1 year post op. Mommy Make Over, 375 cc high profile and tummy tuck.

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I at one time had 3 kids, 3 and under. I felt like...

I at one time had 3 kids, 3 and under. I felt like I was constantly pregnant and no one quite knows what my true shape actually is anymore. I remember though. I have worked my butt off (80lbs since leaving the hospital 18 mos. ago) after the last pregnancy with the ultimate goal of rewarding myself by getting a tummy tuck and my body back after I've proven I'm willing to do the hard work. I really don't have a lot of family support, beyond my husband and a few friends that know. My mother knows, but since deciding to add on a breast augmentation she has had conflicted support and will not acknowledge that part of the surgery and I can tell it is even making her hesitant to acknowledge her willingness to help post surgery (she takes on a tone in her voice as if she would be aiding and abetting in a criminal act). My husband and I are confident we can do this though, referring to the kids. We have is scheduled perfectly so his work would not demanding of him and he could work from home the first week at least.
As I said the breast augmentation was not my primary concern but when starting the consultation rounds with Plastic Surgeons, I did a bit more research and thinking....and thinking...and more research and decided I think I would really like and enjoy the results. I don't want the girls to be showy, I don't want them to be the first thing someone notices about me. I just want some natural looking filled out boobs, instead of the empty cups, I'm sporting now. When I was nursing I wore 36DD and didn't like how they felt running or how conscious I had to be with what I wore. I currently a a 34B, I when I did my consult I like the weight and look of the 325cc's. He recommended the high profile round. Which made me hesitant because everything I read signified that high profile do not give the natural look I was looking for. He assured me that they would and showed me some before's and afters that he had done. He was right. He said he prefers the hi profile because how how they fill up and less wrinkle. He has been doing this for 18 years, established his own practice with his own surgery facility, so I don't have to go through the whole hospital hoopla. I consulted with three different surgeons and I liked his personality, office, staff, services, and pricing the best. Plus it helps that my running partner had her TT done by him and was very pleased. I come from a rural area so I have to travel 50 minutes to get to his office so I have only had the one opportunity to try on the implants, but I think anywhere between 325 and 350 would give me what I want, but i like the weight of the 325 the best. He made the final recommendation of getting the 290 hi profile silicone since have a narrower torso, and filling them to 350, right around their max capacity to reduce wrinklage. Does this make sense? I 'm going off of his good reputation and years of experience and trusting him.
I've noticed two of the three PS's I talked to are not listed on this site so I won't be able to link the surgeon I chose.
So all in all, I can't wait! I've got a little bit over a month but I feel like all I do is look at boobs now, making sure I'm making the right decision on size, shape, reading about recovery and figuring out how I'm going to do this with a 5, 3, and 1 year old. Thanks for any input on how you guys did it with small kids that still need lifted up so much. What made things easier. What brands of Compression worked best? Those drains scare me with moving around and kids.

Additional cost for Hernia

I got a call from the financial Lady at the the PS's office. She wanted to let me know what my insurance's was not going to cover the hernia in my belly button, and even if it did our deductible was so high that we'd be paying for it anyway. Here I thought giving our insurance information was just a formality because we had planned on paying for everything out of pocket. I assumed the hernia he was referring to was all a part of the tummy tuck procedure. So she called to let me know it would be adding an additional $1,000 to our bill for fixing the hernia, because it wasn't originally a part of the pricing contract I signed? Is this normal? Do I even need to get this fixed if its not a problem and a lot of women get these after pregnancy and never fix them? Help?! This all conveniently comes after I called them to cancel the liposuction of the flanks as she told me I had time to get back to her until my pre op oppointment. So I took of $1500 off the bill just to add on and unexpected $1000.

A month out!!!

