Tummy Tuck/Hysterectomy Combo with "Fries"on the Side. Darien, CT

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I hadn't planned on writing a review, although...

I hadn't planned on writing a review, although I've been a Real self fan for years and have gotten such candid, valuable info from reading posts.
I am a work in progress...I will always continue to move in a forward direction despite negativity that may be present in my life at any given time. In other words...shit is always going to be happening in your life, so if you wait for the "perfect" time to have an elective surgery that could be life changing...you won't ever do it. It truly has to be for yourself. For the last 5 years I've been rebuilding.
I started with my teeth and had some much needed dental work done. I found an amazing dentist in my area and worked out a reasonable payment plan. Then, one day my friend said she was doing a little Botox for wedding. Botox?? I thought...hum mm. Needless to say, I have become a huge fan of fillers. Now when I say that, please don't have the impression of a completely taught, wrinkle free face. I'm 51. I want my years of wisdom to show!!! The most important piece of facial fillers is "He who yields the needle" Our faces are the first thing others see when we look at them. Being fresh and natural to me is truly beautiful, so my best advice would be to seek out a reputable surgeon and pay a few more dollars per unit and have a little less done rather than having an amateur injector sticking needles in your face for less over all cost to you. Less IS MORE!
My body has always been a sensitive thing for me. Growing up I clearly had a stockier frame than my peers. Not stout...compact. My struggle with body image started at a very young age. That bled into my adult life and never went away. After I gave birth to my 8 lb. son,... parts of my body became more distorted. By around the age of 47 the laxity in my abdominal area was out of control! I was starving myself most of the time as not to add to my mid section. I had given up on traditional exercise because after years of trying to change my body shape, I realized ALL WAS FUTILE. Then one day i mustered the strength to get up and do a few squats. It was shortly after... that I felt I had blown something out downstairs. I made an appointment with a wonderful Dr. who informed me that I had a herniation and I could use a hysterectomy due to a large fibroid in my uterus. I immediately ran to the internet to research my condition. My doctor told me I would have a few scars on my already blown out belly...I also wasn't sure I wanted to let someone take something away from me without giving me something back! How could I make that OK with me???...There was so much going on I'm my life...it wasn't the sensible thing to do at this time...could I have the tummy tuck I have wanted for 30 years?... I started with small steps working toward my new belly with each baby step I took. I got my physical health in order first. I had a few much needed routine tests done. I watched what I ate. I stopped drinking my nightly one or two vodka and tonics. I got my head mentally in the Zone and I continued reading while moving in a forward direction. If I came to any road blocks I tried as hard as I could to get past them and when what I did worked I kept plowing ahead. I picked a time that fit into my work and personal schedule and I put in for a medical leave at work. Then over the next few months I bought a few supplies every now and then. By the time my surgery date became closer I had all my medications filled, bills paid, someone to love my cat while I would be gone and a few friends in place who I knew would be available to aid with my recovery. With my house all cleaned I was ready!
The morning of surgery I took a few pictures in my bathroom. After viewing them briefly before I left for the hospital, I knew I had made the right choice for myself. This would be another piece of of my remodel.
My surgery went well! I recall saying immediately after as they rolled me to recovery..."I feel lighter already" Only I knew that the lightness I felt was an emotional, uplifting one as much as a physical one.

My surgeon was the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I am 12 days post op and I look and feel fantastic! It's still my body, only better! He kept the integrity of my curves. My scar is thin, low and clean. I had no bleeding from my incision or belly button at all. The first three days of recovery were tough but I had lots of drugs in the hospital to help with discomfort and I basically slept for those 4 days. Since being home it's been a bit difficult being still but I've been listening to my body. For example: last night my body had pizza...shortly after my body told me sodium is not my friend. I was bloated and very uncomfortable! I will be sticking to corn flakes and protein shakes, fresh fruits and veggies and meat. DO laugh...laughing is good! It's going to hurt a little but it's really important so DO surround yourself with fun people! DO lay down when you feel uncomfortable. DO take your Meds! and listen to your doctor!
2 days after surgery after I was done vomiting from all the drugs to aid with my pain, I told someone I wouldn't do it again. Today, I'm happy I made this choice for me!!


I think I was on a lot of drugs when I wrote my initial review, and want to give my surgeon the attention he's justly earned. It's been a year since my surgery and I couldn't of asked for more. Being the perfectionist that I am I have analyzed my tummy from every angle and I've observed some things. His work was perfect. I have only the slightest light scar, I'm flat and have a beautiful curve.
Feeling like this has allowed me to do so much more than I ever thought possible coming from someone who has had tremendous limitations in life. The surgery did so much more for me than give me a better body. It also allowed me to accept other things about myself that perhaps I'm not able to change...and yet it excites me to know that that as I age that there are wonderful options available should I need rejuvenating down the not so distant road.
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