56 Year Old -- 37 Trays Plus Refinements to Look Forward To! - Danville, IL

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I am getting ready to begin tray 4 of at least 37...

I am getting ready to begin tray 4 of at least 37 trays. I am assuming that this entire process may take up to 2 years, but I am hoping for only 1 1/2 years. That will make me 57 year old, almost 58 when I am done! Yikes! Can I just say that I was a coffee all day long girl who was never without lipstick, and LOVED to snack in between meals before Invisalign? Oh I so hope all of these sacrifices are worth it. Right now my biggest complaint (aside from the previous mentioned woes) is the button that is on my fang tooth that makes it look like a double fang and the fact that I fight having a lisp. I teach third grade and I clearly hear a lisp, although my students don't say anything. My husband swears it's not as bad as I feel like it is, but I seriously am not looking forward to parent/teacher conferences this fall because of it. All of that being said, my dentist told me that I could switch trays every 10 days instead of 14. I was happy about that, but hope and pray that it will not endanger the final outcome. He has already said that I'm likely to need refinement trays. Yep, my teeth were (are) pretty much a mess. I love this reading this site and all of the reviews. You will all be the support I need for the next year and a half! Thank you!

Getting worse before getting better?

Yikes! I'm on tray five and my teeth are getting worse. I noticed this when the dentist showed me my ClinCheck. The final result put my mind at ease. Now that I'm on tray five and there's no going back, I'm worried. The dentist is widening my pallet and correcting my midline on the top. My front tooth is moving forward in a big way, and it ultimately will need to move back! Did anyone else's teeth get worse before they got better?

Tray eight

It's been awhile since I've updated. I'm now on tray eight out of 37 and things are going well. I did not file my last tray and my mouth didn't get sore from the edges. I was encouraged by that. My speech is still affected by a tiny lisp, which is almost the part I hate the most! My teeth are definitely moving. The problem is that I have so many teeth to move that each tray moves a few teeth just a tiny bit, but, boy oh boy, that slightest change feels so odd in my mouth! My tongue cannot wait to explore those changes whenever my trays aren't in. I still believe that my teeth look worse than when I started, but I'm hoping that's just part of the slow process. I am just encouraged by all of the movement. I actually have no pain at all -- just a tiny, tiny bit of pressure on days one and two. I also must say that by day seven I almost feel like the tray is loose. My doctor is letting me change trays every ten days, but I feel like I could do it even sooner. I wonder if anyone has done that with success? One thing I do a lot of is grinding my teeth together when my trays are in. I'm hoping this is okay and not affecting my progress any. I love this forum! Thanks to everyone for sharing.

Tray 14

I'm on tray 14 of 37. Things are going well. My teeth are surely moving. Unfortunately, they are moving forward. I realize that they must do this to straighten. In the end they will be pulled back in and hopefully straight!

I know that a 56 year old's elasticity above her lip is not that of a 20 year old and I'm beginning to notice the wrinkles around my top lip are worsening. I really am afraid that they will be horrible once my teeth begin moving back. Wonder what I will / can do about that when the time comes.

My lisp is getting less and less noticeable, although I can certainly still notice it. Also, in the beginning, I lost weight because I didn't eat as often. I still don't eat as often as I used to, but I find myself eating more!! Ha, ha! I'm still down several pounds, but the weight is increasing slowly but surely. :-)

I'm honestly second guessing my decision to get Invisalign. It's a BIG commitment. I'm just trying to keep my eye on the prize.

Tray 21 -- Looking better

Even though I have noticed small changes with every tray, I was not noticing that my teeth were looking much better. Last night, I took a picture and compared it to my before picture. I was pleasantly surprised. While I still have a long way to go, I see definite improvement! I guess my biggest complaint is that I have a LARGE 'button' on both of my 'fang' teeth, which were my worst teeth. I feel like the buttons might as well be big arrows saying LOOK, LOOK! Others say they are not that noticeable. Those would be my friends!! Bless their hearts! 16 more trays!! And then refinements, probably. :-/

Tray 29 / 37 IPRs Coming Soon!

