48 and finally getting a Lift with no implants, also a no drainage Tummy Tuck - Danville, CA

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I've had larger breasts since I was a teenager -...

I've had larger breasts since I was a teenager - D, DD and larger. I've gained weight, lost weight but never lost my breasts. At first I didn't like it, I was bothered by the size and how I wasn't able to wear certain things. There were always clothing problems, sleeping problems, problems with working out etc. However, in the last 13 years or so I made peace with my girls. I enjoyed being a petite small framed female with naturally larger breasts. They started making pretty bras, and clothing that looked good on my body shape.. but.... now gravity has taken its toll and my once voluptuous and lovely breasts are sad little balloons when I take my bra off.
I've wanted to "fill them up with air" for years but honestly, TERRIFIED.Scared of the surgery. I got a referral to see Dr Ronan at Blackhawk Surgery so I made the appointment for the consult. He was professional, he made notes, asked me several questions before suggesting that a lift was what I was looking for. I thought I'd need a lift with implants but he assures me that I have enough tissue to keep the volume but make them happier again, I don't need the implants. There were several times that I asked about the implants, but he continued to assure me that I just needed the lift. That made me feel better because he didn't try to upsell me or add something he didn't think I needed.
We talked about a few other things and he sent Brette to me to go over options financially and otherwise. I set a scheduled surgery date of 12/30/15 since it gives me time for the healing process (he said about 1 -2 weeks, but I could go back to work in about 1). I am trying not to talk myself out of it, I've wanted it done for so long but I'm scared. Any input from the forum? words of wisdom?

Had my pre op today - burst into tears ... do I add tummy tuck????

I went to Dr. Ronan's for my pre op, during the paperwork discussions with the nurse I completely broke down in tears. I must have bawled for 15 mins. The nurse was so patient and sweet with me. I asked Dr. Ronan during my time with him about fat transfer - wondered if I could get it from my stomach to my butt... Just a little push if you will. After taking a look at my stomach he concluded that I didn't have enough fat (which I guess is a good thing...) to really have the outcome I was hoping for in a transfer. He suggested a tummy tuck instead. Said I could do the Breast Lift and the TT at the same time. He does the non drainage tube method of stitching which i've read is fairly new but good. I would have a catheter. He thinks I'll have a better result and be happier. Said its common to get both a lift and TT at the same time. It would add about a week more for recovery for me (and I mean to go back to work). I have until next week to decide but I'm so... uncertain. Not of the surgeon, or the outcome - but of me. My motivation. Whether I would do it for the wrong reasons.
Wondered if anyone had both at the same time? What thoughts were?
On the lift ... so its going to be a Lollipop incision, no implants just the lift. I bought some button up pajamas and zip up fleece shirts to wear. I went to Walmart to try to find the zip up sports bra.. and REALLY??? can't find them ANYWHERE. So frustrated ... so I bought Snoopy fleece pants that say "POW" and "BLAM" on them, along with Dr Seuss fleece pants. The nurse told me to come comfortable and she suggested I wear a comfy robe, zip up hoodie, sweat pants and slippers. So I now have a comfy soft hooded bathrobe,Snoopy pants, slippers and a zip up shirt to wear for surgery day. I have an appt to get my underarms, and legs waxed the day before so I don't have to worry about that. I have Tylenol, I bought an Ironman/Captain America body pillow for sleeping and if I could find those dumb bras I'd feel better.

So much to do ... and time keeps running out?

Knowing that I won't be able to do a lot for the next 3-6 weeks minimum - I'm frantically trying to do housecleaning, laundry, garage work... I keep looking at my clothes and trying to see which ones are button up or zip up, putting them on the lower part of my closet. Going through and seeing what pantry items to put at waist height instead of higher etc. I don't have a recliner, so I ordered a wedge pillow to try to sleep more upright, and I have 4 on my bed I can use under my knees. Worried about healing, about sleeping, how to eat, taking a shower, cleaning, taking care of my dogs, about whether I'll be ready to go back to work in 2 weeks. I hate relying on people so this will be challenging no doubt, I have no choice. I took some photos this week so they are the before. Was sobering but I see them and know I just gotta get through this and come out the other side.

