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For the past 5 years of my life i've been...

For the past 5 years of my life i've been considering BA for my 34 A breast size. I have been this breast size for the past 13 years of my life, It does not matter if I gain or loose weight my breast size seemed to stay the same. I have started going to consultations this summer and so far have seen 2 different surgerons. The thing that seems to be holding me back is the amount of money BA cost around my area with varies from $7500- $10000, and that is a lot, to invest on my self, I mean I did pay $8000 for eye lassie surgery and it was worth it completely as I now see perfect 20/15 and that was 4 years ago! Both of my cousins who where also flat chested as me have done BA and they tell me to just do it, that time is short, and to do it now while Im young and living life, I do get it and I'm so tempted but it is a lot of money, and right now I live with my boyfriend, I have bills to pay and before with my Lasik surgery I was living at home and had no real responsibilities than pay off my cell and my Care Credit bill 2x a month. I have been doing my research lately and writing down a few names of surgeon that I will hopefully be able to consult with around my area. That is another thing I want to find a surgeon close to home where I don't have to drive for more than a hr at a time to go to my post-op appt. Especially when my boyfriend is working, and my mother who lives 4 minute drive away is working and is not all about driving places (altho I know she will do it for me) Is just a burden, Im very indepepndednt and hate asking people for favors. So I want something that is close to home.

So what am I looking for: I want to get silicone implants my cousin had hers done and they feel and look amazing!! I want to achieve a Full C maybe 325-350 CCs under the muscle. I want a moderate profile, since I do want a natural look. I do not want something that would get in the way of physical activities, and I do not want something that is going to make me look fat. I am pretty curvy as I am Latina woman, I'm 5'3 and I fluctuate between 141-145 lbs. I have thick thighs and legs and a booty, so I just want to fill in my top to look better in clothes and not feel so uncomfortable and self conscious when Im wearing tops that are supposed to show some cleavage, or even a regular shirt where I can't differentiate my breast form my stomach.

I will be trying to get a few consults planned for this month since I do want to try to get my BA before or on my Birthday, I know it sounds horrible but my birthday falls during a holiday and I only have 2 weeks saved off at work so the fact that it is around a holiday plus the weekend time would be more time to stay at home and have a good recovery. Ill be updating you as too how my consults have gone, and who I have met up with. It is also a bit hard to get consult as I work full time and go to school Full time, even on Saturdays. I have to find a perfect surgeon because as of right now I don't think I have. Good luck to all you ladies who are having or will be having a BA!

More pictures

Feeling excited spoke to my cousin who has had a BA A little over a year ago and shes going back to Georgia, she told me to go with her to visit her sister and check out her plastic surgeron.

BA Update

Okay so after speaking to my Cousin on sunday I've been extra excited. I understand that I have not met up with the surgeon, I have read many reviews and questions answered by him through this website. My cousin had BA surgery with him almost 2 years ago, and she said that everyone was so great, and her results are amazing, and feel so great.. I've touched her boobs!! After catching up with her since she's doing her residency, she told me that she will be visiting her sister in South Carolina and that I should travel with her where I can set up a consult with her Surgeon and possibly set up a BA with him. I thought this is amazing, I can go to someone who has been recommended by a family member, and I will be staying comfortably at my cousins house, and I will have people who can help me out when I need help during the first few days of my BA. Once again I've been reading on the surgeon and the practice, and Looked at some pictures and from every surgeon in the practice the results seem amazing. I am not giving any names yet just because I do not know if I am going to book this surgery or If i will be having my BA with this particular doctor, or facility. So today my cousin texted me back and told me that she will be heading there the last week of march, and from April 1st-5th she will be in Georgia and not South Carolina. So now I don't even know how I'll be booking a consult and BA when I go there since were not going to be going to Savanna, GA until after the 5th , and I can only request 2 weeks, is just not enough time for me to be vacationing and then have surgery and one week of recovering to then come back to work. So i've told my cousin to give me a call so we can figure some things out, maybe I can travel before her and go toy consultation and book the surgery and stay in a hotel, but then ill be all by myself, then when she's on her way back to South Carolina Ill catch a ride back up with my cousins. I just don't want to spend my time off I want to use it to be able to heal and get better before coming back to work. I want to do it right!

