Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty and Perineoplasty - Davis, CA

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I am a 31 mother to 1 who gave birth via emergency...

I am a 31 mother to 1 who gave birth via emergency c-section. Due to being teased about a large labia, I had a labiaplasty a year after my son was born. I was somewhat confident with my labia after, so I considered it a success. Fast forward a couple years, I go through a nasty divorce and my ex constantly badgered me with comments of how "loose" my vagina was. It gave me a HUGE complex, and I never really felt all that "tight" to begin with, even having partners who sometimes lost their erection. I always wondered if pushing during labor stretched me out too as I pushed for hours and hours and then my baby became stuck...anywho, I found a doctor who I was very comfortable with. Although he said I wasn't what he considered "loose" he did feel that my pc muscles were weak and that my opening could use some work. I pushed for the Vaginoplasty as at this point in my life, I would love to be confident in the bedroom and not worry about feeling inadequate or my partners enjoyment. I also decided to revise my previous labiaplasty to even out the sides.

My surgery date

My vaginal rejuvenation (Vaginoplasty, labiaplasty and perineoplasty) was performed in office. I was giving one Ativan and was still very nervous so I was given a second one. The doctor examined me one last time, went over his anticipated plan and confirmed what I wanted. I was put into the exam room, into stirrups and then the doctor made lines for guidance. I was very nervous and was crying for the beginning majority of my surgery. My nurses were very nice in trying to calm me down and talk me through my anxiety will breathing exercises. I was just very scared and worried about the pain and final outcome and the local anesthetic injections I was about to receive. The doctor did the Vaginoplasty and perineoplasty first, then my labiaplasty. The localized injections hurt bad, prepare yourself for this and find a happy place to go to when they administer it! It takes effect quick, but it hurts very bad. I did not feel anything during the procedure. Surgery lasted about an hour and a half and I was driven to my hotel by one of the nurses. The first day was very hard, I had to walk like I had been in a saddle all day lol. I began my stool softeners a few days prior and I stayed on top of them. I also drank smooth move tea. For the first 7 days, after urination I was instructed to use a squirt bottle to clean, pat with a tucks pad and use dermablast spray after. I was also given a cu3 cream for my clitoral hood area. Bleeding was not as bad as anticipated for me, comparable to a light period. Like you may have heard, there isn't excruciating pain, more pressure than pain, imagine the feeling of trying to hold a bowling ball in your vagina, kinda like that! I was terrified for my first bowel movement as I had been on painkillers for 4 days already because I had gotten a breast lift 4 days before. It wasn't bad, I just didn't push hard and let things happen...and no tearing/pulling or pain. As the days progressed, I had good and bad ones. I felt really run down and crampy sometimes, light pressure and minimal pain others. Every once in awhile the area would just throb and feel like hell. For the first few days I was taking my painkillers every 4 hours because if I let it go longer the pain really increased. Recovery is not easy, I really could not move around much for 3 days at all. I would suggest taking at least a week off from work. I slept propped up with my legs elevated for the first few weeks following surgery. Have ice packs on hand too, things are really swollen. I was given a donut seat to help with sitting and car rides but never used it. My doctor called me the following day to see how I was and answer questions. About 2 weeks later I had the option of a phone (after emailing pictures) or in person post op visit. Since everything was fine I opted for phone. I will see him in person for my 5 week follow up next week. I will update then.

Going to 4 week post op tomorrow

Tomorrow will mark 4 weeks and 4 days and will be my post op visit. About a week ago, I was straining while having a bowel movement and felt two pops inside. It did not hurt, no blood either, but I'm sure that it was two stitches inside that popped. I can also still see stitches at the bottom of my vaginal opening, wondering if those are the Vaginoplasty or the perineoplasty stitches?? My clitoral hood looks fairly irregular and bumpy and my clit is way more exposed. Not sure if I'm happy about that. Also, it looks as if the dr may have taken off too much from my left labia as the minora is "fusing" with the majora on that side. There is also a lot of labia where the perineoplasty was done (at bottom) from what I understand this area stays swollen the longest so let's hope it goes down some. I had my first two orgasms (one with partner and one with myself, clit rubbing ONLY) and man those were the strongest orgasms ever. I think it's cuz I hadn't orgasmed in over 5 weeks! I'm a habitual masterbator lol hopefully I will have the all Clear for vaginal sex tomorrow. Can't wait to try out my new vagina. Also, I had my first period since surgery. I missed a period as I had surgery the week I was supposed to have it and my body was like nope! No more trauma! So my first period in 2 months and my first one after surgery has been very bloody and clotty. Lots and lots of clots. Biggest and most productive period I've ever had. Wonder if it's related? Anywho, I'll update after my post op.

5 week checkup

Doctor checked things out. Said I was good to resume sex in 2 weeks, heavy exercising and resume soccer next week, and clear for gentle fingerings and oral now. He said I'm healing great and fast. He asked how I felt about results and I told him about the labia minora kind of "fusing" into my majora. Because of a previous bumpy labiaplasty, he said he tried to smooth it out and get as much as the dark and bumpy skin off as he could. He acknowledged he may have simply cut too much off. I appreciated him saying that and not just putting it on my previous labiaplasty. I also said I was not happy with the amount of skin near my perineum. He again agreed with me and stated that he could have been way more aggressive in that area. He offered me to fix it with a mini perineoplasty once the area heals, about 5-6 months from original
Surgery. I will definitely follow up and do that. I spent a lot of money and a lot of recovery on this surgery and I am not happy with the current result as of yet. I feel like if more is taken from that area I will be much more pleased. The way I look now is a vast improvement from my original look. So, I still have to experience Sex! Two weeks to go and I will update. I stuck a finger inside and I got to admit I was expecting it to hurt and be very tight. It neither hurt or felt all that tight. I'm really hoping that I feel a difference during sex. I did not have a vaginal birth, but have never gripped my partners super tight, despite doing kegals...I just really hope all this time and money isn't wasted on a surgery I'm not happy with. Lastly, my dr sent me away with a pelvic flow exerciser, I told the ladies at the front but apparently I received the wrong one and I didn't realize there was more than one. The office is about 1.5 hours (no traffic) so I won't be returning just for the device. There's an app that in using for my kegals. Dr said it was very important to keep up with the kegals!! I'll update with new picture soon.

8 weeks post op

Soooo, completely done healing. I had sex near the 6 week mark. It was pretty uncomfortable. I thought I was going to be feeling very tight and very filled, but instead it felt tight in a way that a wound was being opened. I was definitely aware of the "tightness" but not sure if that was due to the pain of still healing. Now, a couple weeks later, sex has returned to feeling normal (not hurting). I guess I can feel somewhat of an increase in tightness but it is not by any means a huge difference. If I knew my outcome was going to be like this, not sure if it was worth the pain or the money. I was really expecting to feel things much much tighter, and have only noticed just a slight feeling of being tighter, if that. I am still keeping up with kegals multiple times a day, and almost daily. I didn't tell my partner prior to surgery, and the fact that he didn't notice or mention anything about me feeling tighter makes me feel like this surgery was a failure. I'm thinking that since I did not have a vaginal delivery, my doctor was a bit too conservative. Maybe he thought he was going to make me too tight. I still have one more follow up, so I will address this with the doctor when the time comes.
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