28 Years Old, 5 Kids (Last Babies Were Twins!) and ready for this! Danbury, CT

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Hi I'm new and don't really know if I'm doing this...

Hi I'm new and don't really know if I'm doing this right yet! I am 28 years old and have 5 kids including twins. 11,7,4 and my twins are 1. My tummy tuck is scheduled for March 25th and I'm excited and nervous and thinking do I really want to do this....well of course! but there's something about it that makes me have mixed emotions. I've had all 5 of my kids vaginally so no scar on my abdomen just wrinkly skin and stretch marks. I guess that's what makes me have the mixed emotions is having the scar across my stomach. It is better than wrinkly skin and stretch marks though lol I have an appointment with the nurse on March 11th and an appointment with the Dr. On the 21st for markings. I'm very nervous and scared! Ah

Lipo help?

Hello everyone! My Dr. Suggested Lipo on my sides so I get the best look out of the tummy tuck... But I don't know the first thing about Lipo, I've only researched a tummy tuck! My hips are uneven so my left side has more fat and kinda sticks out more than my right side. You can see what I mean in my pic above :/ I was wondering if anyone could help me out with any info/your experience? I'm not sure if I want to do it. Thanx in advance!

Behind The Flab

I wanted to introduce the culprits to the mess of a stomach I am left with haha! well here they are these are my babes and threw in one of my fiancé and I. My first daughter was 7.9 second 8.2 third 9.15 and my twins 5.4 and 5.1. Didn't want to be just a tummy on this and give more of a picture of who I am :)

A day closer!

So my surgery got moved a day sooner! From the 25th to the 24th. I know, I know it's only a day but still makes me excited lol! It went from the hospital to a surgical center which I'm happy about. Less wait time :) yay! Today I have a blood test to make sure I'm a-ok to get this done. With previous surgeries I have a tendency to bleed a lot so my dr. Wanted to make sure everything is good to go.

Driving me crazy

I've gotten to the point that it's driving me crazy and overwhelming a bit. I've been researching and researching and reading so many stories and starring at the screen for a long period of time looking at pictures lol I'm obsessing over the fact that a large amount of my stretch marks could possibly still be left behind. The ones above my belly button! I have so many and it's so disappointing ;( I just pray it will be worth it bc it makes me want to cry that many will be left behind. It's not that I expect them to all disappear I'm more practical than that but I don't want them to still be all the way up my belly. My surgeon showed me with his hand how many would be left which didn't seem many and say they will be very low I hope it's true. I just don't know how much can be taken off....I'm rambling sorry lol

Before pics

Trying to get some before pics up :/ can't wait to get this done

Oops this one didn't post

Ok if this doesn't post this time I give up lol


Bikini pics...

Hoping to wear this bikini this summer. I feel like the bottoms are very low and my scar will be higher but I'll just have to see! I'm sorry if I disgust anyone in advance lol

Sitting here taking forever to hit that post button! I'm feeling embarrassed :/

1 week and 6 days

I have my appointment with the nurse tomorrow and trying to write down last minute questions. I think I have a good list so far but want to make sure I'm not forgetting something important. Feel free to throw some at me! 1 week and 6 days to go still feels like forever away.. Also for recovering clothes wise, what did you find to be the most comfortable?

Supply list help

So I've been seeing so many pics with supplies that were purchased. My list consist on 4x4 gauze per my dr...... That is all I supposedly need. Is there anything that I should buy that was useful/helpful. Thanks in advance :)

1 week to go!

Ahh 1 week from today I'll be in la la land laying on a table!! Yay haha. Finally made a final decision and called today to add the lipo. This is really the only time I would be fixing myself up so I might as well go through with it all lol I'm so happy and impatient and need to get to shopping for the things I need. **smooches** and happy St. Patricks day :)


Went surgery shopping today and bought hopefully all the stuff that I need and could use! Got my prescriptions filled and also got some recovery clothes that I hope will work out. Baggy tank tops, yoga pants, big undies and a dress gown shirt thing. Hoping that will do it!