We are a month away!! This site has taken over my day. I have so many concerns that I see many of you having too:

1. What if I die because I chose to do something that is medically unnecessary? My kids will no longer have a mother and my husband will inevitably remarry fast to someone with out my values because he won't be able to cope with 2 preschoolers and a toddler. ....etc..etc.. (this concern may be a little over board, but Its at least a small thought many of you have had)

2. 325cc or 350cc Not a huge difference but taking over my life. photos are not helping because one person's 325cc look so small, another's look HUGE! both results I worry about. I'm keep telling myself to stick with the 325cc. Its what I liked when I tried them on.

3. My family disowning me. ;) ok, they may not disown me, BUT I will be the talk of the next extended family vacation in June. They freaked out at a belly button piercing when I was 17. Maybe I could just say I am fixing that dirty deed? I'm counting on my brothers and cousins bringing their live in girlfriends to distract them from me physically bettering myself.

4. My children and family care. My husband thinks he can handle me and the kids. He doesn't know all I do for these three during the day. Plus he is brushing off things when I explain to him the condition I will be in post op. I think he thinks I'm going to be down for a day and back up and doing laundry, cooking meals, and bed times soon after. I believe he can do it, I just don't want him coming out of this resenting me for putting him through this, so I'm trying to prep him for how serious the surgery will be.

5. Cost, it is so hard to conceive of spending this much money on myself.....and living with the knowledge and little, teeny, tiny voice in my head telling me so afterword. (Even though I know, I'm going to rock this, and it will be all worth it.)

Blah....... ok I need to get off this site.

Black Friday Deals

Ahhhh.. trying to scoop up some post surgery compression wear while I can get free shipping and 25-30% off of these websites. But I have no idea what is better. Zipper or hooks? Short, thigh, or underwear length girdle? How do these drains come out of the compression garment? Bra with stabilizer? What to do? Do any of you have a favorite brand or website?

Pre- Op Appointment

I'm officially paid and committed! Finally got everything explained to me. The nurse was very detailed. She answered all questions. Its interesting how different doctors do post care things differently. I brought a friend with me to the appointment as the husband had unexpected change in plans for work. But I also kind of wanted a females input! It was great, she asked questions that I would have probably glazed over with all the paperwork I was signing. I confirmed I wanted the 325cc impants. The PS said that since we are going with under muscle he would like to do 375cc implants to give the look of the 325cc. It just freaks me out a bit, but I trust his judgement, he has a lot more experience at this than I do. Gah!! I can't wait. Its starting to seem more real but still doesn't seem possible that in 3 weeks I'm not going to have this sack of skin hanging off the front of me.

Getting my before shots in

Decided to take some not so pretty photos today so I could compare after everything is done! I just can't fathom how different things are going to look. I realize I'm still going to have my thighs but I think with another running season next spring and summer, even those will thin out a bit more and I'll just deal with the stretched out skin and marks there, they have never bothered me as much. Also I realize the bottoms in these photos won't do well with the TT scar but its what I have right now. :)

7 days and a wake up.... what?!

Its getting so close. I'm thinking with all the Christmas events its going to sneak up on me and I'll be completely unprepared. I'm starting to research what I should have ready and waiting for me post surgery. My mom is starting to come around...kinda. She's at least acknowledging its happening. I taped a weekly calendar up for the three weeks following surgery just so my husband and my self and visualize whats going on and when we'll need help. So Surgery is paid. I have two different bras ready and waiting. A compression garment for after the binder. I'm going to move my recliner to the bedroom. I have a neck pillow.
What should I have recliner side so I don't have to move much when I get home? Is a raised potty seat necessary?
Whats the best way to deal with those drains. The doc said I will be showering the day after surgery, so I've seen photos with people with those around the neck name tag holders.. are those a good option? I think I have one around here.
At what point am I going to be less recliner bound and at least able to walk about the house and point to what needs to happen?
Would it be beneficial to borrow my grandpas old walker if its available?
Are my boobs going to be HUGE and me regret this the rest of my life? Answer me this I say!!?!
So many questions!

Well I did it! I'm on the flat side!

