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Hey! I am a 43 year old mom of 2 and also a...

Hey! I am a 43 year old mom of 2 and also a grandma to a sweet 2 year old little boy. My oldest is 20 and my youngest is 13, both were breastfed. I have been done with having kids for a long time and I finally figured it's time to get the girls worked on! I am 5'7" and 140 lbs. I am a 34C but it's more like 34 long now! LOL! Went for a consult with Dr. Apesos in Dayton, OH. After talking to a different surgeon before him, I knew before I left the office that this is the Dr. for me. I am getting a donut breast lift with saline, under the muscle implants. I decided on 450cc but when I went back the very next day with my money and to schedule the nurse said he wanted to see me again at my pre-op (April 15th) because he thinks I may need to go a little bigger. I am guessing due to the nature of my lift, but we'll see! My surgery date is going to be May 3rd. I guess the next time I post here will be after my pre-op. I will keep you all posted. :)

Nothing new to report, except that my pre-op is...

Nothing new to report, except that my pre-op is Monday!! OMG!! It is gonna seem more real then, I think. I will update after I'm done! :)

As of today I am officially 2 weeks out from my...

As of today I am officially 2 weeks out from my surgery date! I start taking the Vitamin K I was prescribed today. will be this evening, as it will not be ready at the pharmacy until after 3:00. Man that stuff is expensive! Luckily with my insurance it is $35, but that is compared to $160 without insurance so I won't complain. I looked up my other prescriptions and it looks like if I go with generics it will only be $15 total. So $50 total...not bad. It could be worse! I have so far bought 2 new zip up hoodies (in large) for my surgery day/recovery. I got a couple pair of sweat pants, a button up sleep shirt, and a couple of totally unnecessary things too since I was shopping anyway! :P Somebody stop me! LOL. I am getting excited. Trying to get over my "fear of the unknown". Not sure at this point how I will be on surgery day. Either I'll be a total basket case (likely) or strangely calm (very unlikely). :)

April 24th. I am officially 9 days out from...

April 24th. I am officially 9 days out from surgery. I got a call from the surgery center yesterday wanting a list of my medications, I suppose, for anesthesiology. We keep playing phone tag. It seems more and more real as the date approaches. I am excited but nervous and scared. I have noticed more over the last couple of days that my current boobs just look sucky. I put on a sports bra I bought not long ago (before I decided on surgery) and it looks terrible. My boobs look like flat saggy bags. The sports bra is a little big, hoping it will fit me AFTER! It's not a great one for support but I figure I can do the elliptical and walk in it at least! I mean eventually not right away! :)

Just got a call from the surgery center after...

Just got a call from the surgery center after playing phone tag for 2 days. They got my medical history an. already told me), i.e., nothing to eat or drink after midnight, no jewelry, take out piercings, wear loose button/zip up clothing etc. I told her I was d a list of my medications. She gave me some instructions (stuff my Dranxious and asked if they could give me something to calm my nerves before. She said yes, but suggested I call and ask my PS first. SO...early next week I will do just that. My hubby is not making me any less anxious freaking me out with terrible hospital stories. URGH. May 3 is coming up quick!

OMG OMG OMG. This is the week! My nerves are...

OMG OMG OMG. This is the week! My nerves are really setting in now. 5 more sleeps and a wake up! SO nervous. Trying to get everything ready to go. Decided to cut way back at the gym this week so I won't be extremely sore. In fact...not even working chest this week. I will cut back on legs/abs too because I am going to be needing them to overcompensate for the lack of chest muscles! Not gonna lie. I am so terrified now. No turning back. URGH. Not that I want to but just SKEERED!!!

3 more sleeps!

3 more sleeps!

Well...tomorrow is the day!! YIKES!!!!!! SO nervous!

Well...tomorrow is the day!! YIKES!!!!!! SO nervous!

Done, went well and like everyone says the...

Done, went well and like everyone says the anesthesia is no biggie. I amvery sore though and in pain. Just gotta get thru the first few days I guess!

Day 2 post surgery. SORE and bruised at the top...

Day 2 post surgery. SORE and bruised at the top of my cleavage. been icing and trying to lay flat like my PS said. It's hard and hurts my back. Been getting up periodically to stretch,pee, eat but mostly laying and icing. My right side is a little more sore in the pec area. I think because it is my dominant side. Pain pump is still going and I am taking Percoset for pain. Will be happy when that sucker is empty so I can unwrap the bandage and shower! Nervous about seeing the "girls" though!


Today is day 4 post op.. Yesterday my pain pump...