Surgery has been booked!!!

Ahhh too excited met up with my 3rd plastic surgeon!!! Ive been researching for a while and had written a list of surgeons close to my area westchester, whiteplains,Fairfield ect. I called most of the list of doctors to set up consults. So I set up 2 consults and I have done 2 previously by the end of last summer, ill write the name and prices of the plastic surgeons I saw in another review.

So I met up with my now to be surgeon Dr.Farella he practices in Mount Kisco / white plains. It was busy in the office, I waited about 20 minutes before I was seen but it was worth it, Dr. farella measure my breast and examined them he spoke to me about sizes and inscicions and implant placement and why he recommends that he told me I had a nice amount of breasttissue where i wont feel the implant too much and that I had a nice rack that would look great once I get an augmentation. We also spoke about the complications, risks of surgery, then implant sizes. I told him I want something natural to my body shape nothing too big that would make me look heavier, and that I wanted silicone Implants. He told me about implant maintenance and how I should have an MRI every 2 years to check for ruptures and how I should inform radiologist that I have implants during mammograms. He even walked me through his OR and recovery room. I felt very comfortable with him and felt like he answered all of my questions and even gave me more information that I did not even get from the previous surgeons I consulted with. So I go back for a sizing and prescriptions on april 3rd and surgery is for April10th yayy cant wait!!

28 Days!

22 Days too long!

Hi Guys! So just doing a quick update. -22 days before surgery! Gee time is going by sooo slooowww! Is like Im never getting my boobies. Anyways I was able to get my time off as sick time at work so I would not be using my vacation time, YAY! So I requested a total or 6 days off from work not including the weekend so ill be home for 9 days before I return back to work. I work in a medical office doing front office for now so I think I should be okay. I've been so excited I've been looking at bras online and prices, because Its going to get real when I have to buy these huge bra sizes!! Anyways Im so bummed right now because Im sick!! I was trying my best to not get sick prior to the procedure at all, but working in this clinic has killed me this year, I've been sick 5 times now and Its not fun! So I've been taking my multi-vitamins my airbourne, my cold medicines and my stomach is a mess from taking all these medications. & talking about medications today I received my order from Swansons, Dr.Farella and Melissa his office manager requested that I buy a few supplements to help reduce surgical recovery time and promote healing, So I ordered Bromelain to start taking after the surgery and its an anti-inflamatory and Arnica to start using the day before the procedure, and then 1-2 weeks after which helps reduce bruising and aides in healing, I also bough the arnica cream to apply around my breast where there is swelling, and I also bought it because Im always achy and sore for no reason and never heard of Arnica so Im sure Ill be using it even before the surgery. Dr. Farella also recommended L-glutamine to help speed wound healing and zinc for tissue repair but I actually did not buy these just yet. I also bought vitamin E cream to apply to my face as a moisturizer and then on my incisions usually after 2 weeks post-op. I actually think I would start taking these for the weekend just to see how my body reacts to them and see if I dont get any allergies, also see if it will clear out my sinus pressure and nasal drip im having right now. Anyways that is all for now!


I've been researching, reading more reviews about recovery, looking at pictures. The only pictures that I feel are so hard to find are pictures with girls that have clothes on with Breast Augmentation, I want to see how certain shirts look and dresses, what cuts work best but theres nothing really helpful or visual. Is frustrating because I will have to change my whole game up.. I am a huge online shopper, and now that I will have boobs I have to actually go to a store and try things on!! I hate stores and clutter and lines so thats going to be new for me, also purchasing bras, bigger bras that will take up more space than my tiny bras!! I also have to buy new scrub tops, I work in the medical field and now I need to maybe buy a size up, and something that would look flattering and sexy in. I hate scrubs and no matter how hard I try to make my self look cute I feel like I fail badly because Im all flat on top, with my busty co-worker I probably look like a 13 year old. Hopefully Ill feel cute and sexy after my BA.

