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So after much debate with myself I finally went to...

So after much debate with myself I finally went to see a dr. back in Jan '16. I went into the appt. thinking I only needed a lift but Dr. Brewer suggested i go with implants as well to achieve the look I wanted. The biggest I ever got was 150 lbs. and had DD or DDD boobs, I would like to try to get that back, but now i'm a very small C.
I'm scheduled to have my procedure BA/BL on Dec. 5, I'm getting so excited and at times I get a little nervous. So we'll see :-)

Tomorrow Is THE day

I'm so excited for tomorrow, but I have to say that I'm really nervous. Thankfully I'm the first case, we need to be there at 6:30 am, so at least we it's getting close. I think that I have jitters because I'm suppose to be on my period sometime this week. AHHHH!!
Well anyways, I hope I can upload some before and afters tomorrow. Hope everyone out there going through their procedure soon is doing well.

It's done :-)

Wooohoooo! Done, what a sigh of relief. My surgery occured at 7:30 am and I've been told it took about 3hrs all I remember is getting rolled into the OR and moving over to the table, then waking up in a fetal position (lol) in post-op. All my nurses along the way were super sweet and helpful.

My loving and supportive husband helped me get dressed and into the car. My awesome parents also had carpooled with us and we all drove back home. I don't remember the car ride, it felt as we got home in 2 minutes when it's actually a 20 min car ride.

Let me back track...So when I arrived in the surgery center they had me sign and date some stuff and it moved pretty fast after that . They took me into pre-op and then asked some more q's and then gave an an IV with bendryl and and antibiotics. Dr. Brewer came in did his markings on me and soon after they rolled me back to OR.

Now we've been home but I've been sleeping on the recliner (which I highly recommend) with some pillows under both my arms. I took 1 percocet and antibiotic with some soup and all natural juice (beets, pineapple, and spinach). My pain level was starting to go up from a 5 to a 7 and my back and shoulders were starting to hurt. We'll see how tonight goes, but hopefully the percocet will help.

Oh yeah, for the important deets: on my left side, which was my small side, my husband said there's a 435 cc under the muscle. On my right side, which was a bit bigger there's 255cc under the muscle. Now it's all about the waiting game.

One day post-op

So far so good, I'm super excited to have done the procedure. Can't wait to see what they will finally look like.
The pain level has been around a 3 and it can go as high as an 8. It feels as if I had a really good chest and back work out. My arms pretty much stay to my sides, except when i eat and brush my teeth.
Hope everyone out there is doing well.

5 days since

So glad to be off all the pain meds, feels like i can think a little clearer. Pain isn't bad, now i think it's getting use to these new bad boys, lol. I have been sleeping on a recliner since the day of surgery, really helpful, but I think tonight I'm ready for my bed.

There's still a lot of bruising but in a couple of days I'll have my follow up appt and hopefully he'll take off the gauze so we can see what the nips look like.

2 Weeks

It's been a while since I've been on because there isn't anything new going on. So far so good. Compared to my original boobs I really like my new boobs. I did think they were going to be a bit bigger, probably have to wait and see. Still haven't tried on any regular bras. Just using sports bras with no underwire.

I ordered some silicone patches for the scars. Which says you can put them on once the wounds are healed. Meaning no oozing or opened wound. My doctor recommended these called New Gel +. But eeesshh, it was pricey about $200. Got 2 pairs and the NewGel+ gel and ordered it from the website. My doctor did say that for it to work you gave to commit.
So ended up ordering one set clear and one set beige. We'll see how this goes.
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