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Hi out there all you lovely women! I am 33 years...

Hi out there all you lovely women! I am 33 years old, mother to 3, and so ready for this. I've been talking about getting a BA for 10 years now! I'm sure it will be worth the wait! My stats are 5'9, 125 lbs, 32A. I have breastfed for the past 5 years- yes nonstop. I know, those little suckers will get ya-hehe. I went to 2 different consultations with 2 completely different doctors, and ways of practicing. On my first consult, I went to Southern surgical Arts in Chattanooga. They seemed to me a sort of "boob factory". Dr. Deal was nice enough, but my appointment felt rushed. He answered some quick questions, then took some quick measurements.He informed me whatever size implant I wanted, they could do. He said when comparing surgeons-"Just look at the pictures and compare". Then he instructed me to try on some sizers, and he would be back later. They only had one side of sizers, so that was a little weird, and the assistant just made me uncomfortable. She was so pumped full of botox she never smiled. Dr. Deal never returned. End of appointment 1. After that appointment, I found out that he is not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon- that means he never did a fellowship in Plastic Surgery. More weird. Then I looked at their before and after photos, not too impressed. Moving on.
I searched on realself, and found Dr. Joel Williams in Dalton, GA. First, I found he is an actual Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and to top it all off- he has great boobs! No joke, if you look at his website, his before and afters are beautiful! And that is what I want-beautiful boobs!!!
So I went to my consultation with Dr. Williams, and his staff is over and above lovely people, and exceptionally caring. Jennifer, Kate, and everyone else made me feel welcome and comfortable from the first minute in the door. I had to wait a little longer than expected on first consult with Dr. Williams because he was still in surgery, so no worries there. Man was he worth the wait! He is so meticulous, detailed, and informative. I really felt like I was his only patient. I cannot explain how caring this doctor is. He said to me if we were looking at 2 different sizes, he would always choose the smallest one, because he wants it to look natural, and he is conservative. I appreciated that. He was also very open to hear and see what I wanted though, which I liked. He spent over an hour with me. Educating me, measuring me thoroughly 3 times, and answering questions, and discussing expectations. Great bedside manner- very fatherly.
So needless to say- I am in complete confidence choosing Dr. Williams- I know they are going to turn out fantastic. I have my pre-op appt on Tuesday, and then my surgery is booked for October 3rd. My husband is extremely supportive, and I am so excited!

My very saggy and deflated 32A's

CC question

I'm very athletic, and I model so I don't want to be too large, but enough that I have that....UMPH! So the doc and I are thinking around 350-400. Do you really lose some under the muscle?

Pre-Op Tomorrow! Stressing...

My appt. is in the morning, and I'm anxious, and excited! Do they give me a surgical bra? or do I need a sports bra and surgical bra? Should I wait for them to let me know exactly what to get. But then I have no idea what size to get as I'm already a small 32A, will getting bigger in the cup size affect that? I don't even know what size I'm going to get yet. Ugh. I think I'm beginning to get a little chaotic.....breathe...breathe....any suggestions?

Pre-op Yesterday, 1 Week to Beautiful Curves!

I went and filled out a ton of consents yesterday. 1 week out from surgery. I am nervous, not about having the surgery, but about the "change". How is this going to make me feel? I am so used to having small flat breasts even before kids, that I'm a little anxious about how I will feel having a top curve to match my bottom curve. The RN and I were joking about that yesterday. It's hard having only 1 "curve". LOL. I tried on sizers with the mentor sizing system again, and really love the 375 and 400cc size. Since going under muscle, I do believe the 400 will be my pick. I am to get a sports bra to wear home, bringing a few sizes to surgery so that they can judge to see which one will fit. I am going to buy a 32c, and a 32d just in case. I am looking forward to my doctor's technique, as he has a rapid recovery BA. Most patients are out and about the night of their surgery, and only have to take tylenol for mild discomfort. Yay! I have 3 kids, and a very busy husband, so I have to get back my game fast!
Btw, my husband went to preop with me yesterday- and I cannot express how wonderful he is! He was taking notes, and keeping track of how to best help me, and take care of me. But from the sound of things, I should be able to get back in the swing of things fairly quickly. since the rapid recovery BA is what I'm doing, I should be back to working out and running in about 2-3 weeks. I understand all the complications, but I am very confident in my doctor, and in the staff. Hope you ladies have a fantastic week! Update soon!

