The Healing Process - Dayton, OH

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So no one knows that I did this except too people...

So no one knows that I did this except too people and OMG are these binder itching not only that when I go to shower my wounds are kind of stinging is that normal? I hope so. I also have a cold so this is definitely making the process a lot more hard to hand than I would expect Im on day 3 and my body looks pretty nice so far. I think I have been holsting my binder a little too tight though because sometimes its hard to move. I dont know I am excited to see how everything will turn out except everything is so sensitive to touch and I am having minimal bruises and not too much drainiage since the first day. I got my flanks upper and lower abdomen done

getting concerned

Okay everyone, its been a little over a week since i got the procedure done. I don't know if it is really worth the money I spent to have it done. My results are somewhat noticeable but I guess I will give it more time. I am on a diet now so hopefully that will help improve my results as well. My wounds are healing up pretty quickly I dont even have any bandages covering them anymore. The binder and spanx I have to wear is also making the skin really really dry. I think it may be the antibacterial soap I have been using it must be to hard on my skin. But I dont know I will probably post pictures here soon to show you all what is going on and see if you see any noticable changes.

Patience MUST be the key

Hey everyone, I am so impatient with this its unbelievable. I guess when you pay so much for something you want to see immediate results. It seems like I saw more of a change right after it was done and now it seems kind of stagnant. I went in for a check up after a week and a halfs time and she said I was looking great I just had some fluid still in me. I wish there was a way I could tell on my own if its still there. My next visit with my doctor is not for another eight weeks. I have been dieting tho so hopefullly that will help the results. I am just soooo ready. My gym regimene starts this weeks so hopefully that will also have an impact. I don't have to wear the binder anymore just the spanx for 12 hours on and 12 hours off. I am probably going to just wear the spanx all day long tho since I have gotten so use to them. Just trying to be patient and not get ahead of myself thinking that this was a waste of money.

Feeling like money has been wasted

welp time keeps tickin me trying to wait for these promising results. I have been going to the gym faithfully and dieting. I was actually told on christmas I looked like I had gained weight which is suprising considering I have just undergone a procedure to help with establishing a smaller body frame. I am starting to feel extremely unhopefuly about this and I am beggining to think this was a complete waste of 3000 dollars. I am looking into gettin a personal trainer. So hopefully doing so will help give my body the definition I am looking for. I have read other reviews and I see that some people have had some type of tightening of the abdomen that hasn't occured with me. I didnt have an extreme amount of fat to remove so I thought maybe the definition would be more apparent but its not. It has been a month I was told that I could stop wearing th spanx after that month. Yet, I have seen some stories about people who consistently wore theres for several weeks. Any suggestions about doin that? Week by week I just feel so unexcited about everything. I know with my diet and working out I will eventually start seeing a difference but that will be because of my efforts and not neccessarily the procedure. I don't mean to sound like a debbie downer. A lot of people have had great success stories. But, for the money I have spent and the results I am getting. . . its just not matching up.
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