Laserlipo on Back & Love Handles: Painful but Great Results so Far - Danville, CA

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I had a TT last year 28 May 2009 and the doctor...

I had a TT last year 28 May 2009 and the doctor left me with a super flat stomach and love handles in the back. Anyway i went to a doctor in Danville and they suggested laserlipo. I took a valium the day before and the procedure was uncomfortable but it didn't hurt. i went in a 8 am and they took tons of pics and numbed me up.

I did love handles/flanks and they had to give me another valium in the middle of the procedure. I remember the whole thing but fuzzy. I just kept thinking, god let this be over because it was so weird, and a little uncomfortable. Afterwards, they put me into my garment and i was able to walk to my car.

I took vicodin only one time. and 1000 mg of tylenol every 6 hours on 2nd day. I'm 11 days out and only have 1 bruise the size of a small avocado(?) and same color and i'm sore more on that side, which i think is because i sleep on that side. I walked everyday like they told me and on day 8 I ran (slowly) a half a mile. On day 9 I ran 5 miles (slowly) and I actually felt so sore after but the next day ALOT of swelling was gone.

I am going to run only 2 miles and work out today and see how it goes. I have lost feeling in lots of places and there are many bumps that feel there are long skinny rods underneath the entire area. It weirds me out to feel it. So needless to say i'm not massaging the area. I'm going to go for a follow up next week and see what they say. I am now very bummed i didn't take any before/after pics for everyone.

Already my pants fit AWESOME and I think I see 90% of the result and i'm only 11 days out. I'm still generally sore, like a hard, hard workout w/falls included. but I think next week I will start feeling like a million bucks.

Leaking: I only leaked the first 10 hrs where i had to wear the maxi pads on the little holes. After the first 30 hrs or so i went to big bandaids and had some leakage but not changed bandages only 2x a day. Holes; 2 of the holes havent scabbed up yet. 1 looked like it was going to get infected (it looked like puss and white) but 2 days after the procedure i started putting neosporin on all of them and now it's the only hole that hasn't healed but it didn't get infected.

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