The job of my trays recently has been to move my teeth forward to create space between my teeth. My teeth seem very 'buck' right now and look like they are taking up too much space in my mouth. I actually have a hard time keeping my lips together! I suppose this movement is to prepare for the six (6!!!) IPRs that I will have done next week. I've had one IPR and I made it through it just fine, but I am definitely not looking forward the next week's appointment. I am hoping that once the IPRs are done that my teeth will begin to move back and finish straightening. I have little faith that it can get all of that moving done in seven trays, but my fingers are crossed! I am really ready to be done with this or at the very least, get these humongous buttons off of my fang teeth! I'm wondering if I must have refinements if I will still have those buttons? I hope not... :-/

IPRs Done - Not as bad as I had anticipated

Well, I'm getting closer. Some might see today as a setback aesthetically, but I know it is a necessary evil! I'm actually excited how they look. Now it's possible for those last 8 trays to do their job. No more buck teeth! (Remember that I've been complaining that my teeth have been moving forward a lot. I felt like my teeth arrived minutes before I did when I entered a room!) Hopefully these last 8 trays will do it. Time will tell. The IPR procedure today was a piece of cake! I had six done and was seriously in the chair for less than 10 minutes. Much easier than my first one. I asked why and the hygienist said they had to use a burr file on my first one (at the beginning of my treatment) and these six IPRs required no burr file, just a normal one and that the file was the same size for all six teeth. It feels very odd to have the gaps between my teeth. My friend suggested we have a watermelon seed spitting contest! I'm in! Goal date of last tray: NOVEMBER; and then possible refinements, but the dentist said maybe not. And if I do have to have refinement trays he says it should be less than 10. Doable!

Done...I guess

After 37 tray, my dentist says that I'm done. My teeth are not perfect, but they are much, much better. My bite feels a bit off in the back right. I am told he will do some fancy word that I think equates to sanding some of the high spots on the back teeth to make them match up better. My bite is not horrible, but not as comfortable as it was before I started this process. Today I had a crown replaced on one of my 'fangs' with a temporary crown. On Dec. 3rd I get my permanent crown. After a few weeks, I will have my last set of impressions made so that I can have my last set of trays. I am eager to be done with the entire process! I won't lie. It seemed long and I absolutely hated the large button on my fang! Would I do it again? I would. But I still would hate that attachment and the lisp that seemed to come and go throughout the process!

What to do?

Well, my Invisalign treatment has an odd twist and I am needing opinions. My dentist left his practice one month before I was finished with what was to be my last tray. He indicated all along that I would likely need refinements, which would be included in my original cost. (Up to three refinements!) The new dentist just received her certificate to practice invisalign treatments. I was uncomfortable with someone so unexperienced finishing out my treatment. Luckily, that the same dental practice (Family Dental) had another office in town with a dentist who has multiple years of treating invisalign and was willing to pick up my case and continue on. He came highly recommended.

After my last tray and at my first appointment with the new dentist, he claimed that invisalign had done all it could do and that my treatment was complete. He took off my attachments, we discussed a crown replacement, and I was on my way. I was pretty pumped! I had two weeks to wait until my next appointment for the crown work. During those two weeks, I noticed that my bite felt off. I cannot explain it. It is not just my back teeth that feels off, but also my front bite. Even though I didn't cherish the idea of going through more trays I knew that the feel of my bite might bug me forever. So, I explained this to my dentist when I went back in to get a my temporary crown. Again, he looked at my teeth and said that Invisalign had done all it could do and sometimes the bite is off slightly and that his is off a bit too from his Invisalign treatments. He promised that he would do a bit of sanding on my back molars when we are done messing with my new crown and that should help. Here's what really bothers me. To my knowledge, he has not even looked at my Invisalign Clin Check to see my progress from beginning to end. While my bite really feels off and my mouth doesn't have a comfortable resting position, my teeth look OK. It would not be the worst thing in the world to do nothing, but I think my bite would bother me every day to a certain extent. Sooooo, my question is this: Have any of you experienced anything like this? If so, what did you do? Did you eventually get used to the new bite? To Invisalign users who have concluded their treatments - how's your bite? I am torn as to how much of a fit I throw. I'm not really comfortable with confrontation. I go back into the dentist office this Thursday, Dec. 3rd, to get my permanent crown. Should I mention my concerns yet again?

Love my doctor. Trust him and his staff wholly!

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