33 Years Old with 2 kids - TT, Breast explant with lift

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I'm currently breastfeeding my 10 month old, but...

I'm currently breastfeeding my 10 month old, but will be going back for further consultations once our breastfeeding journey is over. She destroyed my stomach & I'm looking forward to fitting into pants again without all the fuss & muss (muffin top, zippering up loose skin, etc.) I had a BA in 2009 & it did not hold up through 2 pregnancies - probably should have had a lift to start with, but my surgeon felt differently. Looking for feedback from other RS ladies.

Pre BA & kids

This is me back in 2008 or so, prior to my BA. I had gained/lost about 40+ pounds due to medication & lifestyle choices. My boobs seemed deflated, so I thought a BA would help. Despite asking about a lift as well, I was told it was unnecessary. My doc & I decided upon 400-450 cc to give me a full D or DD, which is what I had been at my heaviest. During surgery, the doc noticed my skin was still saggy with that size & chose to put in 600 cc in each breast rather than do a lift. Needless to say, time & pregnancy & breastfeeding has led to saggy/deflated breasts once again, except now they are also huge! Before getting pregnant I was a 32 G...no idea what I am now, but definitely bigger. I daydream about getting rid of these things! My neck, shoulders & back are always in pain, especially with the addition of stomach muscle separation.


Anyone else having or had trouble convincing their significant other that the surgery was worth the cost? My husband is very against it, as I'd be taking money from my IRA to pay for it. It's a lot of money - no doubt - but I feel that it would be worth it in the end. I imagine opening my closet and not having to worry about hiding this saggy skin with spanx....such a wonderful thing to look forward to.

3rd consultation

Went in for my 3rd consultation & really liked the doctor. Not keen on her reception staff, but that can be overlooked. Excited about the possibility of having surgery this summer, but nervous about spending so much money on myself.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I've been to 1 consultation with Dr. Ronan and will continue to consult with him until I decide upon a date for my procedure.

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