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After multiple kids I wanted to get a revamp of the...

After multiple kids I wanted to get a revamp of the female area for a very long time! I had previously had labiaplasty with another Dr. in Dublin, who I would not recommend. I did my homework and found one of the best doctors out there and I encourage all of you to do the same. Dr. Goodman spent so much time with me and explained everything I would need in detail. The staff is amazing and I don't feel like a patient! They all know me by name and it was a great experience. I will give updates on the overall procedure and healing time. Prior to surgery I encourage you to start stool softener sand stock your fridge with Gatorade, water, Greengodess, Popsicles and ice packs! Make sure you also have pads, tucks wipes and different size maxi pads. I also got small plastic bags to keep things tidy in the bathroom. Have Lysol wipes and spray ready to keep your bathroom extremely clean! 
The day of the surgery, eat about an hour before but nothing too heavy. I had a chicken salad and it was perfect because the surgery lasted a long time and I can't imagine having something too heavy. Dr. Goodman did the surgery under a local anesthesia which I LOVED and I was awake for all of it getting a play by play of what was going on. I was comfortable and it really did not hurt that much. We did the Femilift first which just felt like heated rubberband snapping but was not painful. The part that hurt A LOT was the numbing in the anus area! WOW! Be prepared for this but it is quick! Very quick! Thank goodness. I was able to get up and walk after the surgery and wasn't in a lot of pain. I made sure to take all my medications as described and was basically dealing with tolerable pain and soreness until about day 3! OMG day 3 was awful! But not from the procedure but from the constipation associated with the pain meds. I actually stopped taking the pain meds day 2 but it was already too late. The pain from the constipation was miserable. That is why I said start stool softener before surgery, drink smooth move tea and eat prunes!! Don't skip this step! The pressure from the constipation made the surgery site hurt more. I spent day 3-5 in pain and basically laying around icing my vaginal area almost 24/7. Have multiple ice packs. Day 6 was finally a breakthrough, I felt so much better and I could get up and move around but take at least a week off work and have someone there to take care of the kids. You cannot continue with your daily routine, it will only make the pain worse. Overall, the procedure didn't hurt and the healing was bearable. It's the constipation that made it horrible for me. Today I had my one week appt and everything looks great! I am so happy with the result and I don't even recognize myself down there! It's a complete transformation. Luckily, I had very little bleeding and not much discharge at all. Just remember you will be very tired and rest, rest, rest. I am still sore but I can do my normal routine now just no lifting, exercising, swimming, sex, etc. I can go for short walks and cook dinner. I can sit comfortable and drive. Standing for long periods are rough but I always take breaks to rest. I am so happy I did this!!! I hated what I looked like down there. After multiple kids, it was a train wreck. It has already helped boost my self confidence and I look forward to my new and upcoming sex life!! My husband doesn't care either way and has been very supportive through everything. He's just upset he can't have sex for 8 weeks! Yes! 8 weeks! I am keep you all updated weekly on how things are going and ask my doctor for some pictures. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the procedure or Dr. Goodman. 

Week 2!!

Well I have to say day 9 was rough. I was doing well and then I felt a lot of pain after working all day and starting back in my regular routine. I had a lot of pressure and soreness and had to ice again just to fall asleep. I began taking 400-600mg of Motrin 2x per day just to get through the day. Slight constipation came back at day 11 and then diarrhea for two days but I am sure that is due to all the smooth move tea and liquids. Feeling a lot better today but I will tell everyone to take 2 weeks off, not 1. Your body just isn't ready to go back to the grind. This is also my first few days of discharge and there is quite a bit so you will need to wear panty liners 24/7. I had the discharge checked by Dr. Goodman and he said it was normal. Just make sure it doesn't smell and isn't yeasty. Sitz baths are a godsend!! Also go out and buy gentle cleansing soap! Washing burns! Especially with soap w fragrances. The baths have really helped out a lot. Wiping after a bowel movement is pretty painful so get the flushable wet wipes because it makes such a difference. I also line my pad with two tucks wipes and this gives some soothing relief. Today is the end of week 2 and I am finally walking normal for the most part. Sitting in the same position for a long time is bad and so is standing for long periods of time. I have been taking walks every day and this has seemed to help me feel less lethargic. I still haven't gone back to eating normal because the stomach issues but it's getting better. Passing gas even hurts sometimes. I still love the results and don't regret the procedure at all!!

Had my first period!

Had major cramping the night before last! I hadn't had cramps like that in a long time and lower back pain. Now the worst period I have had in a long time but it is finally slowing down. Super bright red blood and pretty heavy. A bit rough especially since I still have pain from the surgery so I highly recommend scheduling your surgery for right after your period ends so you have some time before your next period. Just a thought for those thinking of getting this surgery. Everything is still good and feeling more energetic each day. Still absolutely no desire for anything intimate AT ALL!!! Which depresses my husband but I am in healing mode. At week three, oral sex is allowed but the mood is definitely not there yet.

Absolutely Amazing! Dr. Goodman is such a wonderful doctor, very professional and extremely talented. Dr. Goodman spent so much time explaining what was available for me and my situation and what he recommended. I felt comfortable at all times and he has an incredible bedside manner. I can't sing his praises enough and he is always available anytime you may need him.

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