Two days to go

I find I'm restless, emotional and not sleeping. I can understand why they prescribe and recommend Xanax for the night before ... I've been all over the place the last few days. Now its only 2 days away from the surgery and I'm feeling so many things. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm overwhelmed - I want to cancel, I want to get it over with. I worry that I will be in a lot of pain, unable to eat, be nauseous, that the results won't be good, that I'm being foolish, vain and insecure. I go over and over my checklist:
I got my medications filled.
got a bottle of Miralax
someone cleaning the house tomorrow morning
doing one last load of laundry tonight
bought soups, broths, crackers, ginger ale, water, animal crackers, greek yogurt, bread
moving common access items to waist high (easy access, no reach)
all button up and zip up shirts on lower part of closet for easy reach, slip on relaxed pants
button up pajamas, fuzzy warm socks
armchair pillows to sit upright comfortably
Hibeclens soap
About a dozen various sports bras - I went to 5 Walmarts, 4 Targets, Sports Authority, 3 Ross, 2 Kohl's, Amazon and Ebay - it is flippin' HARD to find front zip sports bras in my size... I found some options that I'll take to my PS but really....
Taking multi vitamins, and vitamin C

I need to look at the pictures again, remind myself why I want to do this. and yes, I want this, not anyone else.

My thoughts are a thousand miles a minute.

What were those stages again??!!

I've definitely said "Wtf was I thinking " several times in the last 48 hours. I'm impressed that women were up and walking, eating and trying on things by this time.
I felt victory today because I walked to the bathroom today and also to the living room (much to my nephews delight). Not much of an appetite but I'm eating. I don't sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time - even with Xanax or pain meds. My back is killing me from being on it so I'm grateful to be moving.
It's better today - definitely better. I've made progress but wow / no where near so many women on here. Can't wait for things to progress. Doc said I did great and it went well.
I've made it to the living room to sit on the recliner- I didn't pee on myself last night but only because I had someone to help me sit up. Keeping it real for y'all - shower today !

The Shower - it got personal between the water and I today....

I got hosed down by my mother after the 3rd day post op. I felt like one of the dogs as I huddled cold and hunched over, naked while she pointed the water at me with the hand shower head. The bandages could be removed, not the steri strips, but the ones on my boobs were kinda stuck to me after 3 exhaustive days and a sports bra enclosure. So she sprayed at me to wet them down until they came off on their own. Neither of us wanted to pull.. my nipples were behind there.
I think she got a small sense of enjoyment at my cowering and yet it was unnerving for her to see me so vulnerable, its been many years since she was able to bathe me (thankfully for both of us?) she didn't even comment on the tattoo I got in September. But it was warm water with Hibeclens soap after 3 icky days and it felt SOOOOO good.
She washed my hair and helped me shower a second time before she had to return home but today, today was my first shower alone. I set the stool down and reached over to grab the shower head that she had left down for me. My pathetic attempt to shampoo my hair was just that, I could straighten up and I couldn't lift my hands that high but I gave it a valiant effort! I stood to use the anti bacterial soap and let the shower head go to the floor - and it didn't like that. So it pointed the water straight at my face and hit me blindingly with more than warm water. I flapped and flailed and tried to get it out of my face only to successfully have the water point towards an opening in the shower curtain... to my dismay the water was hitting the wall outside the curtain and all over the floor so I tried again to move it. Why didn't I just turn it off? Because for some reason my shower doesn't like to get warm again once you turn it off then turn it back on, as any of my previous bath soaking experiences will vouch for. I had to get that damn water pointing under my stool or at the curtain itself.
As I stepped out and grabbed a towel, I have to admit, I felt victorious. I had showered alone and survived, even with the water hitting my girly parts square in the ... um.. eye.
I haven't napped in the last two days, I didn't sleep last night other than like an hour or two. I couldn't get comfortable. I walk as much as I can around the house (its raining like crazy here) but today I got on the treadmill twice for 2 brief times at a slow pace but it was walking. I got my dogs outside and fed, got myself fed and - I'm still able to get up at night to pee, although its a flippin challenge.
I haven't taken pain meds since the third day, Tylenol only when I'm ready for bed.
For God's sake... DON'T SNEEZE. DON'T COUGH. It makes you want to punch someone in the throat. There's no way around it when it comes but f*#@%s sake... it's painful.
Tomorrow is my post op appointment.