Got my markings today! The dr. Grabbing and pinching my fat then letting it go followed by a jiggle felt really good to realize this will all be a distant memory one day haha! Monday can't come fast enough!

Surgery time!

The surgical center called with my time and thank god it's at 7:45 am so I'm guessing I'm the first one! Makes me that more excited knowing I won't have to wait so long. With no food in my system I turn into a very mean person....so yea lol I always have quite the appetite after anesthesia (oink) too it's weird.


This by far has been the LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Was trying to keep busy but wasn't helping gaaaah!!!! It's almost over with yay! But by time it's my "bed time" I won't be able to sleep -__- I also know once I do finally fall asleep I'll wake up a million times.. I need to arrive to the surgical center at 7:45 tomorrow thank god it's so early in the morning. I'm so exited and scared at the same time!

Going in..

Ahhhhh! I'm on my way! Just like I predicted last night, Yup woke up a million times lol I'm so nervous my mouth keeps watering (weird and I have no clue why) and before I forget!
Weight: 141
Height: 5'4"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 37 1/2"
Oh good god I'm scared ah!


Well I made it! I feared I was going to die! Been home for a couple of hours now and don't want to speak too soon but the pain is not what I imagined! I don't really feel too much pain! I can even walk by myself, get on and off the recliner part of my couch and on and off the toilet by myself! The one thing that is annoying me right no is I have to cough! And I don't want to lol gotta start popping stool forte era bc info not want to get constipated! I've had a hemorrhoidectomy in September and a sphinctectomy a month ago! Now if anyone has had those surgeries you know very well getting constipated is the worst thing you could so!

Day 1

Last night wasn't too bad, I got some sleep. I have more pain on my right side and waking up trying to get to the bathroom was hard. It was hard to lift my right leg when I had to step. My back is already sore so I'm going to borrow my grandmothers cane lol. My pain meds weren't doing much at all so I called the office and they told me to take two which helped a lot! My left drain is pulling out more than my right side, but my right side is where the pain is so I'm trying to figure out how everything works lol. And boy do I have so much gas in my stomach! I constantly feel it rumbling and moving. And the annoyance is not walking to the bathroom but trying to pee! It comes out little by little and it takes effort to try to get everything out! So far I've ate some fruit this morning and for lunch toast and a frozen yogurt. The toast which was recommended by the nurse was horrible! It hurts to swallow the toast from the breathing tube. I had twitching in my thumb almost like my thumb would be automatically typing on my phone kind of movement it was strange! It went from my thumb to twitching in the back of my arm. Very annoying haha!

Day 2

Day 2 has been great! However in the middle of the night got kinda out of hand! Woke up with instant shivers and couldn't control it, took my temperature and it was only 100.7. Eventually it settled thankfully bc that hurt a lot! Then I was having terrible terrible gas pains finally had a bm but it took some effort. Then last complaint I was having a caffeine withdrawal and holy moly was that baaaaad! Didnt know it could be that strong felt like my brain was going to explode! But besides from that nonsense lol my day has been great minimal pain, able to stand up more and easier to get around. I had an appt today and got to see my stomach, at first I did not want to look down I feared I wouldn't like it. Looking down felt like I wasn't looking at myself! Still has to hit me bc it doesn't feel real. My belly button kinda scares me so far! Hope everyone is doing well today

First bare belly pics

So I have to do the whole ointment on the belly button and drain site thing so I got a better look at my new tummy! Had to refocus myself bc I couldn't stop starring at one long stretch mark up my belly. Just gotta keep reminding myself that's silly to focus on the long one stop it!!! Lol

Day 3

Took a Valium last night to get a more restful night of sleep but ended up having a panic attack or something. At one point the bandage felt like it was suffocating me and I had to rip it off! These meds don't agree with me lol I took a shower and it was wonderful even though it was 3 am it was an amazing shower. Didn't wanna get out! The feeling with out the bandage on is very strange so far. My whole stomach is numb and doesn't feel right with out it being compressed. It's a icky feeling in the pit of my stomach I get not having my stomach compressed, its very weird. Its like I can feel my skin not attached to my muscle. Hoping it changes eventually. I still cannot pee like normally it's getting Better little by little.