Today is day 4 post op.. Yesterday my pain pump ran out so hubby took it out. Oh man was he grossed out. He was sweating like a pig, and got queasy and almost passed out! LOL! It didn't even hurt! I mean I felt it but it wasn't painful. Fair warning...the tube going into your boob is like a foot long...NO LIE! So anyway, after that I got a shower, which felt amazing! Hubby washed my hair for me. Now that was humorous and dried it. Not sure how high I can lift my arms so didn't want to risk doing it myself. My post op is today so Ishould be able to find out. My boobs are tight and I finally got that feeling like engorgement when your milk comes in (for those of us who BF kids). They don't feel like they are part of my body yet. I saw the "girls" and they didn't look horrible but I have to say I am glad it isn't the final result. I know it will change and I am being patient. I am still very swollen and have some bruising on my sternum (which explains that pain) and under my boobs. they look like big, round, submuscular balls. I put a tank on today and it looks like I have a really good padded bra on! However I'll wear a shirt over my tank because my ugly, granny bra shows. I had a donut lift and my incisions have brown tape on so I didn't really "see" them. they look crazy still but hoping by the end of the week they improve. I go back to work next Monday the 13th. I am able to get in and out of bed better, but I still can't open pill bottles. I have most of my stuff in ziplocks but could not open my son's meds this morning. I put some make up on today and it made me feel tons better. Not sure I want to take another shower today, maybe tonight. I just sponged off this morning.'s not like I have been doing anything but laying around so...Oh and my granny bra itches like a mother around the edges. I am going to ask if I can switch it to a softer sports bra! So in a nutshell, I am still sore, tired, and my boobs are aliens on my chest! But I know itgets better, so ...hanging in there!

Had my first post op appt. today. He said...

Had my first post op appt. today. He said everything looks good. He took out my first set of stitches from my donut lift. I go back in one week to get more out. He told me to keep wearing my surgical bra, then said I could wear any bra because I am nice and even. Said to raise my arms as far as I could comfortably. Said not to force anything and if it hurts don't do it. No exercise. not that I feel like it at ALL yet anyway!

It just dawned on me that I never shared my...

It just dawned on me that I never shared my surgery day story. I was too drugged up when I got home. On Friday, May 3rd, I got up early to get my son off to school. I was nervous! Started getting my stuff together. I was hungry too, but mostly I wanted coffee. Could not have it of course. Hubs and I left for the surgery center at about 9:15. I had to be there at 10:00 and my surgery was scheduled for 11:00. I get there and man I am nervous. I checked in and started pacing the waiting room like a freak. LOL! I finally sat down and the nurse comes to get me. Hubby went to put my purse in the car. I go back, pee in a cup, change into a gown and go the this little area where I wait for the PS to come mark me. Well hubby was able to be back there so he came back and was there when the PS marked me. After I was marked, the nurse put an IV in. The anesthesiologist came in and explained what he was doing and then I kissed hubby and the nurse rolled me back to the OR. When I got in the OR, I had to scoot onto the operating table. I asked where the anesthesiologist was and I remember the nurse saying in his office, and the next thing I new I was in recovery! I remember waking up to the nurse telling me I had beautiful skin. LOL! I was coherent enough to thank her. Hubby comes back and then things are kinda blurry. The nurse is asking me questions, brought me a diet Sprite and asked if I wanted pain meds now. I was afraid of it making me sick so I told her I would take them at home. MISTAKE. I should have taken them there. Hubby hit every bump on the way home, which hurt, then we got stuck in a stupid traffic jam. By the time I got home I was in pain. Took pain meds and laid down. I did not think my pain pump was even working because I was in so much pain. Finally after awhile it kicked in, as did the Percoset. It didn't stop the pain but took the edge off. By that night my pain was under control finally. So that is my surgery day story! Now on day 4 and things seem to be slowly getting better!

Day 5. Yesterday was a little rough. I overdid...

Day 5. Yesterday was a little rough. I overdid it a bit. Hubby didn't have to go on any jobs yest so he convinced me to go mushroom hunting. It was not very successful, but it did get me out of the house and moving a little but not too much. After, we ate lunch at Tropical Smoothie and then went to Kohl's where I was going to buy a spare bra to swap out when I wash this grandma bra. Ummm, Had NO idea what size to get. I tried on so many bras I made myself sore and tired. It was a bust (no pun intended...hee hee). SO...I came home and just got on Amazon and ordered a large sports bra that has a front zip and will throw it on when I am washing this one. I do want another nicer, lower cut bra to wear with my work clothes. this granny bra shows with pretty much everything I wear. OR....maybe I'll go pick up a couple of new button downs and just hide the girls for a bit. I haven't decided yet. I may go to VS this weekend to just get sized. My side boobs are very sore and it sucks when I have my bra off even to shower. They feel like boulders and kills my sideboob. I am going to try icing more there today and see if it helps. I think I need to be up and around more instead of laying around but I am kinda scared to drive. I am going to give it a trial run today, just to the gas station and maybe Kroger to pick up milk and eggs. I have been off the pain meds (Percoset) for 2 days and am just taking Extra Strength Tylenol now. Percoset works for me but gives me nightmares! That is about it for now. I still feel pretty tight and uncomfortable and the "morning boob" sucks, but I'm getting there. I can't believe that just day after tomorrow it will be one week already. Time flies! Just wish this bruising would clear up. it looks horrible.

Day 8. Finally feeling like my boobs are more...

Day 8. Finally feeling like my boobs are more part of me and less giant, alien, boulders on my chest. I am still sore! Seems my soreness has migrated from the top of my pecs to the bottom. It gets better every day though! Have another Dr's appt on Monday to get more stitches out.

