21 Years Old | 5'5 | 130 lbs | 450cc Silicone |Tuberous breast correction

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Hi! So my surgery is in exactly one week, on...

Hi! So my surgery is in exactly one week, on September 2nd. I'm having a breast lift to correct the shape of my mildly tuberous breasts and getting implants. I'm 5'5 130lbs and I wear a 34B but I always wear push-up bras. My goal is to be full C-small D. My main concern is the shape, I just want them to be nice and round instead of pointy. I'm getting moderate plus profile implants under the muscle, and I believe we are doing 400cc's. For the lift he is going to make an incision around the nipple but the implants are going in through my armpit. I'm just nervous about the size being exactly what I want- hopefully they won't be too big or too small! I have wanted this surgery ever since I was probably 13 or 14. I've never liked my boobs. I'm beyond excited but I don't think it will hit me until I'm actually on my way to get it done on Friday. Today was my pre op, we just reviewed everything I decided on and filled out paperwork and I had to pay the balance. I'll update you guys after the surgery!

Boobie inspo

Here are a few photos of what I would like to look like. Surgery is only three days away, I'm beyond excited and super impatient!!

Day 1 - 425cc mod plus implants sub muscular

My surgery was at 6am and I was on my way home by 9am. I had a two hour drive home and the bumps in the road didn't even hurt because of all the pain meds that she gave me through the IV. When I got there the assistant had me change into a gown and then lay down on a bed in the recovery room. She inserted the IV which didn't even hurt it just felt like a baby bee sting. I'm not sure if she then put in all the different medicines or put iodine all over the area, I can't remember the order. I remember there were multiple medications to help with nausea and she put in one for pain too. The anesthesiologist came in and explained everything that he would be doing to me. My surgeon came in and marked me up and went to prep the room and then the assistant put in another medicine that they said would relax me but that's the last thing I remember. I would've been scared if I knew when they were putting me to sleep so I'm glad they did it that way! I also was never awake in the surgery room which I'm relieved about, I was only awake before and after in the recovery room. When I woke up I wasn't in any pain and it seemed like I had only been asleep for a minute lol but everything was all done. I was a little shaky before the surgery due to nerves and when I woke up I was a little bit shaky from the anesthesia and I felt a little bit cold but they had some kind of heater warming me up under the blankets which helped a lot. They showed me my results which I can already tell are amazing even though the implants are high. We ended up doing 425cc moderate plus profile under the muscle. They brought my boyfriend back into the recovery room and showed him the results as well and then explained to us the aftercare and when to take all the different prescription meds. After that I was sent on my way! I got home at about 11am and it's 4pm now. Still not in any pain really, my chest just feels tight and my sternum area underneath my boobs feels sore. I also had a labiaplasty done at the same time so I will most likely end up adding another review about that. I took a Norco right before taking a nap at about 12pm and haven't taken another one since then but I'm about to take another one because I want to stay on top of the pain meds. I'll update as time goes on but so far so good! I'm so happy! I will be showering tomorrow so I'll try to take a few pictures.

correction of my last update!

My implants are actually 450cc, not 425. I couldn't figure out how to edit the last update