I had had a fever about 4 days prior but was confident it would clear up by surgerytime. Well the night before surgery I'm panicing because fever is gone but cough and runny nose persisted. I prayed. It was christnas day so it wasn't like there was anyone at the office I could talk to. I feared driving down there and them sending my back home and having to wait for this perfect opening in our schedules next year. So I wake up the morning of, clear of all congestion and coughing. Took my temp. 99.0. So I was feeling pretty confident. I get there, they start the IV and my nerves must of got me, the took my temp at 100,4. So the anastesiologist was the first person I spoke to. She stated how it was not idea and she was going to be shoving a tube down my throat that would, with my throat condions, give me 100% chance of terrible pain. (it didn't) . So she left it up to the surgeon to decide, I tried my best to be my convincing self, on the mend , all better, just this sore throat. The fever is fluke of nerves. Pesky germ filled kids I live with. He was concerned of the chance of infection with the implants. We discussed this a great legnth and I felt the risk wasn't great enought to cause concern seeing as how the fever was so minor and i firmly felt it had to do with stress of about to be cut open.

Once that was settled. He did give ma an antibiotic and prescribed me a z pack to assist.

I rememeber walking into to OR, the nurses wrapping my arms with gauze.......and thats it. Next think I know, I'm back in the room I started and unbelievably sleepy with boobs and a flat stomack.
He said he pulled over a pound of skin off . I have showered but haven't really gotten a good look at it all, as I was just focused on when can I sit down! Post op photos soon

4 days post op. loving the results. still very reliant on drugs....now time to sleep.

Finally an update.

Wow, what a whirlwind of emotions, pain, and healing. Recovery with three kids and a husband is no joke this time of year. The first 3 days post op, I remember being there but just sleeping to get through the pain. (by the way I haven't had a fever since they took my temperature that morning. I've felt great since.) I remember hearing a lot of distant crying, screaming, yelling, fighting over Christmas toys, kids peeing the bed, kids pooping in the bath tub......and rolling over and going to sleep. My husband and 2 kids were sick so I was on my own for getting around. I did have a nurse friend the day after surgery come and help me into and out of the shower and show me the best way to apply dressings. Such a blessing. The Drains have been the bane of my existence. Luckily they took one out at the one week post op (they let me choose the more painful and annoying one). That one drain makes all the difference in the world. I can't fathom being drainless come Friday. So 6 days post op my husband leaves work to go to urgent care, he has bronchitis. He's been getting better since, thank goodness. I was sure his resentment over me sleeping and helplessness would have led to a divorce at one point, since he felt so miserable and was dealing with things with the kids he had never had to do or didn't realize were an anything can happen at anytime type behaviors existed. Anyway, We've made it this far! Things are getting better everyday. Laundry hasn't been folded since before the surgery but my kids seem to be fine living off of clean clothes in hampers. I'm accepting help when I can get it. My mom still not comfortable helping. Thats ok. She has been able to help out 2 times but not without complaining or leaving as soon as we got back from a doctors appointment. I'm still walking with bent over. Today is the first day I have all three kids by myself for a bit. SCARY. but I'm settling into the fact that, I can see them, hear them, everything is safe in my house. Unless its life, limb or eyesight, Its ok for me to stay sitting back in the recliner. Although. My toddler did just walk by and smelled of dirty diaper.....so looks like I'll have to convince him to lay himself down in the place of his choosing and hopefully not make me wrestle the diaper off of him. LIFE. We do what we gotta do. I better be getting off of here. Just wanted to give an update to those interested in how I'm getting by. I'll post photos soon. I'm so happy with the results by the way. The Nurse took out the stitches at the one week appointment and put steri strips. No more dressings! I'm still wearing the two piece bandeau that they put my breasts in post op. I have to take a few breathers throughout the day and take it off but I do feel like Doctor knows best in what you need to be wearing post op, because this thing is far stronger than the post op bra I bought with a band sewn in. I do think that will be a nice next step though. Alright, photos, next time I get a chance.


