35 Year Old, Deflated C Cup, Minor Ptosis, 560cc Allergan Natrelle 410FX, No Lift. Darlinghurst, AU

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Hi team! I've decided to share my BA journey here...

Hi team! I've decided to share my BA journey here as I've found it difficult to find similar stats for my own research. Hopefully I'll help someone out there who's considering the same journey!

I'm 35, no kids, 5'8", 65kg. Used to be 75kg. Breasts have deflated over time and, due to my hippy ways, have sagged mildly. I've considered a BA for years. After three separate consults last year I have booked in with Dr Liew in Darlinghurst, NSW.

I will be trusting Dr Liew to make the right call for me on the day. He will decide between 495-560cc Allergan Natrelle 410FX. I have a long body, so I should get some upper pole fullness (where I currently just have visible breast bone) and the cohesive gel placed dual plane will pendulum my nipple out and up to correct the ptosis (nipple currently at the crease line).

I'll post some before shots and wish boobs very soon, but feel free to comment or ask questions ahead of time! I'll review my surgeon as we go also (he's awesome!).

Choosing my surgeon - Sydney, Australia

Hi :-) As mentioned in my previous post, I went to three separate surgical consults. I was originally lured by the cheaper augmentation offered by a local clinic that performs surgery under twilight sedation, however my initial photos were assessed as indicating a possible need for a lift with my BA.

As a lift is a much more complex and invasive surgery, I decided to invest in three separate consults. Now, anyone wondering why you have to pay for a consult only... let's just say that I personally have more faith in a surgeon who's time is truly valuable, than one that needs to give his time away to get work through the door!

I won't be naming my other two surgeons, as my opinion is subjective. Briefly, my first surgeon didn't even stay in the room whilst his assistant did my sizing. What the?!... When I told him I was considering waiting till summer was over before booking in, as I didn't want to ruin my summer with swollen breasts that were months away from settling, he looked me in the eye and assured me they'd be absolutely fine within 4 weeks. Hmmmm.... so no, I decided against the surgeon who was clearly trying to bolster his profit margin early. His offuce followed up twice with me after to see if I had made my mind up. Recommended 470cc Allergan Natrelle 410, no lift.

2nd surgeon was very professional, but I didn't feel a personal connection with him. He was too clinical, and again I felt more like a profit opportunity than a person. Recommended 470cc Allergan Natrelle 410, with very slight lollipop lift.

Note here - I had similar recommendations from all docs as I was able to very clearly verbalise my desired goals and what I consider an attractive shape.

I saw Dr Liew last as he had done the surgery for a friend who recommended him highly. Dr Liew listened carefully and discussed my options for the most pleasing aesthetic according to my ideal. He suggested a lift would be beneficial but, as I prefer to go a little larger, he could avoid the lift with a dual plane placement. He was also clear that I may need a revision sooner than others as I would eventually need a lift. We discussed my size options and whether I'd be comfortable leaving the final decision in his hands on the day. We decided on two different sizes. On BDay (as I think of it) he will make the incision, place sizers in, sit me up (whilst under a general) and try the next size up if it will improve the aesthetic look of my breast. This focus away from size was impressive to me. It indicated that Dr Liew would aim to give me what I want, but has an artistic desire to have the freedom to give me what I need for the best look. That sealed the deal for me on my choice.

Further to this, after paying my deposit (of course!) the Shape Clinic staff, and Dr Liew himself in an additional consult, have spent time via email, phone, and face to face addressing my concerns and questions that I came up with post consult. I haven't had additional charges for this, as the emotional and mental comfort of Shape Clinic's patients is important to them.

Current and wish breasts

5 weeks to go!!

Starting to get VERY excited now. The planner in me wants to start sorting meds into pill boxes and practice sleeping on my daybed, which is going to be perfect for my first week or so while my pockets adhere properly.

Does anyone else out there have a compulsively organised approach? What are you doing? Anything you wished you hadn't bothered doing?

3 weeks out

I feel like I'm consciously fine with the change that's about to happen to my body, but it would seem my unconscious mind is not so sure! I've started having nightmares about the surgery. Last night's entertainment featured me drinking my own blood from my drain tubes. Awesome. I don't even know if I'll HAVE drains!

It's definitely becoming more "real". I've got my finance sorted and will be settling my bill shortly. Pre surgical consult is next Tuesday. I've ditched the nurofen and asprin from my handbag.

Holidays soon. Two weeks off. And I happen to be starting a new job mid April, so they won't know the difference! :-)

One day pre op!

Had my final pre op consult last week and I've discussed going slightly larger with Dr Liew. He measured me up and there is a risk the next size implant (615 Allergan 410 FX) will be slightly too long for my chest and could result in the implant extending below the crease line, meaning it would be slightly visible and felt. This is NOT what I want. Dr Liew is going to order both the 560 and the 615 and put in the largest that will fit properly - making the call on the day.

Beyond that, I'm fully prepared. Housework all done, a freezer full of frozen meals, meds picked up, wonderful friend taking 2 days off to pick me up / make sure I'm breathing etc ;-) Pillows sorted, two streaming services set up for tv content... sorted!!

I've attached my sizer photos for you guys :-)

2 hrs post op

AMAZING surgical team! Discomfort but no pain and not groggy. Taken pain meds to stay ahead of it. More pics as we go but so far looking good.