I keep asking my boyfriend if hes nervous, but hes more excited. I have not told any of my co-workers altho they know that I was considering BA, only 2 co-workers who work next to me know because I obviously talk about it every day since its getting closer and closer, they are more excited for me that I am. My mum, bf, and two girls at work, and two of my girl friends are the only people who know. Which is fine my bid day view will be for my 25th b-day in May. I still have to loose 15lbs and will be focusing on that this year.

Its also been really tough, I choose such a busy time to do this procedure but I think I've been waiting too long, I have a friends b-day party this weekend, it is also my boyfriends b-day weekend and I cant drink which is fine I can control that, and his bday is next monday, and then my surgery, then I have class on Saturday and an exam review that I will probably miss because it is the next day after surgery. I also have an online class to do, and will do while I am at home for 1 week, then It is my exam the 18th and I should be okay by then, but I really have to get it together because these are my last 2 class that I need to graduate this May!!! ahhh is a lot &I hope I can pull through. I also have my laser appointment somewhere around april and a dental appointment also, then my best friends birthday and my moms birthday! April is just hectic and so will be May with school and finals, and graduation, My life is just crazy right now and now Im about to add even more craziness...

OHH i also forgot i have Jury duty to attend tomorrow, and my Pre-op is on Saturday hahahah... I really have to go make myself some chamomile tea right about now!! Ill keep you guys posted

Some pictures

Singed my life away today.. Pre-op 6 days left

Oh my!! Went in today for my pre-op with Dr. Farella and signed my life away. My wonderful boyfriend went with me since he is driving me to the procedure and will be babysitting me as always everytime I had some surgery (eye surgery, appendectomy) hea so good to me! I was given my medications that I will be filling tomorrow and have them all se up and ready before my procedure on Friday April 10th, im still not aware of the time, i will be contacted on Monday. i was given keflex and antibiotic, a muscle relaxant, something for nausea, and vicodin for pain.

So I got into the room and tried on some sizes before the doctor came in I triend on the 250s wich where so small my boyfriend said that they looked like my own boobies. Then I jumped up to 350 ccs and I lovedd the way they made me look I was set!!! I did not ever believe that I would want 350ccs but they look so good and my boyfriend loved the look also that he wanted me to go higher, but now. I then tried the 300 but they looked to small. DR. Farella walkes in examined me and asked me what size ai was considerinf he told me to put on the 350cc sizers and said thay yes they look good but that the implant might actually be to big and I might get the implant to cause a side boob or feel like they are by my armpit, that he would not recommend it unless I really want it but that there is a possibility of that happening, he said the would bring me down to 325 ccs would be safer and look more natural since im looking for a more natural look, he also said thay since I have some tissue to work with my final result can possibly look like 350ccs since is just 25 cc difference. I agreed And did not argue any more 325 ccs it is, I dont want to have side boob complication I want things to look natural. After that I asked him some questions about anestesia wich his assistant Melissa had gone through with me before I met up with the dotor and about any diet restrictions, follow up appts and warraties that I might buy in case of any complications ect wich I am planning on purchasing. Before leaving I did as Dr. farella if i can try thr 325 sizers before I left just to take a look againI did so and took some pictures. I will be getting mentor smooth moderate profile silicone implants to be placed via nipple insertion under the muscle 325 ccs.. I was in love with how the sizers looked on my body altho I have to really loose 15 pounds to get back to my pre-weight bit I already felt sexy with the sizers so I know that would motivate me even more to loose this extra weight Ive been carrying! Im so excited and Dr. Farella is so awesome, straight foward and honest I really liked that and my boyfriend liked that also. Ill attach the pics.

Venting, stressed out!!!

So today I picked up my prescriptions for medicine and I also bought some Tylenol just to take in replace of the paid medication, I should of told my Doctor that Vicodin makes me very nauseous, but Im sure ill probably just need pain meds for like the first 3 days. I also bought an extra ice pack to place on my boobies. Everything is washed of and I have a set of sheets and pillow cases that I would specifically use after my BA. Is been hard to keep the house as neat as it was during the weekend, I just celebrated my boyfriends birthday and had a few of our friends over so It got a little crowded.

