29 Years Old, Mommy of 2 I Have my Surgery on Tuesday the 29th - Davenport, IA

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I went to see my doctor today and we argued on 400...

I went to see my doctor today and we argued on 400 CC's. I'm really looking forward to surgery . I'm currently a 34A and hoping to become a 34 full C. I was also able to see in person some of the woman he's worked on and they were very friendly and allowed me to ask lots of questions and touch their boobs.

I'm do you sleep

I'm just under 48 hours away from my big day and I'm having a had time sleeping the excitement is keeping me up. Ant tips would really help. Also I was given Alprazolam that I'll bring with me the day of surgery will this also help with pain after?


I slept well last night after my sleeping aid kicked in. Now I'm at work and all I can think about is this time Wednesday I'll be standing in this same line getting food but I'll have BOOBS lol

Today is the day!!!!! YAY

In 2.5hrs I'll be under the blade. So excited. I'm sitting at my desk just watching the clock. I took a few before pictures last night I'll post one today.

It's time

Ok ladies I'm heading to shower and get surgery started. I'll post again later tonight. Off to boob land ????????????????????

Day 1

I feele like I've been hit by only in kit eighty by a Mac truck

I'm all done and in pain

These pain meds make me super tired

Day 1 post opt

I'm super tired today so looks like I'll be taking another day off work.

Not even 24 hrs yet

Um feeling much better I can wait to wake up and shower

Help needed

When I take a deep breath my right side hurts so bad. I see my doctor today but not until 11. Should I use and ice pack or something?

Day 3

It's now 1:12am and I feel great I've been icing the past 6 hours which helped so much. It deal like my right boob has dropped lower so I should ok good by Monday.

1 week post op

My pain is finally starting to fade away. I'm still sore it just not as bad. My left breast is perfect! The right one looks like kinda weird only because it's taking longer to drop I guess. I'm really looking forward to next week know I'll have even less pain and maybe I can even get good sleep. Speaking of sleep: I've been sleeping sitting il because it's do painful to move around and find a comfortable position. I will see the doctor tomorrow afternoon.
Oh also I made the mistake of wearing a bra to work yesterday because I didn't want to be at work all day workout a bra. Yeah that was a really BAD idea my ribs were so sore and I was having a sharp pain under my arms.

Dr. Yates is great he is also an OBGYN his bedside manner is amazing he's really easy to talk to and listens to everything you have to say and his nurses are ALWAYS able to answer questions.

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