Itchy nipples and comparisons

As women we always are too hard on ourselves, aren't we? And so critical of each other too. I've even seen it on this site, where we tear each other down and its seems so hard to just support each other. Make each other feel supported in their personal decisions.
Plastic surgery is primarily (not always) because we want to look better, and ultimately feel better about ourselves. We have our own thoughts about what is or isn't the ideal and we often strive for it.
That's why I did this, I didn't like how I looked. I didn't feel good about myself regardless of what I tried to do, or what anyone might have thought. It was about me and for me.
In the last 2 weeks I've often wondered what was wrong with me? Why did I hate myself so much? Why couldn't I just accept who I was? It was a conversation I had to have with my mom and my sister as well.
So here I am - 12 days out and far better than those first few days of dry heaving, pain, inability to sleep, back pain and abdominal swelling and pressure. If I sneeze, it hurts, but it doesn't burn a searing hole through the middle of me. I'm standing upright 97% of the time, I can take a shower and even semi wash my hair, I drove to the store today, I swept my kitchen floor and I can sleep 2-3 hours at a time. I haven't taken pain medication since day 4 and only take tylenol before I go to bed.
I had a hysterical crying fit last week because I felt like my boobs were too small. I was a 32G before the surgery and hadn't been smaller than a FF or DDD for twenty years. I'm small framed, and the girls - they did not look good. My sister said "Your boobs are NOT that small" and yet here I was, looking at them and convinced I had made a terrible mistake. I was ok being busty - It was a part of me and I was ok with that. I was afraid I had lost that. Despite the fact that the sports bras and my $6 cozy bra from Walmart were still large and extra large - Problem is, I am used to seeing them on my stomach, not actually up... higher.
My nipples itch. OMG they itch.... and so do the underneaths and in between. I rub gently and don't scratch. I know itching is a sign of healing but wow.... THEY ITCH. HOW DO I STOP MY NIPPLES FROM ITCHING???? The steri strips are still in place, for both the anchor incisions and my tummy tuck. Only one has come off by itself and I'm not in any hurry to remove any of them. Makes me nervous so I leave 'em alone, just like the PS office told me too. They said they'd come off on their own though, in about 10 days. That ain't happenin so I wonder... again... is there something wrong? Why are mine still on ?
So, to recap - I'm still swollen, my left breast still has a hard area at the top, my underarms hurt, my nipples itch and so does the underside of my breasts and in between them. I sleep 2-3 hours at a time which means I'm a tired cranky mess by 6 am. I can eat about 1/2 of what I used to so I need to make sure I'm eating regularly and healthy - I was at a fine weight I don't need to lose more. I am drinking a ton of water each day to stay hydrated. When I lay down, my breasts don't fall to the sides and get caught under my armpits - they are still... there. When I bend over, they don't sag and flail in the wind. They're still swollen and need some shaping but... its been less than 2 weeks.
Maybe I'll look back on this in a month and be like "ooooh silly me, how impatient you were!"

Steri strip down

So my steri strips were supposed to come off on their own - but in two weeks only two have come off. The nurse wants me to get In the shower get soapy and pull them off .... I'm terrified to do this!! She says it's ok but I'm cringing at having to pull them off ... Anyone else had to do this?
I also have to go in to have them check my belly swelling. She said they expect it but want to check to make sure it's good. I'm feeling bummed today.

Am I normal? Is this how it's supposed to be?

