Lower Body Lift After TT w/lipo and MR, Darien, CT

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Thinking of getting a body lift to get rid of the...

Thinking of getting a body lift to get rid of the loose, sagging skin on my back and hip area.

Went to see my PS for my 6 month follow up after having a TT with lipo, muscle repair and lipo on my thighs. Very happy with my TT & lipo outcome but asked my doctor about doing lipo on my back to get rid of the rolls under my bra. He said the rolls weren't fat so lipo wouldn't get rid of them. He said the rolls were sagging skin from losing weight & the loss of elasticity because of my age (I'm 58).

He suggested getting a body lift instead. Since I already have a scar in the front from the TT, he would continue the incision all the way around on my lower back, pull down the excess skin from my back and hips and cut it off. This would also pull up my butt and thighs - which sounds good to me!

I'm seriously considering doing this. Since the TT, I've lost 20 lbs so far. And, if the doctor is right about the skin elasticity, the rolls on my back may never go away. So I figure the body lift is the way to go to get rid of the rolls on my back and the love handles on my hips. My tummy is pretty flat since the TT and I'd like to have that same look for my back.

Has anyone else had a body lift after a TT? Are you happy with the results?

Pics - 6 months after TT

Here are some pics of what I look like now after losing 20 lbs after my TT & lipo. As you can see, I can clearly pinch the excess skin around my hips (which will be removed when I get a body lift this summer).

3 months till LBL

Just wanted to update my post with new pics. As you can see I definitely have excess skin in my hip area after my TT last year. My left side is worse than the right. It's very noticeable when I wear knit tops over leggings. My hips go in and then stick out and then my waist goes in. Don't like that look. Much more curvier than I want to be. I think the excess skin still makes me look fat.

Starting to gather the supplies I'll need as they go on sale. PS said LBL recovery will be much easier and quicker than the TT. Hoping the LBL will make my figure smoother and not so lumpy.

I'm still very pleased with my TT and how far I've come since having it a year ago. I think since I was so big before it, that it's going to take multiple surgeries for me to be happy with my body. I've lost 30 lbs since the TT. I'm sure that probably contributes to why I have excess skin around my hips/butt area. Just wasn't able to lose ANY weight before the TT. Then afterwards, it just started to come off. My eating habits didn't change. The only thing different is that since I don't have a fat stomach in front of me anymore, I'm able to go for walks every day. I don't go far or too fast (bec of arthritis) - just 2 miles a day, every day unless it rains/snows.

Anyway, I'm so ready to have a nice shape again and to wear sexy clothes again instead of hiding in old ladyish clothes. You know the ones I mean LOL!

9 days till my LBL

I'm looking forward to a new me. I had a TT with lipo to my flanks and thighs a year ago. Hoping this latest surgery will complete my transformation.

I'm still very pleased with the results of my TT and lipo that I had done last year. And, expect to be equally happy this time around. I'm not nearly as nervous or excited as last time. Probably because I know what to expect for the recovery period. Even though I saw immediate results with the TT, it took about a year for the full effects to take shape.

I lost almost 30 lbs AFTER the TT. I really watch what I eat and walk every day for about 40 mins. As a result of this, I have "love handles" on my hips now because of the weight loss. See my pics. My PS said the handles aren't fat (because he lipo'd my flanks). It's because I've lost skin elasticity probably due to my age. So, that's why I've decided to go ahead and get a LBL.

My PS is going to remove the excess skin starting from my backside (above my butt) and then coming around the front again. He'll have to open up my TT scar incision to pull up the skin on my hips to get rid of the handles. By doing this, he said he'll also be pulling up on my thighs and my butt. This should give me a perky butt. Oh yah! I'm so ready for this. This is going to be the longest week!

LBL surgery went well

Had my LBL surgery yesterday. Feeling pretty good this morning. Feeling so much better this time than with the TT. This is a breeze! Slept on/off most of yesterday. Took 1 Vicodin and my antibiotic when I got home from the surgery. They put me in a binder this time - no compression suit. Makes moving around and going to the bathroom much easier. Having to pee almost every hour but not really in a lot of pain. Skin feels tight and a little burning sensation but that's all. When I woke up this morning, I almost feel normal. My mind is clear and I'm not in pain - just feeling tight under my binder. I've decided not to take the Vicodin this morning. Don't really think I'll need it. I'll probably take it tonight so I can get a good night's sleep. Hopefully, I won't feel the need to pee all night again. My hubby is going to change and clean my dressings later this morning so I'll get a look at the incision then. Here are 2 pics I took last night.

5 days into LBL recovery

I'm feeling really pretty good. Not taking any pain meds except for 2 extra strength Tylenol before bedtime (so I won't be so restless at night). Sometimes I get little twinges if I lay on my incision too long.

I'm posting some pics I took this morning. They're not the best - had to take them in front of a mirror. I'll have hubby take better pics this weekend.

