FUT Transplant - 36 Year Old - 2237 Grafts - Davie, FL

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Went back to school to better myself and decided...

Went back to school to better myself and decided that I should better my physical appearance too - for more confidence when I graduate. As a student, I have limited funds, so I looked at many places. They all seemed like they would do a good job - but they were all $6 per graft or more (many having additional charges that were in the fine print). I checked internationally, but I had a little fear of travelling so far for a procedure. I then found Aesthetics Surgery Center / Hair Transplant Hair Restoration Center in Davie Florida. They charged $3 per graft with no extra fees, but at the time - they also had a deal if I booked that month for $1.75 per graft. I was able to get 2000 grafts for $3500, then they gave me 237 extra for free because I paid in cash.
They were very professional, very quick (I was done in 5 hours), and very helpful - they gave me all my prescriptions free and helped me get cabs and my hotel. The suture in the donor area hurt a lot on day 2 (24 hours after), for my 5.5 hour flight back (which was not fun), but the top just itches a little. It is now 48 hours after, I am feeling a lot better but it really itches. It also looks kinda horrifying, and I can't wash it for another day. I will post more photos later.

3rd day

Third day after, some swelling, but not bad - going to wash for first time later today. Doc told me to not touch it at all for 3 days, no washing or water. It itches, I can't wait to wash it. He said to use a cup of warm water with shampoo in it and pour it over my head, then use cool water to rinse a few times - but no running water, just the cup. Swelling is minor and my hat completely covers any swelling. I will post another in a couple days.

14 Days - Looking better

After 14 days, I was allowed to finally wash my head and hair the regular way - and not with a cup of water and no shower spray. I was told I could scrub lightly and not worry about damaging the results anymore. Most of the scabs came out after the 2nd wash (I cheated and washed lightly on the 13th day). It felt good to be rid of them, it was really itchy. Quite a few hairs fell out, but they said to expect that. The donor area is finally healing up too. It was quite swollen, tight, and painful for 2 weeks. There are some scabs there and a little itching, but I can sleep on a pillow again (I used an airplane pillow for about 12 days) and it doesn't really hurt anymore. My head looks a bit awkward, I am thankful that I can get away with wearing a hat at work and school. I do have some upcoming things that I won't be able to have my head covered for, but I intend on getting a haircut before then to match it all up. I know that the next couple months will be a transformation and I will have to just suck it up that I am going to look a little weird until its over.

25 Days - Haircut, Stiches out, Still looks strange

Got my stiches out and a haircut at 23 days. Then I snapped this pic 2 days later. The skin looks a little weird (almost like a burn) and the hairs in it look obvious, but I am comfortable enough in some settings to go without a hat. I can't wait until it heals and starts growing in.

2 Months - Slow progress

It has been 2 months since my procedure. I can see some growth, but it isn't a lot (they told me it wouldn't really start until 3 months). There are some ingrown hairs, bumps, and scabs - it is not fun - but that is a good sign from what I am told - that the new hairs are trying to poke through. I will post again once I have some real progress. Side note - my head in the recipient area looks weird a little still, like discolored and uneven. If it wasn't, I would be more comfortable in public, but it has an unnatural look.

Before Pics

I removed some of the old before pics - for privacy - here are some from a few days before and a about 6 months b4.

3 Months

I feel like I have had a little progress since my last update. I am having less ingrown hairs and my scalps has returned to a normal color and settled down. I still get a couple little white heads here and there, but they are minor and easy to take care of. I am thinking they will be almost nonexistent soon. I know the pics make it look like there is not much progress, but I can see it ( I think ). *think positive thoughts* right?

4 months - some progress

Hairs are growing in now, but it is still kind of awkward. It looks a little weird. There are awkward phases and some that are better, this is not my favorite - but I feel like in a month or so I might have a lot more and it will look better.

Month 5 - Slow progress, expected a bit more by this month.

I was told by many people that have done this and my doctors that I would have a lot more growing by the 5th month. I guess I am a little impatient, I wanted to look a little more normal by now. I probably should have saved a little longer and got more follicles too I guess.
Dr Haber

Very nice and quick. Talked me through the whole procedure.

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