I keep asking myself those things. I've read and re read and remembered all the questions before this and I have to remind myself it's been 3 weeks. That's a pretty heavy duty thing to do to your body. So I strive to be positive - to consider healing time. I am determined to drink tons of water, to move around, to rest during the night and to eat as well as I can. I've added 1000mg of Bromelin per day to my vitamin routine because I read it's good for healing and swelling. I double bind during the day - one gal mentioned it's helped her with backaches, that 2 pm slump and swelling. On the third day of that...
I am better - I'm just impatient, and nervous and comparing myself constantly to everyone else.
Am I normal? Is this how I'm supposed to look? Will I always feel like this? I push those thoughts away as often as I can and replace them with a deep breath and healing thoughts.
The steri strips still haven't come off my nipples, but the PS said to leave them they will fall off on their own, so I leave them. My TT incision seems to be healing fine, I have one stupid scab on the right that is hanging and HURTS like a b*&% when it catches on something - that's why I put the band aid there. I still have swelling in the tummy and by 3pm I'm so tight and heavy in my abdomen. I have a couple of pants that are a size too big that I wear for comfort, and I just found what I can wear to work comfortably. I pee every 5 minutes it seems from the copious amounts of water I drink. I'm able to sleep for a small amount of time on my side, which is a great relief to my back! Not much bruising on my breasts, some of the incisions are icky looking and scare me so I hope they will heal well. My nipples are sensitive - mind you I can't really feel anything I don't think but clothing... will just make me want to rip someone's hair out. It feels SO good to get in the shower with nothing on and let that warm water rush over me. My skin is so happy then before I bind it all up. I still don't eat much but that's ok, I just need to make sure I'm eating healthy.

Stitches seem to be poking out???

Ok so yesterday I noticed on my left hip what at first looked like a scab. I scratched lightly at it and then took a closer look - it was thread. A stitch?? At the very end of my hip incision. I put a small bandaid over it and decided to ask Wednesday at my PS appt.
Today after my shower I was drying off and patting off my incisions - I felt something under my breast so I used my phone to see better... Another end incision with what appears to be a stitch ??!!!
What does this mean!????

What I learned, what I liked and what I wish I had a heads up about

Let's see... what I would recommend, and what worked for me:
1) Get waxed, legs and girly parts so you don't have to worry about it. (I'm SO glad I did)
2) if you don't have one, rent a lift chair with power that will help you get up and down. You won't have core muscles or use and your back will kill you laying in bed for 3 days (mine did).
3) if you're going to be in your bed, make sure you have a wedge pillow, lots of pillows to support
4) Get or accept all the help you are offered - have someone clean the house and do all the laundry beforehand, have someone come back 2-3 weeks later to clean. Someone who can help prepare small meals for you, or consider Mama's meals for delivery.
5) Have a massage therapist come to your house with a chair once a week - give you a back rub. Your back will thank you. (mine did and was so grateful)
6. Have some spare compression garments for when you break up with your binder. Spanx and Assets are good. I ended up buying a couple of pairs of Post Op panties from Amazon.
7) Eat healthy - high protein, low fat, low salt, lots of water, get a multi vitamin regimen ready.
8) apparently dissolvable stiches could poke out of your incisions, don't freak out.
9) some of the scabs hurt like a m*&%fkr and will linger as long as they can.. cover with a band aid so they don't catch on anything and make you want to punch someone when it catches.
10) coughing, laughing and sneezing after TT will make you feel like you're dying. So will trying to take a deep breath - try, TRY not to do them but if you do, hold a pillow to your abdomen and make the attempt to be gentle. You will want to punch someone in the throat, resist that urge...
11) If you sleep in your bed, have a tray of pain meds, medications, animal crackers and full water within easy reach. You won't have the energy or ability to stretch much.
12) sleep as much as you can those first 3 or 4 days. set your timer to go off every 4 hours and make sure you or your caregiver are taking the meds - even if you think you don't need pain meds, take them.
13) Have Tylenol PM 500 mg on hand for when you are done with your pain meds but still have to sleep - you won't be comfortable, you will have to pee alot but the Tylenol will help you get some rest.
14) Start taking a laxative like Milk of Magnesia the 2nd or 3rd day - you will be so happy you did so. Continue for up to 6 weeks. Trust me, you will cry with joy.
15) DON'T compare yourself, your healing to anyone else - you are uniquely you and your body will heal in it's own time.
16) Buy hibeclens soap - it's pricey at Walgreens but worth it as you get to shower. You will feel better knowing you are cleaning your incisions with an antibacterial soap. I usually wash my hair first, then condition it - then I wash other parts before ending with the hibeclens. That way if any shampoo or conditioner gets in the way... I soap it out.
17) Let yourself feel ALL of it. The excitement, the happiness, the frustration, the depression, the anger - allow it. And if you don't have a safe place to vent, come here, vent to us cause we get it.
I spent crying time because I wasn't in the gym, or running marathons, or wearing new clothes by week 2. I'm still swollen, I still get tight in my abs, heaviness - aching by 3pm every day. I drive but if I am in one spot for too long, I ache. I still take Tylenol PM at night so I can sleep, I still sleep slightly elevated on my legs because it's so stretched and achy so that helps me. I change into fluffy big pj pants at home that are comfortable over my compression garment. I wonder if I'll ever feel normal again, if I'll look like those "after" pictures, I'm tired of not being able to clean my own house or sit in traffic, or be grumpy after a few hours. But I'm 3 weeks out. Only 3 weeks - and it's major surgery. So I need to allow myself what ever I need to allow.

