About to Give Sublative a Chance! - Washington, DC

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I am currently at the doctors getting my face numb...

I am currently at the doctors getting my face numb. I have gotten the eMatrix a chance last month and I didn't see much of an improvement but my doctor assured me that I need to get the procedure done a few times before I can see improvements on my facial scars. They are not deep but many and all round my cheeks.

So here I am... I will share my photos and progress of my photos as the days pass for people to see my results. I hope to works!

Pretreatment Photos!

Here are the pretreatment photos.

Feeling better!

I must admit, I am a lot happier with the treatment I got this time than the treatment I got last month. The doctor increased the intensity of the matrix this time and the result was evident the day after the laser. My face was very red on the first day but turned rather brown and scabby the next day - a lot more obvious than it was last month.

Although it may be too soon to judge whether my skins texture has improved 5 days post-treatment, I am already beginning to see some changes! Even my mom noticed my skin looked fresher this morning. I hope that in 2-3 months time I see a significant change in the scarring that was there. For now, the scabs from the laser are beginning to shed and my skin looks fresher.

Post-Treatment Photos!

5-Day Photo Difference!

Is it just me or is there a difference already? And it's only been 5 days. I am really hoping to see major improvements in a few months!
Dr. Nedhal

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