Perfect Improvement! Radiesse Nasolabial Folds Filler - Darien, CT

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I was unhappy with some signs of aging and pinned...

I was unhappy with some signs of aging and pinned down a root cause of what was aging all of the other young looking features on my face. So I narrowed it down to the nasolabial folds, which I read start to emerge in the mid-20's. I went into have a consultation and immediately got a sense of trust. Dr. knew excellent techniques to keep the area from bruising, icing area well before doing the procedure. All in all I'm very pleased with the outcome, though subtle, makes a HUGE difference! Lately I've been carded more often when out and people think I'm 20/21 years old or a little younger which is proof that such a little thing makes a huge difference. I may be crazy, but I'm obsessed with the fear of getting old so I'm doing all I can to prevent as much as I can from the effects of aging. Next year I'll return for more before my wedding!

More Pix

Just adding some old pics to compare cheeks, folds structure

5 month update

Its now about 5 months after procedure and the effect is only very slightly wearing off. Will post new pic soon!

More Photos - Update Jan 2014


I went in for treatment #2 on July 25th as the previous treatment seemed to have wore off completely. I blame it on gaining weight and being pregnant as well as smiling too much! I iced the area thoroughly beforehand as I had last year but this year's treatment caused some embarrassing bruises. The left side is worse than the right. I hope they clear within the week. I iced the area after the treatment for a little bit (but probably could have used a bit more ice!) i then applied Arnicare bruise gel to the bruises. For the concealment I've been layering on Maybellene's Instant Rewind under-eye concealer, as that is what I had here at home. This does a decent job masking the bruises and also is identical to my skin colour! No one has noticed any sort of change including husband! :)

I would still recommend the treatment as it takes off years!! Whether you want to rewind the 20s, 30s or 40s you will certainly be good just removing the folds!

I recommend the practice, the doctor and the treatment! The practice was very generous, the doctor very quick and very knowledgable and the treatment is well worth the cost! Very happy!

6 Month Post-2nd treatment

I think that the effect is starting to wear off already but of course it is very subtle. I tend to hyper focus on things so I nit pick issues that aren't real issues. I don't like that my smile lines are visible in certain lighting though, and this is how it kind of looked since the second treatment but I didn't complain. He did a good job, I think I just metabolize this stuff quick! Anyway, a lot of poses you don't notice the lines so I guess its fine!

3rd Treatment planning

Trying to plan a third treatment this summer and make this a yearly request going forward! I just think that filling these lines in will keep the wrinkles from deepening over time. I know I can't completely halt aging, just slow things a bit.


Another great result! The previous treatment results hadn't completely gone away yet but figured I'd have this done while I had a chance to. My 30th birthday is approaching quick in late fall so I wanted to get a treatment before that day arrives! :) I was really worried this time around that I'd bruise like last year so I was eating Boiron Arnica pellets for the week before the procedure. In addition to this I made sure to use the ice roller from the Dr. extra long this time for fear of bruising. I had to leave on a trip the following day and did not want to worry about applying makeup to cover up the face bruises this time. Luckily no bruising at all! I kept using the Arnica until two days post procedure.

Treatment was very nice, though the first day I had two blotchy white bumps that appeared but as swelling went down over next day and a half the bumps disappeared. I iced the areas for 20 min at a time every 2-3 hours the first day and half the following day. Area was very tender and sore until late the next day. I also want to mention that because I was so paranoid about the bumps I used an electric toothbrush a few times over the area before icing to smooth things out. I don't know if this was wise or not but now things look very nice and smooth.

This was worth it. I feel that I look younger and certainly makes a difference just comparing photos and videos of me from last month to today. This Dr. really knows what he's doing!

Just more pics for the review

RE-TREATMENT Planning 2016

Product seemed to fade quicker this past year than previous treatments , maybe it was because of sun exposure this summer? Anyway planning again to get another treatment this fall. I am considering asking about cheek filler too just to put some of the fullness back in there as well.

Today's treatment... NL folds and cheeks

I was nervous, as usual, because I was worried about bruising because in 2014 I did have some. I chose to prepare ahead of time by taking Boiron Arnica pellets daily for a week, 5 pellets twice a overall I seem to be okay but a very small bruisy spot cropped up a couple hours later. It's okay I think a little make up can cover it up while it heals. Just hoping no one notices the discoloration there. I also got a haircut today to distract people close to me from what I had done also. I have a feeling I didn't ice up an area long enough before the injections. Mostly they felt fine, the one on left side felt a little more odd than the right. I think the result is good. He injected just a minimal amount in cheeks area in addition to the nasolabial folds. I think it is very smooth, subtle and natural...thoughts?

RE-TREATMENT SEPT 2016 : 1 day post-treatment

Some more pics a day after can see swelling went down significantly , looks much better. Covered bruise with under-eye concealer makeup wand

Update to all following: Switching to Sculptra!

I did some reading up and seems like Sculptra is the next progression here for a longer lasting result, it lasts 2+ years and seeing as I am over 30 I would like a longer lasting solution to push back aging a bit more. It was recommended I add the Sculptra while Radiesse is still there so that the transition is gradual. I have my appointment scheduled for Mar 1st...let's hope it goes okay and there is no serious brusing :)

Some dr.s comments about my question:

How long after Radiesse should I wait to inject Sculptra at the same site?

"I think it would be fine for you to have Sculptra injected at any point now into the same area you had Radiesse in September of 2016. There is no interaction, but some of the effect you have from the Radiesse will begin to fade while the Sculptra gradually fills it.
Michael I. Echavez, MD"

"There shouldn't be any problems injecting Sculptra after Radiesse. There is no interaction between the two. Sculptra is a great filler for the right candidate. It provides gradual collagen stimulation and natural-appearing results. I have found that injecting Sculptra with a cannula in most facial areas greatly reduces the likelihood of bruising.


Dr. Ort
Richard Ort, MD"

Pre and Post-Sculptra treatment

I just wrote a new separate review of this product so I won't repeat here but here are the before after pics
Stamford Plastic Surgeon

Was very calming, knowledgeable and friendly. Expert in knowing how to prevent bruising and also in where exactly to inject the substance to give a very natural result. With the nasolabial folds he injects in such a way to push the nose back out as when we age gravity tends to make it sink into face and then fills in the lines ever so slightly. Very encouraging and supportive of my decisions. I had a great experience!

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