I need to make a list of top 5 ODD things no one told me about post op recovery.
1. Nerves- They are demolished during surgery, thats a given. I couldn't feel any topical sensation in like a 9 inch radius on my stomach. About post op day 7, I woke up to my scars itching so bad I thought I would do damage while I sleeping. The nurse said it was nerves growing back and a sign of good healing. Yesterday. the majority of my stomach nerves decided to simultaneously develop back into the skin. Causing a pins and needles sensation when not moving, moving, and any sort of touching. Weirdest feeling and the first time I've been tempted to take pain medication since the first week. I took a shower today and it did feel good to actually feel the water on my skin. I still have some tingling today but I do take all this as a sign of progress.
2. They say back pain.....but I couldn't understand how the back pain could overshadow the surgery pain. It does. My back kills.
3. Wiping for #2. TMI. Just odd to not be able to turn to the side to wipe. Trying to avoid ecoli by doing a front to back stroke in between the legs is just something I've never attempted before.
4. How much time it takes to apply dressings after showering. Plus add the time for getting all my gear back on and figuring out what baggy clothes were clean and would work best for the next several hours. I did have a mumu and wore it whenever I could that first week. Haven't looked at it since though.
5. How much I don't remember from those first few days. I have a dear college friend I rarely see that traveled 2 hours to be here to help for one morning while my husband had to go to work...... She came the night before and took care of me and the kids for half the day the next day. I Don't remember a thing. I vaguely remember her being here..... but i don't remember actually seeing her.

Just Random thoughts for the day!

Photo Update 13 days post op

Tomorrow... I conquer the world. Or at least that's how I'll feel after I get this last friggin drain out!!!

2 week appointment

I was a bit excited for this appointment.
The first thing the Dr. did was assess my drainage and then remove the drain. (What an odd feeling, it took a bit of extra pull, I think it had gotten pretty comfortable in there.)
He took a look at my scars and was very pleased with all that he saw.
He told me I needed to actively be aware of standing straighter.
He gave me permission to move my arms any way I desired now.
He told me I could stop wearing the Bandeau, the compression garment they put me in after surgery. (http://www.caromed.us/product/the-bandeau-standard-design-double-bandeau/) I have still been wearing it at night though, its just a nice comfort support when its not tight.
He told me to start wearing a body compression garment 24/7 for the next 4 weeks. He had specific instructions on what he wanted in that compression garment. Tight but not too tight. He wanted to include a panty (a crotch) and not go high enough that it would irritate BA incision. He provided a list of CG's that he preferred, making references to the more inexpensive, and the non need to go out and buy up a bunch of expensive brands and even pointing out where to get them.
- He gave me a complimentary Gift Certificate for a microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or facial in the office.
-He was very adamant that I call him at any time over the weekend if I notice any fluid build up. He was on call and in the office and there is no reason to wait a whole week til the next appointment if there was fluid that needed to be taken out from not having a drain.
-He said the steri strips would be slowly falling off over the course of this next week and that goo gone was a perfectly good solution to take off all the tape residue.

I think thats about it. I've loved putting on normal clothes again. I put on a pair of skinny jeans today for church and didn't have roll over. (well I had my CG on so that helped too).

I'm standing pretty straight now... most of the time. Occasionally I'll catch my self bending over slightly.

I've been driving since Day 8

I gave up on the recliner after night 6 and went to the bed and propped myself up with pillows under my legs and back and that worked better for me. A tad bit harder to get out of but I just focused on being sure to get everything done before hand and have what I needed at arms reach. I also created a unique rolling method to get out of bed with little use of abs. I'm sure that was fun to watch.

Pain. I still have some pain. I'd call it minor to moderate. Its not bad. I'll take a Tylenol before bed to try and relax me and take the edge of. Its mostly nerves coming back or if I cough, or laugh. Boobs kinda feel like, at this point, when I was nursing and they were engorged a bit and I needed to nurse. Like they are full and nipples are really sensitive. They are getting less tender to the touch but still tender. I have gotten a lot of hugs today. :/

Everything is still great and very pleased with my PS!!

4 weeks post op

Ok, Major photo update.