Didn't realize I aged 70 years

Omg this back pain is unnnnnreal! Nothing else hurts, not my ab muscles or incision but this back pain is a pain in the back side aka ass! That is all -__- lol


I know this is probably normal but I'm more swollen today than my last pictures. I'm barely draining any fluid out from the drains. I don't know what gives?!

Day 6

Tomorrow is a week since my surgery and I can finally stand up straight. No more hunch back of Norte dame!!! It's a whole lot better on my back and was able to wash my twins diapers (yes I do cloth diapers), clean the bathroom, somehow put away laundry and some other small things. Starting to feel normal again. Yay :)

Getting irritated...

Ok I don't know what the hell is going on but with each passing day I'm getting bigger and bigger now I just look fat! I'm getting so angry... From my day 2 pic to today there's such a difference! And not for the better. Getting my drains out in 7 hours at 8am and can't wait. I hate these stupid things and have been wanting to rip them out myself!

Drains out yesterday :)

Yesterday morning I got my drains out! And it was the weirdest most grossest feeling ever. Felt like snakes moving in a wave motion throughout my stomach. My head went straight to the show monsters inside me. As my dr. Was pulling them out I was like oh ew omg that's disgusting! He laughed and said that's I new one never heard that one before. Lol. But I feel free and couldn't be happier. As if I wasn't happy with the swelling to begin with he's like by the way you're going to swell more. I was like oh wonderful! Blah... Oh well what can you do.

2 weeks 1 day

Graduated from the recliner to my bed. It's been 2 nights now I've slept in my bed not sure if I'm more comfortable but I'm getting sick of sleeping on the couch. I'm swollen like no other I honestly feel like I'm getting fatter by the day. I still don't get it, I feel like I'm bigger than I was before the tummy tuck. I'm not sure if it's the angle I'm taking the pics or what but when I look at them I'm so disappointed. I go tomorrow to get my stitches out. I've had these steri strips on for a long time feel like I see everyone get them off way sooner than I am! Hoping I start seeing a turn around soon bc this is frustrating so far not liking how I look at all.

Stitches out!

2 weeks and 2 days and finally got the steri strips off and my stitches out! First look at my incision and I didn't want to look down. But when I did I was happy to see I was intact and happy that my incision is pretty much a straight line and very thin! Yay! Certain sections definitely hurt when he was taking the strips off and I was so nervous my skin would open ah! I think those steri strips were making me a tad bit hunched over more and making me look more of a muffin top than I really am. I can start to use my scar cream but the only set back is when I removed my ace bandages when I got home three areas started bleeding quite a bit. So for two days I need to apply bacitracin to the spots that were bleeding then start the scar cream. I got nervous bc I tend to bleed more than normal and have had hemorrhaging from moderate to severe with prior procedures I've had. Also got a chance to see my fat slabs that my dr. took after the surgery. Interesting... Kinda reminds me of pork rinds before it's made

2 weeks 5 days

For the last 2 days I've been putting bacitracin on my incision bc when I took my ace bandage off after getting my stitches removed it decided that my recovery was going too smooth and decided to try to split me apart. Well guess what ace bandage you only got just 3 tiny scabs so in your face! Anyways I started putting my scar gel on today, then got confused.. Do I cover it? Let it air dry? Can I put my clothing over it? And can I put the cg/ ace bandages I use over it? Something so simple as putting gel on and I don't know what to do! -_- I've been trying to not wear a cg all day everyday just to get use to it bc it's become my crutch I can't go without it.

