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I have been looking into having a BBL for years. I...

I have been looking into having a BBL for years. I had a gastric bypass back in 2008 and lost alot of weight. I have had several procedures over the years. Such as a breast reduction prior to the gastric bypass, liposuction with a hernia repair and a panniculectomy afterwards. I still have alot of work to do. I would describe my body as botched. I have a huge abdominal scar from the hernia repair and no belly button. My thighs are gross! I plan on getting all these things fixed. I decided to go with Dr. Jimmerson. The reason I chose him is because I think he would be more familiar with what I need. I have already sent pics to him and I have already had my telephone consult. My total cost will be $19450.00. This include Butt Fat Grafting, A full Tummy Tuck, Cellulite reduction of Buttocks, Grafting to hips and lipo to multiple areas. I believe we decided on 5 areas. Oh yeah he said he cant do my thighs with the BBL because of the risk of losing to much blood. So I will do that 6months later. I have already paid $550 down so I am waited to borrow the rest so my date can be moved. Oh yeah he said I need to lose 10 lbs. I know he think I'm a fatt ass by looking at my pics. I am 5'9 and weigh 210lbs. I will start my diet on Sunday. I am actually shaped like a fatt person but I actually look pretty thin in clothes but I want to look good naked. I am ready to get my JCURVE on! To be continued...

Paid in Full!

As of 11/3 I am paid in full. Now I'm am on the fast track for a new date. I would love to have it done the 3rd week in January. That way I can work a couple of weeks during the month prior to having surgery. Until then I will work as much as I can and save. I started my diet today. So far so good. My starting weight this morning was 207.6lb. I would love to lose atleast 20lbs prior to surgery. I have a good support system at home and at work but I prefer to do this alone. Only a few people at work know what I am having done. I need to find a recovery house/or post op help while I am there. I will also need to find someone to do lymphatic massages. I had a abdominal seroma when I had my hernia's repaired so I prefer not to deal with that again if at all possible. I will post these hideous pics just to keep record of what use to be. If anyone out there have any suggestions for me as far as places to stay, recovery houses, massages, and or post op items to buy...do's and donts please let me know. I plan to fly into Georgia, stay for 10 days minimum and have my husband to come at about day 7 and he will drive me home after my final appointment.

17 days and counting

All is well. I did get my weight down to 201 lbs. All my pre-op stuff is done and now I am just waiting to have my surgery. I talked to my Dr. J's nurse on Tuesday and she told me that all my lab work was ok and the pre-op paperwork was fine. I plan to stay at Gold Platinum Care and that has been paid in full as well. I do plan on having liposuction done to my thighs instead of one of the other areas previously chosen. I will let him decide which area would be the best to drop. I plan to wear a bikini this summer and these thighs will not allow it. I will fly into ATL on the 2/22 and my surgery will be on the 24th. I still plan on going alone but I am ok with that since I have been talking to Terris the owner of the recovery house. She has been very comforting. The cost for 10 days was $1250 plus tax. Transportation will cost extra to and from the airport even though it is listed as one of the amenities. The cost include 3 meals/day, Pharmacy pick up, Private and semi private accommodations (I definitely prefer private), WIFI and cable TV, Unlimited beverages, 24hr onsite nursing care, and daily laundry service. I was also provided with a list of supplies that I am required to bring with me. The supplies I need to bring with me is a box of latex gloves, 1 box of 4x4 gauze, 1 package of super thick long maxi pads, 1 roll of surgical tape, 1 box of alcohol wipes, Dial antibacterial liquid soap and 2 packages of nite time bed pads. With all that being said I found that I am still coming out paying less than I would if I stayed in a hotel and paid for my own food. Not to mention paying someone to stay with me. Ok enough rambling I will update soon.

My new bed

So I ordered the curve cure mattress and chair cushion. I fell asleep on the mattress the very first time I layed on it but I have not tried the chair cushion as of yet. I will be flying to GA 3 days so I need to try out all my stuff before I leave. This will be a busy weekend of preparation for me.

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