3 Months Pre Surgery #ImApproved. - Dayton, OH

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Hello everyone, My name is Philicia Spidell I am...

Hello everyone, My name is Philicia Spidell I am 24 year old female in hopes of a getting a Gastric sleeve surgery. After a long run of being overweight and unhappy I am finally at great place in my life with my newly married wife and my three children... I've Finally been approved with s surgery date is August 9th 2016 (Insurance is covering everything) and I couldn't be happier.. It's like a weight being lifted off my shoulder my current wight is 234 pounds... I'm 5'3 and ready for a change in my life! For as long as I can remember I wanted to be smaller more "in" shape and after having my second daughter that just didn't seem to be option for Me plus I have horrible eating habits (snacks) and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which sucks because alot of waste is just left in my stomach waiting to pass... so this surgery is everything to me! My goal is to lose atleast 70 pounds eat much healthier and look waaay sexier lol but my only issue is that I currently smoke marijuana and I'm afraid that it'll be my downfall before surgery like is it a drug test?? IDK I just know after my birthday May 23rd (next week) I'm quitting because I can't lose this opportunity! Also there's one other issue my wife don't want me to have this surgery she believes I'm fine the way I am or if I want to tone up a bit, to work out... But she's perfectly happy with me and not excited about the change... However she is my biggest supporter and I know she understands my wants for this procedure . Anyways nice meeting you all I'll keep you posted on my journey!!

Pre -op and Pre-admission Test appointments are scheduled!

Hi Everyone!! So as you guys know.. I'm scheduled for My Sleeve Surgery on August 9th 2016.. But as of today I Finally have My Pre-op appts Yay!! They are actually set on the same day (because the receptionist owed me one..) July 26th and I couldn't be happier also as of May 23rd I no longer smoke ANY THING so by the time my appointments I should be fully cleansed that means I'm one step closer to my Journey!! So as I'm awaiting my appointment I've recently been looking up on Delicious protein shake so I can began to prepare.. I've been looking into a Brand called Celebrate. Do you guys know if Any other good, easy to hold down shakes? That can be ordered online or bought in a store?? Please share lol one more question can I wear a waist trainer after surgery to help shape me better? Or no?? And ....lol one more thing can I saftley ride my bike for good exercise after surgery?? Anyways that's all for today Thanks for all the help and CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE NEWLY SLEEVED!!

Official Papers I'm So Excited... ????????

So today after a terrific Holiday, I received in the mail today my official documents for surgery and pre admission testing I couldn't be more excited.. Like everyday since I was approved I've been researching.. Researching... Because I would like to have everything go as smoo6 as possible plus you all (Realsealfers) have given so much advice and knowledge.. I should handle the process well if I listen to my body and doctors!! That's all for now I'll keep you all posted

Nervous (Skin related)

Hi!! Everyone sorry I haven't been back in while.. I guess I've been preparing?... But I have to be honest with the day being less than 30 days away, I'm getting cold feet... I have my pre op appointment on the 26th and I'm super excited.. It's just now all I can seem to think of is skin??? Like will there be excessive skin.. Will I be come unattractive?? I mean do everyone get skin? Even if you try and tone.. And use skin firm lotion?? Do you guys have any tips?? Is there anyone who hasn't suffered from skin? PLEASE HELP AND COMMENT this would be the only reason I shy away. I want this so bad I've even stop smoking... Like I'm ready for the change I just don't want to regret it... Well that's enough winning for today . Just a quick congrats to everyone who has did it or is about to... You have a fresh start now!!! Don't waste it! Bye guys.

Pre Op Testing Tomorrow

Guess what guys!! Finally tomorrow is the final test before my surgery...I'm assuming they'll test everything since I'll be there from 6:30am till 2:30 pm... Yes long and drawn out I know but I'm sure all worth it for the results I hope to obtain! I'm so ready Realsealfers tomorrow marks two weeks before my surgery and I couldn't be more happy.. Or anxious lol so wish me luck everyone! I'm hoping for all good reviews!

I'm cleared, Pre-admission testing Done!

So guys I was literally at the Pre-admission testing all day.... I did ex rays.. Ekgs....upper gastro...blood work... Urine.. Dieting. Exercise...the hospitalist ...and The surgeon him self... So yes busy busy day!! But I got through it I start my two diet tomorrow, so bye bye old lifestyle hello to my Healthy one!!

Pre-Op Diet

Ugh I'm doing horrible on my 14 day diet... I'm 4 days in and I need to shape up quick... Other than that I'm so ready to be sleeved. I know once I really do it things will change and I'm READY

9 Hrs Away

Less than 10 hrs away!!! I made it I'm so close... I'm so ready for the new lifestyle I'm nervous I won't lie but the excitement overcomes it!! Congrats to everyone getting sleeved tomorrow or just did it today you all rock and I wish you the best #WeGotThis


I'm officially sleeved guys!! It hurt like hell! I mean the nausea is certainly out weighing the pain ....i arrived to the hospital at 7am sharp I went right back And started pre op followed by seeing the surgeon and the hospitalist and anesthesiologist. Finally I got undressed I was able to see my spouse for about 15 mins than I was pushed back... They said hello and by the time I could say hi back I was out... I came out maybe a hour later to recovery where I felt HORRIBLE them gas pains.. The nausea oh lord... Finally after i was woke for a bit they took me to my room and everyone was so nice. They got me set up and brung the family up... I was so drugged I really didn't see much. My first time going to the bathroom was horrible I felt like my stomach was splitting... Everything I took.. Came up from meds.. To water... After a while it stopped.... I was released the next day... And before I left I did some walking finally made it home... Now I'm just relaxing trying to stay ahead of the pain.


Hey guys I'm 3 days post.. And I'm slowly sucking on Popsicle and mini bits of mashed potatoes ...the pain comes and goes which suck!! Thankfully the nausea is finally controlled better.. I did some walking yesterday, I tried to the whole mall but that didn't work out so well. So my wife has to get me a wheelchair.. Plus everyone was looking at me funny from how I was holding my stomach, which didn't bother me to much.. Cause some people really nice. Other than that I can't sleep on my side or stomach yet! Which is horrible on my back.. I hate getting up and down from the couch or toilet because it hurt sooooo much.. I have lots of support though but I have a problem asking.. I'm kinda do it all girl but I'm noticing right now isn't the time.. I haven't weighed my self yet I figured I give my surgeon the pleasure of telling me than I'll began to weigh my self. Even with all the complations I'm still proud and happy about my surgery being sleeved is the best.

Two weeks post op #sleeved

Hello Realselfers!! I'm 2 weeks Post op and I can't complain too much... Beside eating everything is fine.. No pain from my incision.. Only a Lil nauseous still and maybe some cramps. Otherwise I'm fine, but eating is a challenge I'm doing horrible with protein and fluids only getting maybe 30 gr of protien and maybe 20 or 30 oz of fluids.. I get super full... I tried tuna it's staying down I can only get like a spoon full down Tho... I love Popsicles and apple sauce, I'm now a big fan of Greek yogurt. And I'm loving the Poweraid zero... Other ways I'm trying to get my protein is chewy protein bars. I'm currently 21 pounds down I know right not alot and no where near goal but it's a start and I'm excited my wife says she can see it?.. I can't but hey, tomorrow I go see the surgery for my first appointment post op I'm hoping for great all good things, I want to try protein chips has any of you guys?? Oh yeah I start my work out tomorrow with the doctor's approval I'm super excited!!! So here's some stats
I'll keep you guys posted I hope everyone new to the sleeve life is adjusting well and everyone waiting congrats don't give up! It's so rewarding!! #healthyLifestyle
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