Converted daybed

Converted my daybed: 2 body pillows down the side, cushion for smaller back, tri pillow for upperback / head, firm pillow to elevate knees, cover with sheet and blanket. VERY comfy sleep with zero back pain.

First pics

Pretty zonked at the moment, but wanted to get my first pics up :-) Looking very high but not bad. Over the months the swelling at the top will soften to a slope and the lower half will fill and round out.

Slight asymmetry per former shape, which is to be expected without the lift. Happy so far!

Day 3 & all the details

Ok, so I'm into day 3 post surgery. All going very well bar an exceedingly sensitive right nipple - feels like its got a cold burn if there's cloth touching it.

Day of surgery went very smoothly. Dr Liew kept things light whilst marking me up and reassured me that the approach (560g Allergan 410 FX dual plane) was definitely the right decision. My anesthesiologist came and had a brief consult, noting my tendency to nausea post general. She was lovely! Definitely set me at ease. 5 minutes later I was chatting to her about how odd it was going to be to just wake up in a second with ..... then I woke up! Hahaha! Bada bing bada boom. Boobs! Took about 30 mins to come around from the general. Absolutely no nausea - that woman is a genius! Completely clear headed by the time I got home - recovered almost 2 hours earlier than expected. Felt fine and even made myself a cup of tea.... word of warning here, people - I felt fine because I was still full of surgery drugs. I should have taken it easy and I'm very lucky I didn't bust an internal stitch!

Next day I woke up feeling great (meds taken regularly to stay ahead of pain). My care buddy was with me all day. Went to brunch, then post op appointment. Then I unwisely decided to hit the shop in search of a zip up crop. By the time I got home I had completely hit the wall. Again - over doing it is NOT SMART! Yesterday I had another friend keep me company for the day, but I wisely (for once) slept and rested most of the day. Much the same today. Not feeling too tight and some areas, like just next to my armpit, are soft already.

As with other people, no bowel movements - completely beyond me that I haven't exploded. I'm not even uncomfortable, despite eating lots of healthy food / drinking lots of water / taking senna laxatives. Soon.... ;-)

Updated pics attached. Hit me with questions, but so far I think I'm having a pretty easy ride - thanks in no small part to my surgical team, support network, and breasts that clearly agree with the path I'm taking them on! Xx

Sports crop

I ALWAYS wore a bra under this crop pre BA. Now I can wear it without! Just carefully trying on before getting back into my surgical bra ;-)

10 days in - temp bras to check things out!

Hi everyone!! Coming along very nicely here. Shape settling beautifully. For the most part I'm wearing supportive sports bras per my instructions, but couldn't resist buying a couple of lace bras to check out the effect I'm starting to come to. The lace bras (for the Aussie readers) are just $10 - $15 each at CottonOn Body. Post surgical bra by far still the most comfortable though and I'm sticking with it at home. Support bras do come with thinner straps with a convertible hook for anyone looking. Soooo... naked pics first, then bras, then awesome side boob which I hope to goodness stays as i heal - love it!

Again - Allergan Natrelle 410s, 560g, dual plane placement for the "heavy" natural look.

2 weeks (just over)

Healing nicely. Full range of motion. Nipples sitting about where I'd expect without a lift and I think I'm developing the "full, heavy, natural" look I'm after. They look GREAT in clothes and I'm sticking with surgical bra for sleep.

Looking forward to slightly more settling from top to bottom - loving the side boob!

Scars healing nicely and silicone strips definitely helping with smoothing them down.

Comments and questions welcome xxx

8 week update!

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay - I've been a busy bee with a new job. So I'm 8 weeks out now and it's been an interesting ride. They've largely settled into how they will be - with textured anatomicals they don't change a whole lot once they're healed. Weeks 2-5 had me making several calls to the clinic to check that what I was feeling was "normal". They healed at slightly different rates due to my use of my right side vs my left, so I was often worried that one or the other felt odd, even though I had nothing to compare to! Use the forum here, girls - it was very helpful to be part of a group having surgery at the same time with everyone experiencing similar things. The last couple of weeks I've been slowly adjusting back to side sleeping (such a relief!), working out the clothes thing, getting fitted for bras - 10G!!! I'm hoping a 14E will fit so I can find some sexy options. The 10G in the pics is a very supportive fit and works really well under clothes. I'll buy more at the 3 month mark once my body has adjusted to accommodate them more. I have a small patch on the bottom of each breast that has gone numb. I'm using touch techniques to retrain the nerves. My nipples have slightly increased sensitivity. They feel AMAZING! I had some tissue to cover the implant so I can't comment on how they'd feel for someone else, but I actually can't feel the implant unless I really try with some positions. I had read so many reviews of 410s feeling tight or hard - this is not the case for me at all. I had very soft tissue before, so I now feel like I have firm breasts in a youthful way - they give very easily under the hand. Nice "squish" factor ;-) Off to Bali in three weeks, so I'll be sure to post my first bikini pics after. Hit me up with any questions.
Darlinghurst Plastic Surgeon

Dr Liew and the team at Shape Clinic offered a 5 star service from end to end. At no stage did I feel like I was a pay cheque - I always felt like an individual who was being listened to. I would recommend Dr Liew and his clinic for two primary reasons... Firstly, that Dr Liew was able to understand my vision for myself and gave me exactly what I wanted; and second, after spending a few months reading online reviews and generally scaring myself silly, he took the time in a face to face consult - at no extra charge - to address each of my concerns. I went into my surgery feeling completely at ease. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me privately.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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