Day 2/3

I had a hard time sleeping the night of the surgery and my back was hurting really bad. I woke up at about 5am really uncomfortable, took a Norco, and was dozing in and out of sleep until about 7am when I moved to the couch and used my heating pad which has been a life saver. The pain was the worst in my back and my sternum, which was bruised. It's still bruised today but looks a lot better than yesterday. It just feels like a lot of pressure and hurts to use any of my stomach muscles to sit up or anything like that. Also yesterday right after I went pee I noticed my left armpit felt wet and that it was bleeding quite a bit. My boyfriend came in and we started changing the gauze that the nurse put under my chest strap. Seeing the blood made me really lightheaded and I had to sit down and drink water twice while he was replacing my gauze and putting the strap back on. There was some coagulated blood on the old gauze and my boyfriend called the nurse just to make sure that was normal since the bleeding started out of nowhere (I may have it irritated it when I flushed the toilet though). The nurse said that some bleeding is normal as long as it isn't constant, and that my left side was really tight during the surgery, which is the side that was bleeding. I could have taken a shower yesterday but after seeing all the blood I didn't want to have to take off the gauze and the strap again so I skipped the shower. I'll probably take one tonight. I've also noticed that the meds have been making me really emotional hahaha I think I'm just frustrated because I'm a control freak so it's hard to not to be able to do anything myself. My boyfriend has been amazing though and is taking really good care of me, I just feel beyond annoying asking him for something every 5 minutes. Last night I slept much better, I took a Norco and a Xanax right before bed to help relax me. I also had my heating pad in bed which I didn't do day 1. My back barely hurt throughout the night but I still woke up in the middle of the night feeling pressure and tightness on my chest/sternum area so I took a Norco and fell back asleep until about 11am. I feel so much better since I had a good nights sleep. Today I'm much less sore and the bruise in between my boobs is still there but looks a lot better. I'm bruised all on the left side of my torso and a little bit on my arm next to my armpit which I'll try to take a picture of later, but I don't feel any pain in those areas. The bruising next to my armpit makes sense because that's where my implants were inserted, and the lift was done with an incision going around my nipples. All the bruising I have is a light reddish color, nothing dark. I have been taking 3 arnica tablets three times a day, and bromelain once a day as well. Not sure if it's helping but I normally bruise really easily so I think is! Here is a picture I took in bed right when I woke up. You can see the light bruising in between my boobs, it was definitely a darker red color yesterday so I'm glad I'm making progress! Also the gauze with blood on it is from the day of the surgery, we just turned it inside out since the other side was still clean.

New under boob!

The shape of my boobs before was sooo pointy and I never had a slope below my boob, it just came out straight if that makes sense. Already so happy with how they look!! I don't think they look like 450cc but I'm sure they'll look bigger once they drop and fluff

Day 5

Just woke up and feeling way better today! I finally got out of the house yesterday which was nice but I was super tired the whole time and just wanted to go home and nap lol. Yesterday I only took Norco when I woke up and again before bed and I wasn't in any pain throughout the day. I also took my first shower last night which was fine but I didn't like the feeling of not having the strap on. My chest just felt really heavy and insecure without it. I woke up about an hour ago and I'm not in any pain whatsoever so maybe today I won't need any Norco at all! I have been constipated ever since the surgery so the sooner I can get off the pain meds the better! My boobs are looking better but they're still far apart- I'm a hairstylist and the nurse said all hairstylists have really tight chest muscles so it's going to take a while for the muscle to relax and let them come closer together. I also noticed my right boob and nipple is more swollen than the left side but I'm not concerned because I know that's completely normal thanks to this website! I'm getting so anxious for them to start softening and to take this strap off! I've also noticed some itchiness since yesterday

Day 7

Update photo! I'm getting even more excited with how they're starting to look. Today I had my post op! The first half of the two hour drive was hell but then I think my body got used to it because it stopped hurting. My doctor took away my boob strap and doesn't want me to wear a bra for three weeks- that's definitely the best rule I've ever had to follow!!! I've never been able to not wear a bra because of the shape of my boobs. It just looked like I had two little cones hiding under my shirt hahaha. Today not wearing a bra felt amazing and I loved the shape. The only thing is my nipples are still really swollen so they definitely poke out of my shirt a lot!! After my appointment I went to target and bought some bralets and reusable gel pasties to wear for the next three weeks. I have to start massaging my boobs ten times per day which feels weird but isn't painful at all. I'm just excited for them to soften up and come closer together!! Yesterday was my first day without taking any Norco. I'm not in any more pain, the only thing that is still uncomfortable is my back! Does anyone know what to do to make it feel better?

Update photo!

My right boob (your left) looks fuller and definitely has more side boob which I'm in love with, so I can't wait for the other one to match it!

15 days since surgery

Curious to see if my new honkers have dropped at all!

