I Want my Breast Implants Out! (21 Yrs. Old, Implants Since 2,5 Yrs.) - Darmstadt, DE

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Hey everyone! I'm Svenja, 21 years old, from...

Hey everyone! I'm Svenja, 21 years old, from germany - so please excuse my bad english, I will try my best! :)
I got my implants in spring 2013, with 19. My biggest wish ever was it to have big boobs - I tought big boobs give me self-confidence, attention, love and a lucky life. I tought you have to be a big boob Woman to be a REAL woman. But in this time I hated myself, not my breast - I tried to compensate my insecurities with bigger boobs. The truth is, the implants gave my depress and sickness.

since I have the implants, I am confused all the time. I can not concentrate and have 24/7 brain fog. I went to so many doctors and nobody could help me, no one could tell me why I am feeling so sick and weird. Everybody said it was only in my head and no one took me seriously. I'm so desperate and want my old life back, before I got the implants. I do not know if my symptoms go away after explantation, but it's my last hope. I miss my real breasts, my real body and my natural self. My appointment with my surgeon is at the 16th Juni and I want the implants out in this summer. It is the same doctor who has the implants put in. I am very excited

A hard decision for me...

I can not lie - I like the way my boobs look now. I I feel comfortable in a bikini and like what I see in the mirror. I feel sexy and attraciv. I think I will miss my bigger boobs from time to time when my implants are out.
But these foreign objects only look good from a distance - they feel hard and unnatural.. My own breast was warm, soft and cute. My implants are hart, cold and don't movable. You can feel the implants cleary when you touch my boobs altough they are submuscular. It's a decision between look good and feel good - but my health is the most important thing in my life, because of this the implants have to go.


In most positions the placement of my nipples are very weird. This is so unnatural and just look wrong.

OP is planned for next week

My OP date is the 22th Juni and I can't believe I get my implants out this soon. I lived almost 3 years with the implants and I can't believe my boobs are small again in a few days. But somehow I'm relaxed.. I was very excited before I had my breast agumentation done. But now, a few day pre explantation I am relaxed - I don't know why.. Maybe 'cause it is the right decision, maybe 'cause I can't believe it yet, maybe 'cause my whole life is feeling so unreal and like a haze since I have my implants. Since I have my implants, it feels like I have less feelings.. My head feels so empty sometimes, everthing is so foggy and unclear.

Surgery date getting closer

Tomorrow will be the last day with my breast implants - That's so Crazy.. The breast agumentation was my biggest wish and now I look forward to get the Implants out. My surgeon made a really good job in 2013, I really like the result. But it's time to say goodbye to the implants and say hello to my real boobs. I hope I don't regret my decision to remove my implants.

The implants are out!


I am so happy with the result! My surgeon could almost remove the whole capsule, only a very very small rest remains on my ribs and that's so great.

My breast looks a little bit smaller than before my agumentation in 2013 but my surgeon said maybe a little bit of my volume come back with time.

Finally free!

Little update

It's such a wonderful feeling to be in peace with your body and your own, natural breast. I woke up from my anesthesia and I was immediately happy. The step to remove the implants took a lot of courage but it was worth it!

Side views of my breasts

One week post-surgery

Hello everyone!
I wanna give you a little update.
My breast looks great (the wrinkles that you can see on the pictures are from the tight sports-bra)
Since my explantation my breast tissue gets firmer everyday. My right breast are a little bit smaller than my left one but that is okay, that's human.
I don't regret my breast agumentation.. It was a experience for me and I also had good days with the implants. But now I am happy to be without my implants and I feel so good in my own body, natural body. Small boobs are'nt less womanly than big boobs - because I am a woman and yes, I have small boobs - that's pretty ok!

8 months pre explantation

Hello everyone! :)
My last post was a few months ago and I want to tell you how I feel now. Sometimes I really miss my bigger boobs. After all I still think big boobs are pretty but I realize I cant have anything. Somebody have big boobs and somebody have small boobs. Its pretty ok, all body types are normal and I have to love me as I am. On some days I'm confident with my small breast but on other days I doesn't like them. But I have never wanted my implants back! I think every woman can learn to accept her own body and should learn to love herself, no matter how small or big her boobs are. I'm more than my physical body. (Hope my english isn't to bad, I haven't spoken english for a while.)
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