Lipo to Abdomen, Hips, Flanks, Inner & Outer Thighs - Dartmouth, MA

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I am 9 weeks Post op from Lipo to the abdomen,...

I am 9 weeks Post op from Lipo to the abdomen, hips, flanks, inner and outer thighs. The lipo was phase 1 of my upcoming tummy tuck. My Doctor did not want to do lipo and tummy tuck at the same time because he feels it is to much trauma to the body. We also felt I would get better results doing the lipo first.

I am VERY happy we decided to do the surgeries seperate. The surgery went well, I was not really in pain when i woke up, but boy was I sick - the anestesia kicked my but. The first day was hell due to the sickness, I was throwing up until about 2am, and I was taking nausia meds every 4 hours, they even gave me a suppository for nausia in the recovery room and that did not help. So, the next day i felt a lot better, I was able to get up and around the house. I did not take the pain med's prescribed, I took extra strength Tylenol only. I expected the pain to be a lot worse than it was. I had a lot of bruising and swelling but my compression garment helped keep the swelling down.

The first time I took a shower I did get faint - which I was unaware that was going to happen, It was scary but I got through the shower without passing out and then got back in bed for the day - it took a lot out of me. And putting the garment on was hard the first few times. I wore the garment for 7 weeks faithfully, the only time i took it off was to shower. I had 2 of them so I would switch every day and wash the other.

I am very happy with my results so far, I do still have some swelling in the hip area. My Tummy tuck is scheduled for 6/2/10 and I will be 10 weeks post op from the lipo at that point. Only 1 week to go - I am so excited.

I wish I knew about this website sooner, I would have been able to write a more detailed review. I will post before and after photos as soon as my dr emails me the before's. I did not take any pictures during the healing process - since i did not know about this website, i will with the tummy tuck, I have found this website very helpful.

Dr Fox

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