3 weeks

3 weeks post op today and noticing some changes. Swelling is starting to decrease slowing but surely. I stepped on the scale today (insert surprised emoji) and I lost a few lbs, I'm at 139. Can't complain bc I've been eat like complete crap and so thankful I didn't gain weight. Especially without getting work outs in don't know how it's possible! I am just pooped now at 4:30pm, I've been out since the morning to various stores and the park. It's difficult bc my skin feels like it's stretching so much and I get tired like an old woman fast bc I can't stand completely all the way. First time I've been out that long, usually it's a very quick stop somewhere and back home. Last night I slept the majority on my back and slept for a while on my left side. I wanted to try it out to get a more restful sleep and happy that nothing happened when I woke up. I feared I was going to open my incision! Tried a bathing suit top on, won't even get into that lol hope everyone's having a great Monday

New bathing suit

I got a new bathing suit yesterday :) I'm happy with the fit. My scar is higher than where the bottoms normally sit but I can pull it up to cover it. I've been really concentrating on eating right and hoping to drop some weight before bathing suit weather and to get a better over all outcome of the tummy tuck. Since I've hit the 3 week mark for the past two days I've been using my stepper machine and stretching. Otherwise than that I don't know what else would be considered light workouts. I'm use to intense workouts. The last couple of days I've noticed a great difference in how I'm standing I don't feel tension on my skin and I can finally stand completely straight without the slightest pulling feeling. That's until the bad swelling kicks in by time night comes around but it's nothing to complain about I just throw on the cg and I'm good to go again. I normally wear the two ace bandages which I love bc I can adjust how tight I want it but I've been also trying to wear my cg more often. It's getting big on me so guess that's a good sign the swelling really is going down a great deal! The cg that my dr gave me has two zippers on the front and I must have a midget waist bc I can not zip it all the way up, like not even coming close to zip it all the way!

4 weeks and 1 day

Everything has been pretty much the same as last week. The swollen goes up and down but near my incision is making a big difference as the weeks are passing. It use to extend out a good amount and be very hard. Felt like I morphed into a mushroom the way it extended out. It's slowly been going down and not extend as much. In the front of my stomach near my incision line is very soft compared to near my hips. My skin is sensitive at times and my upper abs feel very sore on and off and sticks out. I'm praying it's swelling and not my actually muscle! You can see it in my pictures but near my belly button is more inward if that makes sense. So it's the top and bottom that stick out but not the middle lol I've been feeling great in clothes but depending on what I wear likes to mold my stomach into wonderful new shapes.

I'm a liar

Wait I totally lied this week wasn't the same I totally forgot that my hand decided to throw a sippy cup full of milk on the floor without the top and as I was cleaning it up I slipped and feel in the damn cleaner. So yea that was fun.....who knows what it caused besides from bruises on my knees and legs.

Work outs

I've been trying to get active more and more. Since I hit the 3 week mark I've been using my stepper and then some stretching. I try to incorporate some legs but in at a list of what else I'm able to do now. I don't want to push myself too much without knowing. I read somewhere that being active helps with the swelling...well hope that's true bc that would be great!

5 weeks

Had an appt yesterday and everything went well. I've had a stitch sticking out for weeks now from where the drains were and he removed it. That annoyed me so much, probably could have cut it myself but I wanted him to do it just in case. I had soooo many questions this time and he answered them all and I walked out of there feeling relieved and confident :) he's such a great Dr.! Near my incision that whole area is rock solid! He told me to start massaging it to break up the scar tissue. So in the shower today as the warm water was running on it I was massaging it very hard. And let me tell you it made a hell of a difference! I asked my dr. to recommend where to buy a new cg, he mentioned a website called veronique. Well let me just sum it up before anyone starts googling it... Don't waste your time -_- unless you have about 150-300+ to spend on a garment. So I'm in the search for a new one to help with this crazy swelling now which is worse than before, for a new cg since my original one is too big now. If you want to throw out websites where you've got yours that would be great :) I'm glad he mentioned now is the time I will balloon up for nothing even more like hot days, long days etc. so now if I noticed a difference I won't freak out lol oh and Tuesday I get my first lymphatic massage yay! I want to walk out of there as fancy as this massage sounds, no not really but take half this swell away I might be leaping in joy through the hallways to the car.

