25yr Old 5'5 180lbs (Trying to Loose Weight)

Hey everyone, I have had my consultation with my...

Hey everyone,

I have had my consultation with my doc and decided on 500cc HP silicone. After getting home and looking and more pictures I am thinking I want to go bigger, 550 or 600cc. I am currently a 34A and am wanting a full D. I am 5'5 and currently weight 180lbs, trying to loose weight. I have a bigger build, I'm not tiny or have a small figure, never will, my.body is not meant for that. Any of girls out there with my stats that have went through a BA? What did you get? Your opinions? I have added photos with the 500cc sizers and I just keep thinking they are "average".

I have my pre op appointment Wednesday and plan on going over this with her, looking for your Thoughts and how your bas went please!

Opinions about the strap

So my surgeon was talking about having to wear a snap around my chest after surgery. What are you guys thoughts and opinions about these straps. How long did you wear it, are they super uncomfortable?

Surgery preparations!!!

Hey everyone!!

SO, the count down starts tomorrow! My 3 days of preparing for surgery. I have to wash my hair and body with iodine for 3 days prior as well as putting the prescription medication in my nose and belly button.
The one thing that I don't like so far Is not being able to shave my arm pits after tonight --EWW! :( (BUT IT'LL BE WORTH IT!!)

I'm not nervous yet, just really excited!!! woot woot

Boobie Eve!!!

SO I FINALLY go get my boobies tomorrow @ 6am!!!!

Sooooooo excited :))
Will update when I can
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