I received a call from Melissa and my surgery will by on April 10th at 10:15 am. I really dont feel nervous or excited at the time, I feel like I've done so many surgeries that is like ugh whatever, altho I SHOULD BE!! Maybe the day off Ill be nervous. I guess its because I really did not achieve loosing these 15 pounds i've been carrying around for the past 2 years, school and a sedentary work has made me put up this weight and so far is been hard to loose them, I do start eating light, and lean or cut a few carbs and lost as much as 8 pounds and then 2 months later is just back to my highest weight thus far right now is 152lbs my normal weight is 132 lbs. Right now im pre-menstrual I'll probably have my period on the day of my surgery thats when the app is predicting it, and I usually do blow up 2 weeks prior and then around the mid of my cycle I loose like 4 pounds of water weight or whatever I carry. Anyways Is been so depressing not having to be at my best shape for my BA, and I dont want the fact that Im feeling so low to affect my healing so Im trying hard to look at it in a positive light and thinks, " once I recover, my BA will push me to loose this extra weight." School is super stressful also. Im taking two classes and Im struggling in one wich I need to graduate this summer, But is looking like I would need to retake it next fall, so its just too much too soon for me right now. I am looking foward to staying at home recovering and being out of work for a week, I need it about now, I think thats the only thing Im most excited about.

Sorry guys for this downer post but I had to let it out.

Stuck between 325cc and 350 ccs.. Help!

Okay I forgot to metion as in my previous post during my Pre-op I was very torn between 325 ccs and 350ccs. 350 ccs where the ones i tried first and my boyfriend and I loved how they looked we wanted to try a larger size. Then Dr. Farella said that they might be a bit too wide and might cause me side boob or for them to sit too high. He said that I can do the 350ccs because I have broad shoulders or wide or nice shoulders I cant really remember, he also said that I do have some breast tissue that might help me achieve a 350 cc look but with the 325ccs. I agreed I wanted to keep it as safe as possible, but I felt so good with the 350ccs, so he told me that on the day of surgery that I can make my final choice. Ive been reading and it seems like a lot of people get stuck between 325 and 350 ccs altho is such a small difference. BTW there are MENTOR SILICONE MODERATE PLUS implants going through the nipple. I was also telling my boyfriend why is it a big deal when girls that are so much smaller than me, ribcage, weight wise, and breast size size get up to 400 ccs and their boobs look big yes but they look good, and sometime some of them look smaller than 350, 360, 400 ccs. I know everybody is different so why me being heavier, and having a larger ribcage cant go up to 350 ccs? I also did tell the Dr. that I wanted a natural appearance, but I just dont want to wish I went bigger after my results, altho I know ill be happy enough that I will now have boobs and cleavage! I just want to know your opinions should I play it safe and stick to 325ccs, I am planning on loosing 15-20 lbs so idk if this would cause my breast to look larger after weight loss, or go to 350 ccs since is only about a shot glass difference and just a few cm wider/larger than 325ccs? please help I would really appreciate your comments.

Out of surgery

Hi guyss, finally up ive been napping on and off for the past 5 hours after surgery. I went in at 10:15 am put on my gown and took my urine tontest for preganacy then the nurse came in she was so nice I wish I cold remember her name and she asked me a few extra questions and made me and my boyfriend very comfortable. My vital signs where also taken I was not nervous at all . Around 12 my anesthesiologist came in and he was also very nice told me what he was going to do and about how long the procedure will take about 1.5 hours plust 1.5 hour recovery time. Dr farella than came in went through my procedure did his drawings and asked me what size am infinalizing on i told him that I want the 350 ccs. He said that once under he will try on the sizersfor 350ccs if things look right with the sizers he will place thoae if not then he will bring me down to 325 ccs. I told him thats thats an exelent ideal and that i trust his judgement. Dr. Farella took my pictures and shorty after the anestesiologist came to get me and i said my goodbyes to my boyfriend he was so hungry yet very patient. Hes the best! I was placed in the bed placd on my iv and it seems like in 4 mins Inwas feeling sleepy and then felt being woken up and transferd to the recovery room that where I heard them calling my boyfriend telling him that I was in recovery. I cant remember too much but i was given my mentor information and then the nurse helped me put on my clothes and then it was time to go. In the car i was dozing off, my pain was bearable i felt some like burning almost I cant really pin point where but it feels like its on the sides of my boobs, then when instand it almast feels like. Pulling.they feel a bit hard and seem a bit separated. At home i tok a muslce relaxant and my antibiotics ate afew crackers and chease so inwont get am upset stomach . Then doze innand out of sleep my mom came over inwas called by a few friends that knew about the procedure. I then ate again took atibiotics because im supposed to take 4 a day and then took extra streght tylenon and fell asleep.. My upper back hurst more than my boobs and my arms at first felt a bit numbe ot was very annoying now they feel better, i can raise my arms a bit but it feels sore . So far so good i cant complain thank good. I thought inwould not be able to breathe but i can do that just fine i just have a big of soreness my back hurts from laying up and so far no vicodin for pain.

