Labiaplasty- Majora & Minora - Washington, DC

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After consultations with 6 different doctors (1...

After consultations with 6 different doctors (1 gyno, 1 urologist, 4 plastic surgeons), I finally had my labiaplasty in January 2013. I had a right/left labia majora reduction, a right/left wedge-technique labia minora reduction, clitoral hood reduction, and removal of excess skin between vaginal opening and rectum. This was done by a plastic surgeon in Washington D.C.

Surgery Day:
I chose to do it under local anesthesia with no valium, etc., because I didn’t have anyone to drive me. After topical numbing cream, then a few verrrry painful shots, we were good to go. The only thing I felt during surgery was some tugging & the actual operation lasted an hour & a half. I should have taken vicodin as soon as the surgery was finished, because I was in a ton of pain by the time I got home an hour later.

The rest of the night was horrible, the pain was excruciating, I could barely walk, and I was bleeding profusely. I would strongly suggest that you have someone with you during the first 24 hours... I didn’t have anyone & was dragging myself across the floor to get water, medicine, etc. It was a really, really tough time. I slept very little that night. (I think if I had done the labia minora operation only, then pain would not have been nearly this severe- So don’t let my story scare you.)

1st day after surgery:
Have you ever seen the TV series Walking Dead? Well, my vagina looked like one of the zombies’ mouths. Awesome.

I stayed horizontal the whole day with ice (except for going to the bathroom, getting food, etc), but the bleeding was insane. I spoke with my Dr’s nurse twice, who was concerned, but said to give it another day. By the end of the day, my apartment looked like a crime scene. Blood on the floor, bloody clothes, bloody towels everywhere… I truly thought I was going to need a transfusion. I ended up sleeping on a garbage bag to protect my bed.

I took 6 vicodin pills during the 1st 24 hours. While I can’t pinpoint where all of the blood was specifically coming from, I really think the pain was due to the labia majora incisions & stitches because it was such a large area.

2nd day after surgery:
I expected to wake up in a pool of blood, but to my surprise, the blood had stayed pretty much on my pad. Yay!!! I rinsed off in the shower & the shower wasn’t red. Yay!!! I stayed horizontal with ice part of the day, but I was able to walk around & do a few things around the apartment. I definitely bled all day, but it was not nearly as much as the day before. I only took one Vicodin when I got up in the morning & that was it for the entire day. I was definitely walking slow & a little funny, but the pain was minimal.

3rd day after surgery:
Minimal bleeding overnight and during the day. My crotch still looks like a train wreck & I am still walking a little funny, but no need for pain meds as the pain is pretty minimal & the side effects of the meds are no longer worth it to me.

Day 5:
Returned to work.

Days 7-14:
The itching is insane! I ended up going to urgent care at one point to see if I have a yeast infection brought on by the antibiotics. Test results came back negative, so it must just be from the healing process. I’d rather have pain!

Day 11:
Had my first check up with the surgeon. He is pleased & said the healing is on track. I still have stitches, but lost a few on the inside of the labia minora- which may have accounted for the prolonged bleeding. This was the first day the bleeding has actually stopped. I still think things look pretty ugly, but I’m not nearly as swollen or bruised.

Day 32:
Another check up with the surgeon. Things have greatly improved & all stitches are gone. I am still tender and maybe a tad swollen on one side, but I would definitely call the whole experience a success. It doesn’t look perfect, and my surgeon reminded me that “perfection” in that area is not normal. My goal was to have less of "everything," and it is a huge improvement and I am very glad I went through with it. I have another check up in 5-6 months, and will decide if I want anything tweaked a little more, but I think with the way I’m built down there, the results are almost as good as they will get.

Day 41:
There are still some areas that are a little hard due to scare tissue & healing, but hopefully with some massaging, these areas will improve.

I would say these are the things/tips I wish I had known:
-Have a friend with you for the 1st 24 hours.
-Have pads. Big ones. Not the dainty little ones you wear with your thongs.
-Urinate while taking a shower the first few days so you don’t have to worry about touching anything & causing more pain.

I hope this helps and best of luck to anyone trying to make the decision!



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