I go back and forth

I really have a love hate relationship with this site! More love but I find my self getting very disappointed. Wanted to get my stomach fixed to feel more confident and to be able to feel the way I did a short time when I was a teenager before getting pregnant at the age of 16. I never really had the chance to wear a bikini or belly shirts. It's only been 5 weeks but it feels like forever. I want to be happy and I find myself starring at my stomach more than I ever have before the surgery! Looks through my pics helps some but I don't know if this is what I will look like, is it the swelling or do I need to drop some pounds..... The pics I took this morning of my sides look fine but that's before the swelling. I feel very wide in the front and hate it! I also have a midget waist and feel like maybe that's why I don't look how I want.


Anyone have Instagram?! Mine is only1king_09 or drop yours below! thought I would ask :) starring at bellies without faces is weird to me haha

6 weeks

I've been really trying to dig in and get a good massage into my incision. I noticed a huge difference. My incision use to be extremely hard and stick out. :) finally starting to look like one piece, well slowly getting there ;)


Went clothes shopping today! I felt so many emotions, all good ones! I can't wait to drop some pounds and shop again. I bought a few outfits ones i could never wear before!

Womp Womp

photo didn't post....

Third times a charm?!

Well this is annoying why isn't it posting!!

7 weeks

Now that the weather is getting warmer by the day the swelling is increasing. I swell up pretty bad now. I went for the lymphatic drainage last Tuesday and felt great afterwards and a lot less swollen. Wish I could continue to go but at a price of $100 for a ten to fifteen minute suctioning my skin is a big hell no! I would like to know who the hell has a $100 to do these "massages" every two weeks! Well anyways hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day yesterday! I sure did, went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and I am still swollen from all the food today.
I've worn jeans a couple of times and they fit great but when I take them off I have this big bulging pudge below the waist of the pants. It's very strange and ugly looking and will be glad when that no longer happens.

8 weeks

8 weeks today. Same ol thing everyday. Swelling is still ridiculous especially by the end of the day. I'm noticing some extra wrinkly skin on the bottom near my incision in the front. Next appt bringing it up to my dr seeing if anything can be done about it. It wrinkles up all nasty if I bend forward...

9 weeks

Am I the only one that still swells?! I thought it would be getting better but seems like it's getting worse by the week. I have major upper ab swelling and by the end of the night my stomach pops out so much looks like I'm pregnant! I don't know why my stomach isn't completely flat, I mean isn't that the point of a tummy tuck. I'm not big so it's not like I have all this extra fat! It stills hurts to sneeze and coughing is still uncomfortable. While I apply my scar gel an inside layer of tissue starts to really itch. I try to massage the area when it does that but it's strange that it feels so deep inside. Now that the warm weather is here I want to go to the pool but does anyone know when the scar especially the belly button can be exposed to the sun? Also anyone do ab workouts? Last time I saw my dr. He said not to for a long time..... But don't know what time frame that's suppose to mean.

10 weeks

Nothing new. I feel like I can kinda see a difference in swelling where I got the lipo on my sides. Besides that everything else is the same as last week. Boring I know

Been a while

Feels like it's been a long time since I updated! I'm three months and some weeks out and looking back I can see a big difference. It makes me happy to see such a change from before , to post op and to present day. I still have swelling and my stomach will feel very heavy. I still have upper ab swelling that I've been trying to take care of with tightening my core with exercise so it's not so obvious. I started pole dancing/pole fitness about 4 years ago and put my pole up again after surgery for the first time and oh boy I am not anywhere ready to go back to it. My abs are extremely weak and when I hold my weight I feel the lower part of my abs stretching and uncomfortable. Not sure if it's actual pain but it's not a good sore feeling. So I stopped for now. I've been out in the sun a lot and the only part of my scar that is exposed to the sun is my belly button. Hoping this is ok at this point and doesn't damage the skin or scar and make it look worse. The thing that annoys me the most besides from the swelling is leaning over some how some way it started wrinkling above my incision. As the swelling is decreasing my skin, where stretch marks are left is not as smooth as it could be in my opinion and I will be addressing this to my doctor. I hope there is something that eventually can be done bc this makes me very sick to look at. I am very very happy with my results but the wrinkling has got to go. Hopefully it doesn't get worse. Hope everyone else is doing good!