By the way doctor and nurse said that 350ccs where placed under the myscle they both kept saying how eautiful they looked!! I was so happy to hear that!!

Day 1-2 post op

Yesterday I did too much that by the end of the day I was in so much pain. i decided to go through 3 hours of class, I took 2 extra stregth tylenols and ate. Light breakfast i was fine i was just sitting and writting notes bu the time class was ending I already started feeling pains, my books where so heavy that I had to tell my mom and brother to come into the school to carry my books. It was awful, getting up hurt, my underarms hurt so bad, andy back has been hurting so bad. I had my boyfriend give me a massage woth arnica cream and it has helped a bit. I then took half a muscle relaxant after I ate and got home and then half one tylenol extra stregth. The night was so bad and uncomfortable my back was is soo much pain!! My arms felt so heavy and sore!! around 12 am I took a vicodin and the other half of the muscle relaxant. I slepts for like 2 hours and my back was so sore i had to sit up and bend over a bit and I actully fell asleep like thy with my back hunched foward because I just need to stretch it, this happened multiple times for the next 4 hours. Finally by 8 am I just gave up and woke up took my last antibiotic and had my boyfriend wipe me down since I cant shower until after I meet with my doctor on tuesday. I took 2 tylenols around 11:30 am I was not really uncomfortable bit felt a bit sore and doze off. My boyfriend gave me another massage woth arnica cream and it felt sooo goood! I cant wait until I can shower, and I still have not been able to use the bathroom altho I did take a laxitive last night, ive been eating tons of fruits so well see how it goes woth that, im so bloated!!

Day 3 feeling better!

Today so far has been the best, minimal pain than in the last 2 days. I am able to move around more with out being so sore or my back hurting. I have not taken any pain medication today. My boyfriend massaged my back with the arnica cream 3-4 times and my upper back was so tight and painful and the massage hurt but gelt so good. I took half a muscle relaxant and half a Vicodin with half a tylenol before I went to bed, and left the other half out for when I wake up in the middle of the night. I think that helped alot. I did have my first BM but im still soo bloated I look like Im 8 mo. pregnant!

Tomorrow morning is my first post-op I cant wait to get all these tapes of and see my incision as well as be able to shower and maybe get into a different more supportive bra, after a while I do feel like I cant breathe. I was able to remove my bra for about 10 minutes and noticed that my bruise under my right breast has gotten bigger, I did apply some arnica cream on it and it burned a little, I also have tape rubbing on it so I know that does not help but I will be discussing that with my ps, my breast does not feel warm, or is red and I have finished all my antibiotics so Im not to worried. My boobs dont hurt at all sometimes my nipples itch a bit but that might be because of the healing.

My underarms and pecks are less sore, I can raise my arms without being in too much pain, my doctor recommends not moving them around too much. I just feel so odd and weird because I see reviews and pictures of girls 2 days out and they are trying out bathing suits and putting on regular shirts and sports bras cute dresses, they are dancing around, and Im here all strapped up with my surgical bra and experiencing underarm, and back pain. I know everyone is different but I feel like the different one, I am doing everything that my ps has instructed me to do, I am being patient but I also want that time to show off what I got!! In time of course I just have to be a bit patient.

