20 Years Old, No Kid, 5'4'' - 125lbs 375CC-400CC Implants - Montreal, QC

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I'm getting my surgery on 22 july 2016, with Dr....

I'm getting my surgery on 22 july 2016, with Dr. Jorge Schwarz, who did my mom breast implants 9 years ago....
I'm currently not sure between 370CC and 400CC...
I'm a big A cup small B right now...
I'm hoping to get a big C.

I can wait to have my surgery.

I would like to know what should i get for the post op must have??

I will post some before picture soon !

Current flat chest picture finally !

You Will found my curent situation picture Im really bloated today so sorry.. These r not the best picture... 5feet4 125lbs

Wish boobs

Here are some of my wish boobs ... Not sure which Size implants i should get

Im 44 days before the big day ????

24 Days before Surgery !!!!

I'm 24 days before the big day !
I'm still not sure which size of implants i want.
I really want a small side boobs. My Surgeon told me 375CC, but I was looking at some profiles and I'm still not sure between 375CC and 425CC..

What are you suggesting me for the must have post op????
I have an angle pillow to sleep and other then that??

I Can't wait for this day !!!

14 Days before Surgery !!!!!

I'm now 14 days before surgery, and still not sure which size of implants im getting !!
370CC or 430CC ???????

36 hours left before the surgery !!!!!

My surgery is friday morning really early, and im still not sure which size of implants im going for. For the profile i'm thinking of moderate because i want to have some cleavage.

For the size im still not sure between 370 and 420CC.

Surgery day

I just got my pre op ready!! Im the next one to get in !!!! Cant wait !!

Came back home

I just came back home! Surgery went well not really in pain just feeling like after a big training....

1 day post op

When to see the doctor today to get off the bandage and get this strap on top of my breast. Im dying with this thing on but getting used to it.
They are bigger in person and they are really high right now! I went with high profile saline 360 fill up to 400CC under muscle with transaxiliary scars.
Slept well last night

Square boobs

2 days post op

Im 2 days post op. feeling really good ! I just showered on my own im doing great they are hard but i can massage them since yesterday so its helping alot already ! My muscle dont feel that sore today !

My first sport bra since surgery

I went to buy a sport bra today . I used to have 32-34B. Even if im still swollen, in wearing 34D

3 days post op

Im 3 days post op! They are still sitting high but they are going down every day! Im happy so far. Nipples are swollen but im not worried about them they will get back to normal soon.

I have my helper with me this week while the husband is working ( my big dog haha) shes not helping me at all except for waking me up when my alarm is going on for my meds haha

They are going down after already 3 days !!!

5 days post op

The steri tape went off on his own. Just so you know i have my incision in the armpit. They arent red or nothing they look nice i will post picture soon of them.
For my boobs, my right still hurt a little but not the left one.
Recovery isnt bad so fat but i went shopping today and after 2 hours i was already super tired so i still need some recovery.
They are puffing slowly but not dropping much so far.

2 weeks post op

My right is still high but its getting down slowly

1 month post op

Best decision ever !!! 34DD at 1 month and a week post op

They are so soft so nice i love them !!!!
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