Everything is going well for the healing process. When the steri strips came off the presence of slight dog ears was noted at the three week appointment. He said if those are still there after 3-6 months he will cut the extra skin off and smooth it out, no problem. So I have no worries about that but I did post pictures of them just to show. My BA healing still keeps me in check when I over do it. But I'm slowly able to do more and more. My tummy tuck healing still tingles. He is having me scar massage starting week four and able to start mederma or silicone strips if I choose. I don't go back in to see him until week 6.

I am very happy with the results. the more the swelling goes down the more natural and "me" they are looking. all my 36c bra's I wore towards the end of nursing fit great. I think I will probably fit even better in 34 d's. The 375cc's has been the perfect size, not too big, not too small.

One odd thing I have noticed and I think it will change with time and perhaps once I'm a loud to start wearing underwires. My fold in my breast, by the incision sticks out (forward) slightly, I think this is due to scar tissue and the implant sitting right on top of it. I posted a photo, the fold is about

Loving every Moment of it!

We are what, 7 months post op now? I couldn't be happier. I had revisions on my slight dog ears and my belly button reshaped per the doctor's wishes. Since I was going in anyway using just local anesthetic he also lipoed around my incision line just to smooth it out. All at no cost. With all the follow ups and revision surgery, I haven't had to pay an additional dime and there were no hidden fees. Plus I got a free chemical peel at my last appointment. It felt amazing.
I'm back to running. I ran my fastest 10k time in my lifetime last night. woo woo! nothing like being 31 with 3 kids and being in the best shape of my life. I feel great and my confidence in my body is off the charts. My breasts still have a slight line where the crease used to be. but its not so noticeable and I attribute the lower placement to the absolutely natural look they have! My husband Loves everything! I will post a review on the Doctor soon since I'm officially finished! I'll hopefully get some photos up too! I'm so satisfied with making the best decision for myself, my marriage, my future mental and physical well being. It such a good motivator to stay in shape!!!

1 year update

One year anniversary of one of the most nerve wracking thing I've ever done and I'm so glad I did it. My tummy tuck looks fantastic. I feel fantastic. My breasts look great and lay in that natural way that I was hoping for. Not too big, not too small. Very pleased. My only thoughts on what I would like different (will we always pick on our bodies, even when they look great?!) ....but not a big enough deal that I would ever change anything. My breasts still have that slight double bubble underneath. I'm the only one that will ever notice it though. My husband says you can barely see it and my brain is making it bigger than it is. You can't see it in bras or swimwear. The second thing is my belly button, its just scarry looking still at this point. He did a revision 6 months ago, so I'm still looking forward to seeing what it looks like once time goes by and the scar lightens more. I am so happy with the results though! I feel great, I've been working out everyday and building muscle. I'm not much of a winter runner but I try to maintain myself to get me through to spring. I am about 10 lbs over where I want to be weight wise so looking forward to continue to sculpt out my body.
Dr. Matthew J. Fox

Dr. Fox did a great Job. You can see in my review above that there are a few things I'm not 100% on. Overall though I think he was very professional and caring. Sometimes his bedside manner was hit or miss (sometimes he barely knew me, other times he was so happy to see me and I was a work of art. I'm sure he goes through a lot in a day of work, so that is understandable to me.). There were a few times where I felt like I had to remind him of Key Points I wanted him to be aware of, or things he, himself had said and was saying something totally different (about the results). He is a perfectionist though and if you are not happy, he will fix it. They have an OR in their building so I feel like they are perfectly happy to provide revisions if we are unhappy with a result. If you need beyond local anesthesia though, you will have to pay the contracted out anesthesiologist. I only needed local though for my revisions, so it was at absolutely no cost to me. The Staff and the Facility are why I recommend this office. Whether you choose Dr. Fox or one of the other two in the office. The staff is so caring and so nice!! They would answer any random question I would call in about with honesty and never made me feel like I was a bother. Having a built in OR means no surprise hospital bills, a doctor that is in complete control of all aspects of his OR, privacy, and a more personal experience. Very happy with my results. He gave the natural look I was desiring.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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