34 Yr Old Donut Lift W/ HP Implants and Tummy Tuck. Dayton, OH

Recent weight loss of 95lbs. This was accomplished...

Recent weight loss of 95lbs. This was accomplished through eating clean and CrossFit. My breast have deflated and I have loose skin on my stomach. Looking to lift and add lost volume and remove the loose draping skin on my stomach. I am 57 155 pounds athletic build. I have two kids who are 17 and 7.

Before Photos

Before photos

2 Days Post Op

Was super nervous to see under the bandages. Able to shower so they had to be changed. My stomached looked a lot better than I was thinking it would. My breasts he said will be perkier once the implants drop. I hope so...

Day 3

I have a good appetite and the pain is a lot better than I thought it would be. The drains are driving me nuts. I can't wait for them to come out.

Day 4 Post Op

I can see a difference in just a few days was worried that they wouldn't fill out and they are already looking better. I should trust my PS he has been doing this for years :) I'm bent over due to the tummy tuck so it's making me look a little more saggy than I am.
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