47 Yo - implant free and happy

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Hello everyone, I figured that I have been...

Hello everyone,
I figured that I have been commenting and asking questions to all the explant girls -that maybe I should write about myself and include photos. Going to try and make short. First BA - 2001 - 34 yo after 2 children....350 cc silicone over the muscle...always felt too big in clothes but liked for the most part....Second BA - tired of feeling big and looking bigger in clothes - 250 cc silicone overs with Benelli lift (lifts the nipple) - really like how they look but for some reason not really smaller ?? When I wear workout clothes I'm self conscious - I look implanted. Miss wearing cute small tops...feel matronly and big. First BA I weighed 123 lbs - 5'6"......Second BA and now I weight 132 lbs.

I'm nervous about explant. I really want to do it but am nervous for all the reasons everyone else is. I have an areola incision and explant will go through that. I've included photos for any opinion. I like how they look naked but I just want to be myself again. I want to feel myself again. Thanks for any input.

I am scheduled April 13Th!

So my mom and some of my friends/coworkers I think wonder why am I getting this done. "They look fine" "You look proportionate" I know... and that's what makes it a hard decision.... nothing is wrong. BUT I want to be natural again.... I don't want anything foreign in my body that is not needed.... I feel big in clothes... I feel big period up top. Naked- I look good- but I just want to be MEEEEEEEE.... does anyone understand this?


Just getting nervous... i know it's awhile away (April 13) but I'm just scared what they will look like. sigh.... I've always had a body image issue and I just don't want to go over the edge and freak out. Oy....

God I'm getting scared...

I'm nervous... all these thoughts go through my head. On one hand I'm excited to have them out and be me again...on the other...I think "am I making a mistake?" "Will I regret this?" I've always been very critical of myself (working on...) won't this make it much worse? I think my my mom and friends might be worried too...not totally sure of this but they know me.... they know if it's not one thing its the other with me... Big decision. Husband didn't want me to get one in first place...after I got it he got used to it and liked them...now he's just feels like I will never be happy... I'm rambling...but worried.

My surgery is April 13th. I've never been totally in love with my fake boobs. Always felt too big and self conscious. In my workout clothes especially - I feel like I scream "fake boobs"! Oh man, lots of thoughts....thanks everyone, btw for your thoughts and all your reviews, your pics - they help so so much...

can anyone recommend a good bra after explant?

thanks :)

Just an update on a consult

Hi all, I can never find the comments that reply to my comments so I'm just putting in a new update. I had a consult (I am scheduled April 13th with my PS but always like to get 3 different opinions). The weird thing is that the med asst asked why I was here and I told her, etc... and she said "oh and you can undress from the waist up in case she wants to examine you... I don't see why she would but..." I was thinking "why wouldn't a surgeon examine the breasts to give an opinion?" I thought that was weird. Anyhoo, she looked at me and said that she thinks I would be "good" meaning the result because she said my skin had good elasticity and that the implants weren't really huge or anything. She said she would go through the same incision to prevent more scars. She said she would definitely not do anything else( meaning lift or whatever) until 6 months to a year if I wanted because most explanters actually are pretty happy and fine after their breasts have settled after 6 months or so. That's about it. I have another consult April 2nd. I like getting different opinions. She said that my capsule is very soft and pliable and that she would keep it in. (I do not have health problems from implants btw)

having second thoughts

really want to do it... no medical issues... afraid and really no support. Not getting negative support but I can tell. Anyway - I don't have anyone else to "talk" to and even if no one responds, I just need to vent a bit. So thanks for listening.

last pic before explant

see ya later silicone

this is before implants side view 14 years ago

They're out! and I LOVE IT!

Omg I feel soooo good! I'm a bit drugged but I looked at my boobies and I think they are going to look good! My phone is dead but once it is charged I will post a pic of DAY ! I had local with pill sedation - easy as pie.... no capsulectomy. My PS was so supportive and awesome. He said "Missy, I really think you are going to be really pleased!" THANK YOU everyone for your support and pictures and I i will post a pic soon !!!!

Day 1

Post op Day 3

Rash driving me nuts!

Hello itty bitty boobie sisters, Well My boobs are itching sooooo bad and I have a rash especially on the right one. I talked to my PS and he said to remove the steri strips - that it was a reaction to the mastisol (I guess the adherence glue) So I did yesterday put some hydrocortisone on it and better but I still itch. I just want to scratch my t@ts off. Anyway - I am hoping now that the steri strips are off the itching and rash will go away. Anyone else have this? thanks

Reaction to mastisol ugh

Day 8

Feeling good besides the rash I have under my nipple incisions. My doc called in a cream (Lidex) and it has helped the itching almost 100% -just need time to heal. I should have really taken these pics with arms down for a good comparison. Will do next time.

1 month

hello all, it's been a month and here are pics. Note - they really do look bigger in picture. I am soo happy with my decision. I have all this tops I never wore because I hated how big and matronly I looked in them and now I wear them! I have "dents" under my nipples where the incisions are but my PS said time will take care of those. Still happy. I'm sick with a fever and have lost some weight so I may look a little icky skinny in the pics.

Month 2

Month 2 pictures... notice dent under each areola - other than that, happy.

month 2

just a few more pics

Month 3

doing well....still have these "dents" under my areolas but I don't really even mind so much - no regrets

7 month pictures

Very happy - I feel so much better in clothes and even without. I still have a "tethering" under the nipple where the incision was - I just keep massaging it and hoping it will go away.

13 month update

Hello all! It always always helped me when I saw someone's postop after a year. Here's mine. All is well and I am happy. Feel better and not as self conscious. Still have some dent type weird stuff where the incision was but I'm not a stripper and it's okay. Sometimes I look at other women's breasts that are full and I compare and don't really feel "feminine" but I just remember how I felt with them in and it passes.
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