I am very excited about tomorrow morning I really cant wait to see my plastic surgeon and hopefully everything looks well and everything is healing properly as well as take a full shower!!!

2-3 day pictures

D4- first post-op

I felt a little scared walking into the office. I just wanted the doctor to tell me everything is good, but was thinking I would hear the worst. I walked in the office I was greeted by the receptionist. the office looked a bit differerent guess it was freshly painted with new wall mount, for a minute i thought I was in the wrong office. I was quickly taken to a room put on my gown Dr.farella walked in took down my tapes i showed him my bruise and he said that ots okay that it would go in time and that I still have swelling but hardly any bruising. He took off my steri strips and placed in new ones with some hibiclens solution. the left nipple incision was irritated by the tape so I have a little scab and irritation and a little opening which I dont like the looks of,the right nipple seems to be completely healed. He said everything looks great and that I can shower and start stretching 5 times a day doing "wall-climbs or reache ups" where you bring your arms infront as if you are climbing up a wall as far as I can then turn tour neck to the right and strech then left and stretch and then to roll my shoulders back wich is almost nearly imposible for me im too tight and sore. I did tell him how my underarms hurt so bad 3 days ago but getting better.
I was so shocked after when I saw my self in the mirror I could not believe I have boobs and he said yeah you have breast now! Since i have not been able to really see them under all the tape. He also said not to wear a bra for 2 months or to just wear the surgical bra so they can start dropping and to follow up in 2 weeks. So far so good Not 100% perfect but will get there. Im actually afraid to shower because of my left nipple incision.

Day 5 quick update

Good day so far. Finally showered this morning and it felt SOOO GOOD!! Omg so relaxing on my back since my back aches so bad and is super tight from sleeping at an angle I wake up every hour just to sit up and strech out my back. I felt a weight off my body even my breasts. Then my skin statted feeling very itchy after a while so I washed off amd got out the shower I guess the water was too hot. No pain meds today I just take half a muscle relaxant before bed mostly for my back but I dont think it does anything. I was also able to pick up around the house and take the dog outside, just better moods. Ive been doing my arm stretches and I also masage my pecs since they are a bit sore with the arnica cream I can hear air and like rubbing of the implant when I do it is scary and weird, ive read is normal so I am not to worried about it I will discuss with my doctor if it gets worse. Enjoy your day and happy healing to everyone!

11 days

So far so good.. Ive been able to sleep better stopped using pain meds after day 4 or 5 cant remember. I feel like my right boob is dropping faster as it looks rounder and fuller than my left. I do a light rubbing massage on my left boob when I apply cocoa butter on my boobs and do my stretches 2x a day. My boobs feel stretched and dry in the morning and my nipples are so sensitive so adding moisture to them with the cocoa butter helps so much. I also massage under my left arm and around my armpit because it feels very tight and A bit sore when I do stretches so feel like thats whats holding up my left boob from dropping and fluffing like my right breast. I also feel like my inscision might have healed completely but my steri-strips have not fallen off so Ill let them be in the meantime. Other than that everythings good loving my boobs!

Bra sizing

Went to VS and was sized as a 34C so far 2 cups size up. Tried a few bras went with a lightly linned multi purpose bra since I am not allowed to wear a bra for 2 months just to have in case I go out I would have a nice bra on not the surgic bra or a stretch bra. My nipples are still super sensitive so putting on clothes is a delicate process. And sleeping on my back is a pain in the ass, the side of my ribs get sore and my back I have to just wake up at 6 am so I wont be so sore from trying to sleep!

