am tracking well and answered a few questions I had. I inquired about whether or not he thought I would need refinement trays. He said he won't know until closer to the end; that even w tracking accordingly, additional trays may be needed to tweek any imperfections. He said it could be anywhere from 3-8 additional trays. I would rather not have any, but considering how much $$ I've put into this, I should do it 100%.
I also asked him if it was possible to remove my attachments for my bridal shower next month. He kindof have me the scrunched up face and said he would inquire and let me know. He said since the attachments were placed in specific spots and track along w each tray, that if they were removed, it could be a not of a challenge to re-place them. I told him that it was no biggie. I mean, u can't really see the attachments in pics so...
So about tray 15 so far. It was a doozy! My teeth were sore for a full 24 hours this time instead of the usual 12 or so. I could feel exactly which teeth were being moved and hated having to remove my trays for meals bc it sucked to take then off. But no more pain now thank god.
Noticing some minor changes since the last time I posted pics, so I will include pics w this post.

Tray 21

Haven't updated for several trays now...been a busy bride to be. So the last couple of trays took about 2-3 days before the tenderness went away. This is compared to just the one day of tenderness I was experiencing previously.
I've been averaging about 21 hours with the trays in as there have been so many events I've had to attend and I was much more comfortable w the trays out. It's just annoying to have to run to the bathroom and excuse myself several times and all.
I'm on tray 21 of 22. So on the home stretch really! I saw my ortho last Thurs, and he said tht after tray 22, he would remove the attachments for me and take a mold for my retainer to be made. This is great for me since I have my Bach party in Aug and my wedding and honeymoon in Sept! So after all this, he did mention that it looks like we'll have to go into refinement trays to perfect certain areas. A little disappointing to have to do the additional trays, but after spending all this time and money, I should do it properly. Plus, I know my teeth will look better w more trays.
I'm very happy w my progress so far. I really think I've come a long way in the last 5 1/2 months. I've been lucky to get the results so fast w the help of acceledent. If I didn't have it, I'd be on tray 14! Crazy! And I for sure wouldn't have been happy w where I would've been at tray 14 w my special upcoming events.
Will try to update for my last tray or when I start refinement trays.

Attachments off!! Refinements

So I had the attachments removed after my final tray! Felt so odd not to have them anymore lol.
I was told by my doc tht we would be continuing the treatment w refinement trays after my wedding. But I'll be free for about 2 months since I'll have my wedding, honeymoon and then 2 more weddings in early Oct. I am slightly worried about keeping my teeth as straight as I was told to wear my last tray as a retainer nightly until I gt in for refinement trays.
I've been wearing the 'retainer' now for a week and I'm not really sure how I feel about it to keep my teeth retained. It obviously doesn't fit as tight without the attachments and there is quite a bit of space between my teeth and the tray. I'm also trying to wear them for more then the suggestly nightly use.
I called my doc's office to express my concern and was told that this was normal. So I'll see how this goes for the next several weeks.
I agree w the doc about the decision to go for additional trays as there r still several teeth that need to align better.
Added comparison shots of teeth at the start of treatment vs currently

I'm back...with more trays :0

So it's been several months since my last update. I've gotten hitched, gone to Hawaii and attended 3 additional weddings in which 3 were out of state! Things have finally calmed down enough for me to update regularly.
So since the last update, I was informed by my doc that I would need additional trays to move several stubborn teeth. Since I was getting married though, he had me finish my last tray of round 1 and he removed my attachments. I was free for an entire month! He did advise me to wear my last tray as a retainer until my next appmt. So I did so but not the 22 hrs/day. I was busy w my wedding and then honeymoon so I wanted to enjoy it all without the stress of getting my trays back in. I would estimate my wear time to be about 10-15 hrs/day.
It was odd to wear this particular tray though bc it had the indents from where my attachments would have been. I was worried about keeping my progress retained bc the trays were def not as tight on my teeth. But my doc said it would be fine so..
Fast forward and now I'm on tray 5 of 11 trays of round 2. I also got 8 attachments.
Tray 1 was soooo painful! Makes sense though as I was wearing my previous tray for over a month. But w the aid of acceledent, everything is now relatively pain free.
I should be completing my treatment right before Xmas. Hopefully by tray 11, my stubborn guys will have moved to where they should be and I can be fitted for retainers. Next appmt is in 2 wks so we shall see what the doc says. Until then...

Tray 6

Started tray 6 this past Sunday. I've had some slight soreness w this one the last couple of days. This is unusual for me considering I really haven't experienced any pain since using acceledent. It's not the kind of pain that is distracting, so no biggie really. Plus I feel like it's doing some movement where I haven't felt any in a while.
Will include comparison shots since I haven't in several trays.

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