So, my new incision line goes all around my torso. My PS opened up part of my TT scar (from my hips to almost under my belly button) to smooth out my skin. My figure is more straight now - not curvy anymore. I'm sure I'm swollen and that's why I look this way. Even if I don't become curvy again, I'll take this shape over the "love handles" that were on my hips before the LBL. I think my backside is very flat now. Still deciding if I like the look. Just wish my butt was a little rounder and popped out a bit. It is higher up now and not saggy anymore. Maybe it'll look better when the swelling goes down. I can live with it in any case. Not a big fan of a large booty but a little bit would be ok LOL!

The hardest part of this surgery so far has been cleaning and bandaging the incision on my backside. It's hard to reach around there. Hubby did it for me for a few days but he was getting frustrated with applying the bandages so I decided to do it myself. I've been using the 4x4 bandages from CVS and holding them in place with paper tape (same ones I used for the TT). Couldn't find anything wider in the stores. There's so much more area to cover this time around that I'm using 12 of the bandages twice a day for covering the incision. Going thru 1 box of bandages per day! First I tape a bandage to my skin then I put a piece of tape attaching two bandages together. I do this all away around my incision. Then I put the binder back on. The binder kind of keeps the bandages together and I feel nice and tight with it on. I found some longer bandages from Amazon and am going to order them. Should be here by next week. Hopefully, covering my incision won't be such a project with longer bandages.

I haven't been too mobile. Mostly reading and watching TV. I feel good - just don't want to pull my stitches out. The incision is nice and smooth this time. Not bumpy like the TT. Looks like my PS used a different kind of thread this time. I'm not doing any bending or lifting but I am cooking and doing some laundry. With the TT, I was out of commission for about 4 weeks. Couldn't do anything. This time, though, it's not even a week and I feel pretty normal. I might try going for a short walk tomorrow.

I have 2 drains. Hoping they will come out when I go to the doctor next week. They're both putting out less than 25 cc's per day. Kind of hard to find shirts long enough to cover the drains but I'm not leaving the house anyway. Just don't want to keep wearing a nightie all day.

Well that's all for now.

3 months after LBL

In a few days it will be 3 months since my lower body lift.

I'm sorry I haven't posted any updates since July. Just been kind of busy visiting relatives and doing a few projects around the house before I went back to work. I work in a school so I get the summers off which is why I schedule my surgeries then. That way I don't have to feel rushed going to work if I need more time to recuperate.

Anyway, I'm so loving my new shape! The relatives remarked that I look 20 years younger. I didn't tell them about the surgeries cause I didn't want them to judge me. I just told them I watch what I eat and I've been walking daily - which I do.

I'm so glad I had the LBL after the TT instead of having everything done at once. I think it was easier to see exactly how much needed to come off around my hips. The extra surprise of having a perky butt certainly helps, too.

I haven't lost any weight since the LBL - just inches! About 4 around my hip area. Hey! I'll take it!

My clothes fit me so much better now. They hang nicely. No "love handles" sticking out. I've been wearing mostly dresses and stretchy skirts cause it's summer now. My pants are so big that even with a belt they fall off. I think I'm still a little swollen so I want to wait a while before I buy new pants. I have some leggings I can wear when it gets colder.

About the swelling. As you can see from some of my pics, I feel like I still have some swelling under my bra area (above my stomach) from when I had the TT last year. It's gone down some so I'm hoping it will continue to do so in the next few months. I think it's the meds I'm on for arthritis. It takes me a long time to heal, even from minor scrapes and injuries.

My incision area (from the TT and LBL) is still very red compared to other ladies who had surgery the same time I did. The scar isn't raised or puffy, just red. My backside is also a little swollen and still has that weird feeling. I wish my mons area was flatter but I can live with it. I think it kind of looks like a "Ken" doll. Maybe if I have any other work done in the future, I'll ask if it can be lipo'd.

Was it worth it? Most definitely! Even with the continued swelling, I'm very pleased with the outcome.

My husband continues to chase me around the house (LOL) and I get looks and compliments from men when I'm out walking. Mostly older men but, hey, I'll take the attention.

I'm going to see my doctor for a follow up in 2 weeks so I'll report back then.
Stamford Plastic Surgeon

Recently, I saw Dr. Passaretti for my 6 month TT follow up. He's always cheerful and has a wonderful sense of humor. Very down-to-earth and easy to talk with. At the follow up, I also got a consult for a body lift to get rid of the back rolls under my bra and on my hips. I originally thought lipo in these areas would fix the problem but Dr. Passaretti said I wouldn't be happy with those results because the rolls weren't fat - just excess skin from losing weight & loss of skin elasticity. He suggested getting a body lift, where he would cut off the excess skin and pull up my thighs and butt. This should give me a smoother back and backside. So glad Dr. Passaretti is my surgeon. I trust his professional opinion and his truthfulness of telling me not to undergo unnecessary surgeries. He's the best! Also, love his staff - especially, Gerri and Kelly. Always a pleasure dealing with both of them.

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