"Do they look creepy?"

It's been a few days. I had to walk away from all this a bit. I confess I fell into my emotions quite a bit. They are no joke - I felt depressed and overwhelmed.
I went to my PS for a post op looksie - my steri strips STILL were on so he told me to go ahead and take them off. AUUUUGHHHH I was in the shower and slooooowwwwllllly peeling them off, cringing. I know it's crazy but I just kept thinking about my nipples coming off. Then as I dried off from the shower I looked at them - and felt hot stinging tears falling out uncontrollably. It all was there again - "What had I done? Why had I done it?" I didn't want to be seen, have anyone see what I had done.
Healing is such a long process from all this. They warn you about your emotions - you read about it on here but I'm not sure there is anything that prepares a woman to see herself and to feel not quite herself. It's an invasive process, and the healing part is long - it isn't over night even if we see changes right away. The scars, the scabbing, the swelling - aches, pains, stamina - I had to walk away, take a deep breath and spend some time allowing myself to feel all the feels. I was fortunate that someone in the RS community reached out via message and shared her story with me, and some photos. She is a few weeks ahead and I see the light at the end of the tunnel because of her.
Right after I removed the strips, my breasts still looked pretty scary but just a few days later they looked better. I know from others that it takes time. The bruising heals, the incisions heal and the scarring gets better. Same for my tummy - I can already see the pleating is better, the swelling is less. I get odd feelings sometimes, aches and ouchies - but I don't panic. I am trying to push away negative condemning thoughts and replace them with healing positive ones. Mental state is just as important as your physical. Nothing prepares you for it but it's very important to getting better.
The breasts are sensitive - sometimes it killed me just to have a shirt on. I wear my $6 Hanes bra from Walmart that is unlined and comfortable and double bind my tummy until night time. I'm still on my vitamin regimen- taking my Biomega, Chelated, mega antioxidant, and then take Bromelin 2x a day on an empty stomach. Lots of water, LOTS of water. Then at night I take 2 Tylenol PMs so that I can rest. Otherwise the soreness of my tummy bothers me, and the sensitivity of my breasts keeps me awake.
I can sleep on my side about an hour at night which is AWESOME, and I only wake up once during the night.
I am going to try wearing regular work clothes this week - wish me luck!

6 weeks out - I wonder when I'll stop questioning myself!!? (or do you ever?)