Hi guys! I don't really have much to update you all on. I've been back at work for a couple weeks now and haven't had any issues. My first week back I was just really tired but no pain or anything. I was a little worried since I am a hairstylist and am constantly moving around and having my arms raised, so I was definitely relieved when it was easy to be back at work! I started going stir crazy being cooped up in the house all the time. My incisions in my armpits are looking WAY better, and almost all of my bruising has cleared up. I only have one little one on the side of one breast. I have been massaging them at least 10 times per day, and they are definitely getting softer! They are still a little hard to the touch but when I squeeze them I don't think they even feel fake- phew! Can't wait for them to be completely healed. I have had a bit of boob greed thinking they may be on the small side, but my implants are 450cc so I'm sure once they drop they will look fuller and be perfect. I already love them so much and as cheesy as it sounds my doctor has really changed my life! I no longer have anything to be self conscious of. I love the shape and I think they look amazing. It's just crazy looking at my before pictures and looking at them now! Even if they don't appear any larger once they drop I will still be beyond happy with them. My doctor did an amazing job and made them look very proportionate with my body. Having boobies has motivated to hit the gym hard once I'm ready and able! I definitely need to do some squats to balance out the boobs hahaha. Hope recovery is going well for all you ladies :) I'm uploading more photos to see if there are any differences from my previous photos!

A little worried about my incisions!

Hi guys! I just trimmed some more of my steri strips and I'm a little bit worried about the incision line on my left boob. Does everything look okay? I'm sure I would know if it was infected but I am worried about scarring/separation. The skin on the problem area is dry and crusty (gross lol). I have my next post op on Thursday but if anyone could give me some peace of mind until then that would be amazing!

27 days post op

30 days post op

Update photos

I feel like my implants are taking forever to drop!


Bra size 32DD!

I am now the bra size I've always dreamed of being!! Up until now I had been nervous about my implants not being big enough, but now that they are dropping more and more I am beginning to see how perfect they really are! I went to Victoria's Secret to get my first underwire bra and I LOVE how it fits and makes my new boobies look!

Update photos! Starting to see more progress

Getting happier with my results every day! I'm anxiously waiting for the redness on my incisions to go away, the puffy nipples to go away, and I feel like I still have a lot more dropping and fluffing to do! Still hoping they will look a little fuller once they are completely healed. I know it's a long process I'm just so impatient haha. Also haven't been putting anything on my incisions, I've seen a lot of women say that scars heal perfectly on their own. I'll probably go get some scar sheets soon though. I'm still trying to be good about my massages 10x/day, it's hard to remember since they're already soft and squishy!

Boobie blues

Hi ladies! I've been feeling a bit discouraged lately. I feel like my implants are taking so long to drop, and that most women look a lot better at their 11 week mark than I do. I'm still really hoping that they will look bigger and fuller once they're completely healed, but I'm not sure if I can count on that. I feel like 450cc's looks smaller on me than it does on anyone else with a similar pre-op size. I am hoping healing is just taking longer for me because I was tuberous? I wonder if there is anything I can do to speed up the process a little bit. I have heard muscle relaxers can help. Also I am worried that my scars aren't going to heal well. One side looks widened and I'm not sure if that will go away. I don't want to be that annoying person being over dramatic calling my doctors office. It's just been really hard to be patient when I thought I would have better progress by now.

Finally got scar strips!

I think the brand I got is called scar away? I'm sure it takes a while to see results but I like wearing them so I can't see my incisions lol

New tit pic

First new bikini with the girls!

Before surgery I would only wear mega push up bikini tops which made my selection limited and weren't comfortable at all! I just got my first post op bikini- NO PADDING! Never thought I would see the day!! Thank god for plastic surgery lol!

Some more dropping and fluffing!!

I feel like my boobs are getting bigger and bigger as they're dropping and fluffing, which I'm happy about!! I think 450cc was the perfect size- they're definitely big but not like BAM boobs in your face. The shape is also improving so much! Should I still be massaging my implants? The only thing I'm concerned about at this point is my puffy nipples!!! I know it's completely normal to have the puffiness, but I'm 4 1/2 months post op... is it something I should be worried about or will it go away within a couple of months? The puffy nipples give the appearance that my boobs are still pointy shaped, but when I push in my nipples and flatten them the shape of my boob is PERFECT. Just want to make sure that my areolas will flatten over time because then I will think they are legit perfect lol

Not happy with how my scars are healing :(

Any insights? I have been trying to be really patient hoping the funkiness will go away on it's own but I'm 7 1/2 months post op and it's starting to make me want to schedule another appt to get my doctors opinion. Thoughts please? :(

Photos to go with last update

Dr. Steve Ronan

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