20 day update

Went to see my PS today. He said boobs look great! I ended up removing my steri-strips at 12 days because they where causing skin discolorations ( Ive always had some problem with tape of my skin, and glues) so I removed them after I showered and saw that everything had healed nicely. My right boob inscision is so perfect Im sure in one year I would not even notice my scar at all. My left boob is still a little rough and bumpy but PS said I can apply silicone skin guard to help flatten the scar but that the scar would not be noticeable in the future. He keeps reminding me that Im only 2 week post-op! He also said that things still need to drop,that my skin still needs to stretch, since it is still a bit shiny, and that boobs will get softer by the next two months. He gave me the okay to sleep on my side if I feel comfortable doing so, and if I have any pains to take and advil or aspirin as needed. He also said I can only do lower body exercises no upper body until about 6-8 weeks. As for my nipple sensitivity he said it is very common and that I should massage them to help with the swelling and pain, and I started doing that 2 days ago with cocoa butter thats how I massage my boobs every day almost 2x a day. He also told me to start taking Vitamin E to help reduce chance of capsular contracture, So I will have to start taking that maybe this weekend. So far very happy I just cant wait until my final results and until my boobs just relax and feel super soft and nice so my boyfriend and I can truly enjoy them, hes dying to touch them like before but I dont let him! my poor baby.

7 weeks

So far so good! Had my BA on April 10 is almost 2 months since I had my procedure. 350 ccs under the muscle with areola insicions. I am no longer experiencing nipple sensitivity anymore. I was also told by my PS to not wear a bra for 2 months. So I just wear nylon/spandex bra which are really comfortable and I dont really have a problem with not wearing a bra because I always enjoyed being bra-less. I can also sleep on my stomach, I think after week 5 I just found myself sleeping on my stomach and I had no discomfort or pain, altho I do prefer to sleep on my side. I have not tried on or purchased any bras so I do not know what Is my final size. My PS said between a Large C to Small D, when I went to VS I was sized to a 34 C / 32 D and that was at 1 month mark. I am so far happy my scars are not to bad, my boobs feel squishy and they bounce more than before. I really hope they still drop and stretch a bit more, I feel like my cleavage or mid section is still a little tight. Other than that I have had no pains, only once when I was trying to lift weights for my chest area I felt as if the muscle was pulled under the side of my left breast, and it still feels weird when you are lifting of pulling weights how your boobs feel like they are shifting to the sides, is so nerve racking but Ive gone slow, and I try to avoid and exercises that have to do with chest muscles. So I will put in some pictures of my 7 week I have a follow up in July.

3 months

Just 3 months?? Wow and I feel good, my boobs are awesome and have healed perfectly. So so far I wear 34C or 34D bra and I feel more comfortable with a D bra because it offers more coverage. I actually just went to the beach yeaterday for the first time this summer and had to buy new bathingsuits especially the tops, and had to go back to the store because a medium top did not fit, had to get a large size!!! Went for my 2.5 month check and Dr. Farella said everuthyng looks great and that everything is symmetrical and I have a nice clevage.. I also had gone to my OBGYN for my annual exam and as she did my breast exam she said they felt amazing and real and gave me a thumbs up! Also at the beach my friend commentes how she could not stop looking at my breast and how perfect they look! It was the first time they were really out and exposed and I felt good it gave me so much confidence and I just loved the feeling of being admired and getting compliments. I was reveiving alot of looks at the beach but i was just thinking "is a beach and theres alot to look at out here" but I am very happy, still trying to loose weight and dieting but I really dont know if my hormones are messed up Ive been in the gym all summer and have not lost a pound. But other than that my boobs are great, Im great.. Happy summer everyone!!

One year anni <3

Soo it has been one year since I got my mentor 350cc silicone implants placed in. Everything is so good, clothes fit so nice and in pictures my boobs look huge ????. I still have not lost any weight, i juat started a 12 week bootcamp so hopefully that helps me shed some weight, either way my boobs are soft they bounce and they look good. My BF loves them. I went to see my doc a 2 months before my 1yr because sometimes I feel a slight burning sensation that coms and goes and he says it might be the implant pressing on a nerve it usually happens a week or two before my period when my boobs get a little sore and before I mentioned that to him he asked me if that usually happened before my cycle starts.. so he knows exactly what I was talking about. Overall I am very happy with the results, the doc was very happy too he said theh looked beautiful. They have a natural drop and my scars are barely visible. Happy gal here. Check out the pics.
Mount Kisco Plastic Surgeon

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