Ladies ladies... I am grateful that between week 5 & 6 I feel like I've turned a corner! My swelling has decreased, my stamina has increased and I have moments of ouchie but I feel like I could actually start working out a little again. (I've missed it, it was a stress reliever for me). I'm not completely there but I am back at work full time, and driving home doesn't make me want to strangle someone. I can ACTUALLY make it to 9pm before I want to crawl into bed and sleep for a few years.
I don't have much of an appetite by 6pm so dinner is usually a protein shake, a bowl of cereal or a peanut butter sandwich. I'm taking the Bromelain 2x a day (500 mg each time) and my vitamins. I am still eating 80% clean but damn that pizza last week was so good. I managed 2 small slices and a Angry Orchard Hard Apple Cider - I felt a little naughty but ... let's face it, I wanted it as much as it wanted me.
I can tell you ... I originally went for a BL consult and I kept telling the PS I am used to my size, I've been busty since I was 16, I don't want to be a size C or B (I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that it's just that I wasn't used to it and it wasn't what I wanted. PS is a personal choice and decision!!) I kept telling him I wanted to look like I had a bra on even when I didn't have one on but I wanted to keep my size. I was nervous about just the lift with no implants but I trusted his judgment.
More than once I felt myself panic - were they too small? My boobs looked so small??? Maybe I should have gotten implants?? Am I small now? should I have insisted on implants???? I have cried and cried looking at them, washing them and feeling if they were heavy or not. My sister and my friend told me I was crazy, they were fine, they were still "big" but I couldn't see it. A guy I've spent time with was like "OMG are you crazy, you were fine before but you are still a small framed girl with big boobs" Even with all that, I was insecure. A friend of mine who is a photographer showed me the set of pictures she took of me in September and I kept thinking "They looked good here, why did I think I needed to fix them?" I've been busty for so long - what if that was gone, was I still me? It sounds crazy,I know - esp since it was a lot of skin. I can SEE that in those before pictures. I just couldn't stop my thoughts!
My niece took me to Victoria's Secret - I haven't been in there for years and years. they didn't carry my size bra, I wore a 32G. She walked around with me and picked out a few for me to try. The girl who worked there said she could measure me for a size - I told her I had surgery and wasn't sure what I was anymore. She was about 12 (haha no I know but she was young!!) and so nice about taking my measurement - I was relieved!! and despite my misgivings she sized me at a 32 DDD. They may LOOK smaller, and they are but they are still my girls, just higher. I came home and put on some of my old bras, most do not fit anymore, but a couple do. I also put on a dress I've never been able to wear. I bought it last year, still has the tags on it - it was on clearance for a crazy price and so I HAD to get it. I have never worn it because I couldn't find a strapless bra that fit. I ran home and tried it on ... without a bra... it fits... without a bra. I can wear it! I have no idea WHERE but I CAN!!!!

One more

I forgot this before and after, and RS won't let you add a photo without this... sorry.

Did anyone else get the WORST pain in their boobs 2 months later????

OK so 2 nights ago I woke up at 3am with the sharpest pain in my right breast. Really stabbing ouchie pain from underneath and then on the top right and into my underarm. I would move or turn and it would hit me again!! The next day, just sore. On the top right and into my under arm. I know nerves have to reconnect so the stabby thing I figured was nerves but two days later my right arm is super sore and its sore into my under arm and down a bit. I have some fleeting pain in my breast here and there but not at all like it was. Since I'm right handed I have been conscious of limitations with doors, typing or moving something. The later in the night the more sore I get - right now it is hard to lift my arm up too high.
I called the PS, the soreness they think is likely to a pulled muscle and I can take aleve for it, as well as ice it. It does help when I take some and I've pulled muscles before so it takes awhile.
I have to admit this has thrown me for a loop. I didn't have pain with my BL, the itching was the worst part of it. I was taken by surprise when the pain hit me and the discomfort and soreness of the last two days has frustrated me.
Anyone else experienced this or similar?
On a lighter note, I bought a bathing suit top at Target and I've NEVER been able to do that. I also tried on other dresses that I wanted to wear but couldn't. My spitting stitches have all come off, the incisions are healing well, and I have a small drawer of bras. I'm back to wearing all my regular clothes, I'm 90% back to normal. I got the clearance from the PS to get massages, chiro and do work outs again. Of course the workouts have to be no core work, careful of the weights (esp with the boob thing now and no, I haven't done any work outs yet so that isn't the cause of it). I'm looking forward to making more progress.