10 Days post op today. Had to go in to my PS. ...

10 Days post op today. Had to go in to my PS. All he did was change my tape, said everything was healing well and to come back in 2 weeks. I really thought my other stitches would come out. Guess not! Oh well. My next appt is May 28th. Fun times!
Will be so glad to not have stitches anymore! Was planning a fishing trip with dh and my son and I can still go but won't be able to get in the water to cool off. BOOO!

2 weeks post op!

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks! I have come a long way from that first day. My right boob feels pretty good, the left one is still fairly sore. Seems like my right one is softening up a little faster than the left too but they look pretty good! The bruising is really starting to fade so I am looking much less "Frankenboob". I still have stitches around my nipples from my donut lift. My next appt is May 28th so I am hoping the stitches come out! Have had a few random pains and zingers but not too terrible. Have a had a little itching where the stitches are but again not bad. My nipples are UBER sensitive. Like when the seat belt brushes on it I cringe. I hope that oversensitivity goes away! I was cleared to do light cardio. SO far I have walked once. UGH. It's been a rough week. I am getting on a regular schedule starting this weekend. Hoping at my next appt I will get cleared for light weights in upper body and back to normal for lower. Not sure about plyos right now! I am not sure I am ready for jumping! That doesn't sound fun yet at all! Anyway, things are rolling right along! Starting to love my girls! :)

3 weeks post op!

It's been 3 weeks since my surgery today. My right side has healed beautifully. My left side is being a stubborn biotch. It's still bruised and my pec burns and hurts so bad if I move it a certain way. It is also still pretty bruised at teh bottom, and numb across the top. I h ope it heals soon. It looks ok, just painful and bruised. Of course I need to quit scaring myself reading about complications. I am boob hypochondriac! Who knew there was so much to worry about with breast augmentation? I will just stop thinking about it until my appt next week! I bought some arnica cream to see if that will speed things along. I ran out of the arnica pills my PS had me take prior. I swear, I did everything by t he books as far as the supplements he had me take and I STILL bruised. Thank GOD I followed instructions, it would be way worse. I am SO ready to go back to the gym. I feel like a big, fat, slug. My right side is ready to go, the left not so much. Sh*T!!! Come on and heal already! My next appt is Tues, May 28th. I am praying my stitches come out and my tape can come off! I also hope I get cleared to work out, even if it is just lower body. I will take what I can get! They look great though! no regrets there!

Almost 4 weeks post op appt

Today has been 25 days since my surgery. I had an appt. today. I am not quite 4 weeks post surgery, but this coming Friday will be the 4 week mark. So today, I went in thinking I still had stitches. I did not. I am not sure why I thought that! I swear it had to be the narcotics I was on! I swear that I was told at the first appt that I would have to get 2 sets of stitches out. WTF?? Oh well. LOL! I felt like a dumbass but it's not the first time and certainly won't be the last. Anyway, he checked out the tatas, asked me if I liked them, of course I said, "YES"! He took pix, told the nurse to re-tape me (for scarring) and to come back in 3 mos. wow! I have to change my tape every 2 weeks. I also commented on wanting to get back in the gym and he said I could but take it easy. plan of action is to start tomorrow with legs and see how it goes. If all goes well, I'll try bis and tris the next day, then maybe I'll get bold and do shoulders. I am unsure about back and will definitely hold off on chest until the 6 week mark where I will reevaluate. I feel I'm not 100% ready for that so I will be patient! I got to see my before and afters and WOWZA! Best money ever spent (along with the money I spent on LASIK). :D

1 month

Tomorrow is 1 month post op. I am feeling and looking better every day. I think my boobs are softening a little although they are still firm-like. I still get that weird morning boob tightness but it doesn't last very long after I get up. I have a few aches and pains but nothing major. I chalk it up to the healing process. Have had a little burning and a few stabby pains but nothing intolerable. I started back to the gym Wed. I did legs. I am still too chicken to do upper body. I did some ab work too and was trying to do hanging leg raises but had to stop that! It engages more of my chest than I thought and just didn't feel right so clearly I am not ready for that yet. I subbed that out with crunches. Not ideal but better than sitting around eating crap food. Let me tell you, after a month off the gym my butt was so sore! Today I just did cardio on the elliptical and tomorrow I am going to attempt light biceps and triceps. If it doesn't feel right, I will give it another week then try again. I have to admit, I am anxious to get back to "normal" but I will be patient so I can heal properly. I wanted to do a competition in the Fall but depending on how the healing process goes I may have to push it back to next Spring. Oh well...there are always shows. No rush. I am going to try bikini instead of figure this time. I think I am more predisposed to that body style anyway so I am going to just embrace it! I have to say...I am STOKED to see what these boobs are gonna look like in my competition bikini! YES!!
Dayton Plastic Surgeon

Excellent Dr. Would totally recommend him for all my friends! A lot of people complain that his bedside matter is not great, but I think he is just quiet and serious at times. He has loosened up more and more with each visit and is even kind of funny. I do appreciate his honesty and that he doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. In the end I wanted a good Dr, not a buddy and he is definitely good at what he does! I am 4 weeks post op and so far thrilled with my results.

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