4 1/2 months out

So wow it's been 4 1/2 months so far! I've been terrible on updating but let me try to recollect my memories and write them down. First off I am happy with my results and wouldn't change it for the world! I still have swelling and certain times it will still feel heavy in front. I'm still numb as can be. I've gotten scratches and pinches and whatever else you could name and never noticed it until sometime after. I'm sick of my stomach being numb I hate it! My scar has been healing really well. I stopped using my scar gel once it ran out and I almost feel like not using anything on the scar is better looking than when I was using a scar treatment. Did that even make sense? Lol you probably get what I mean. Anywho, I've gained weight bc I'm a pig with no self control when it comes to food (oink) and actually today is day one of some ass kicking mode into exercise. I'll call it operation "you didn't spend almost 9000 dollars to gain some weight you idiot" I've had two episodes of when I'm sleeping I turn the wrong way and my scar on the left side feels like it wants to rip apart. It scared me and the result was redness around it. I may have gotten a few stretch marks in that area but I can't really tell. I'm glad it only happened two times and hope it never happens again. That was more than a month ago.

So hmmm let me see what else.... Oh I feel guilty when people tell me I look great for having five kids... Yea I feel like a big time liar!

Belly button... I love my belly button and glad I have the one I was born with but just have this small amount if skin on top that won't go in. My dr. Said if 9 months rolls around and it's still like that he'll fix it with taking off a small amount of skin and it should be fine. Not what I want but oh well. On the bottom of my muscles is indented on my left side. I brought this to my drs attention. He told me it was my uterus tilting to one side and it's pushing against my muscle and makes it protrude. Well my gyn said that's a lie and he just didn't sew me up evenly. He assured me it's something only I would notice but I hate it! I feel like it's extremely obvious.

Ab exercises are heavenly now! I notice a huge difference. I feel like I'm actually gaining strength and doing them correct where as before I could just feel my muscles not doing anything. At times I still have soreness if I cough or try to sit up. That's all I can think of for now. Talk to you ladies soon :*

7 months

7 months have flown! I'll make this short, my stomach is still numb (drives me nuts) my scar is fading nicely which I feel like is healing better without the use of scar gel. I'm so happy with the results bc I feel like a new person pretty much but there are things that I hate. Like my upper and they stick out and I don't know why... Not sure if I need to strengthen them or if the dr didn't see me up correctly on top. I'm relieved I got to keep my original belly button but it's so deep that I need to clean it with a Qtip.. I also feel like my skin and fat are not attached to the muscle yet or ever will be. Kinda feels like it's just floating over my muscle.


In the process of trying to come up with a plan to loose weight but it is very difficult especially considering I have started nursing school a month ago -_- but I really need to get in to ass kicking mode especially before the holidays which at this point is right around the corner lol anyways this is what I look like in the morning (tightening my what I would like to wish is my ab muscles(got none)) when I haven't inhaled everything in the kitchen. Why, why must food be so amazing. Giving myself a heal kick to the ass right now to get my butt in gear bc I don't want the money and the whole experience of this whole ordeal to go down the drain. Step it up woman! step it up (pep talk)

Belly button vision

Almost ten months it's been!! Had a belly button revision done today. The very top of my belly button stuck out slightly. The skin wasn't completely inside, instead it was more in line with the rest of my skin at the suture site if that makes sense. At my last follow up I had a few weeks ago my ps was amazed at how my scar looked. He said it looked like a scar at the two year mark whoop! Makes me happy! Won't be that self conscious of my scar line this summer. I'm still numb as can be which I was getting very worried about but my ps said that's still normal and some people don't get feeling back even up to 4 or 5 years!! Scary! When I go back next week for the follow up on my belly button im going to talk more about some lipo in certain areas I would like to get done. I have some problem areas that I cannot seem to diminish.
Dr. Soni

Dr. Soni is an amazing person. He is genuine and I couldn't be happier I chose him! He is everything I expected in a surgeon plus more. He's very honest, caring and truthful and wants the best result for his patients. I would absolutely recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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