It's not that I can't see

I confess - I've avoided posting an update on here. First because the changes aren't as frequent and also because as I head into this stage, other than nerves firing off that make my boobs feel like a hot iron is poking at them now and again - there isn't much to report.
It will be 4 months for me at the end of this month; I have a follow up with the PS next week (the first since early Feb). He urged me to give it 3 months at least, he said my body was going to go through many changes and healing; he didn't want me to freak out like I was. He was right about that. The spitting stitches were common, and they eventually went away. My scars were scary at first but they are all healing nicely (no scar therapy yet, just letting them do their thing) - my nipples did NOT fall off as I thought they might.
I made myself look at the photos and see my before and then progress. I think it's my expectation about things. I am second-guessing my choices. I am still having swelling on my lower tummy - its always there. I still wear a compression garment during the day, and I wear spanx under some clothing. The PS said swelling could last months, and I see it on here all over about swelling but... it's not swelling like mine. It's better; no doubt, I can look at it and see some difference. Just not where I thought I'd be at 4 months. Mine looks like all the top part got moved to the bottom - I am trying to work out again and do it on a regular basis. It hasn't been easy to get back on track after more than 2 months (my fault) and the core work outs are harder but I am still trying so I can get my strength back and get all on track again.
My breasts are natural feeling, and I don't have that crazy hard knot on the top of my left boob anymore! I was looking forward to wearing a strapless dress, going braless now and again!! I could wear a sweater dress or stretchy one and not have to squeeze into a thigh to chest spanx for smoothing. ...Oooh I might even be able to pull off a mid drift top??!!! The possibilities seemed endless and presented ones that I had never been able to think of in my adult life.
My boobies have healed nicely, and I might get some feeling in the nips later but ... they have fully settled at this point. So when I lay down they go to the sides; when I bend over they hang - there just isn't as much skin as there was before so they don't hang as much. I wear an underwire during the day, and a sports bra during the night, just like I always did. They are higher up, and there is less skin but I feel like they are smaller versions of what I had. I could be wrong, I mean like I said - I totally SEE from the before to now. I sound ungrateful but I expected they would stay perky and full for at LEAST a year maybe two... not less than 4 months. I didn't get implants because I didn't want it to be unnatural looking or larger, but in hindsight maybe I should have gotten small implants to fill them a little?? Too late now but I do think of it.
All the pain, all the discomfort, the waiting, the healing, the time, and the expense - I was hopeful that I would be some place else in this journey. One of the many women shouting "I'm on the flat side!" and "I am shopping for all my new bras and clothes because I love my boobies so much!!"
Next week follow up, maybe I'll post another update, depends on what we end up talking about. I'm like friggin sad sack!!!! (Made all the worse because Prince died today and I'm heartbroken about it, I thought this would take my mind off of it.)

When all is said and done

OK, so I can acknowledge there are changes and improvements. I see the before and after. It's been almost a year and a half since my surgeries and to be honest - I'm not certain I would do it again. Or if I did it would be with more thought or questions.
My breasts were great for about 4 months, but they do what they did before just with less skin. I would have had small implants put in - not to make them bigger but to retain the volume and perkiness that the initial surgery showed. If I lay down, they go to the sides, if I bend over they hang, I can't go braless so all those cute dresses and tops I'm still hunting for a strapless bra for those.
There is a lot of scarring which I don't really mind except that now my boobs are square shaped, and when I raise my arms, the right one in particular bunches where the incisions were. One of my nipples is much higher so I have to be mindful of bras or tops because it pops out. That was embarrassing in a swim suit... yikes! They probably should have been a bit lower but... again, hind sight.
I've never had a flat tummy - every one says "see you on the flat side" and I never did get flat. I kept pointing out the pooch and the side bunching and was told it was swelling and would go away. It never has. At my one year mark a couple of months ago the doctor looked at my pooch and said I "had an unusual amount of fat" - which didn't make sense since he originally said I had very little fat in my stomach and mostly skin. He recommended liposuction... and fat transfer to my breasts to round them out. I don't want to do another procedure to fix what I thought was going to be fixed with the first round of surgeries. It wasn't even at a discount! Another 11K , yea just can't so I have to be content with this. I've gained 15 lbs since last year. It's not what I expected and I'm glad it's worked so well for others. I'm not super happy.
Stephan R

Ugh.. ok, so I can't figure out how to add in the Surgeon... It entered before I could finish and it won't link him. Stephan Ronan, MD from Blackhawk Plastic Surgery in Danville.

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