The Scream Mask

I have officially decided that my boobs remind me of the mask in "Scream"
I bought some comfortable Calvin Klein bralettes I found for $10 at TJmaxx. So, they should be great for a couple of weeks out. I also bought some size medium sports bras, but left the tags on in case they don't fit. Just getting prepared and excited!

Tomorrow I'll have breasts

Today I am doing everything I need to do to prepare for my surgery. Cleaning, Calling for appointments, returning after surgery bras that I bought too many of. I did buy too many, it's just difficult because I have no idea what will fit me. I'm taking a bag full of different sizes to surgery in the morning anyway. My surgery is at 9:30am, and I'm not supposed to eat or drink after midnight. I picked up an antibiotic from Dr. that I'm supposed to take tonight. I'm going to 400HP. I am so very ecstatic!!

Thanks and Good Night!

First, Thank you all so much for your well wishes, and good thoughts for me! I am so glad to have found a community of women that are so supportive. I bought this nighty a few days ago as treat because I liked the pattern, so I'm officially saying goodbye to baby boobs! I'll be able to fill this baby out soon! See you all on the other side!

All done- Home Now

I am home and my breasts look beautiful! 400cc HP, under muscle, silicone. I was instructed by my Doc and RN to immediately start stretching, and raising my arms above my head. I can walk around, also. That will facilitate recuperation, and the implants to start settling. i have no bandage or strap, just under crease stitches. I go back for a check up tomorrow at 9am. My husband and 13 year old daughter have been more than fantastic. I know I'm loved.
My boobs are phenomenal. They look proportional to my body, which is EXACTLY what I wanted. i'm posting some pics from just after surgery. I am very awake and aware right now. No pain medicine (yet).

Cathching up on DVR Shows!

Wow, right now, I am snacking on some light foods. Catching up on my fav DVR shows- Revolution, Suits, Once Upon A time, Revenge... my 13 year old is helping out with my 2 youngest babies. I am feeling no pain really, just muscle soreness. I can tell the swelling has started. They are actually more swollen now than when I left my outpatient surgery center. My 3 kids keep smiling and saying, Mommy- your boobs are so huge. To which my 5 year old then compares hers to mine:) I feel mentally great right now, just raising my arms above my head at least once every half hour. I feel a little stiff when i do that, but once I get them past my shoulders, I'm good to go all the way up. I'm still in a regular Champion sports bra, size medium, and high impact. I brought several different kinds and sizes to my surgery, so that my nurses could size me after surgery, and put on the one they wanted. No zipper in front, but that's ok, because I can raise my arms! I am taking a homeopathic tablet for muscle aches, soreness, and bruising called Traumeel. I used it after natural birth, and it worked wonders, so I'm using it again. It is sublingual, and dissolves in my mouth. No pain meds yet, or tylenol, will keep you all updated on that. My breasts don't look like some of the others I have seen on here after surgery. I have seen them be shiny, and very high. I'm not shiny, so don't know the difference in that.
Still can't say enough about my Doc and Nurses. They are great. My boobs are great. I 'm great. It's ALL GREAT! LOL
Can't wait to get a sneak peek when I take off this sports bra. I have a post op appt tomorrow. My RN said she will have me start massaging tomorrow, and I should be able to get back to cardio in about 1-2 weeks.
I'm teaching my little ones to hug mommy around the neck, they are so loving. I will post more updated pics soon.

My Boobie Peek:)

Here is my night of surgery boobie peek- so pretty! I can't wait till they drop!
On another note, my Doc called to check on me, and see how I was feeling/ doing. Love it! Great Doc!

1st Day Post Op

Hi ladies:) I had my post op appt today, so I drove myself. I have been a little stiff, and my muscles have been very sore. I relate it to a bootcamp workout, and how you feel about 2 days after. I did take my traumeel last night, although I didn't sleep much (I'm not used to sitting up and sleeping.) This morning was the achiest so far, so I did take 2 Tylenol Extra Strength. I am stretching, and massaging today, and I'm about to go on a walk with my husband. Slow and steady. No worries, I am taking it slow, but overall, no pain, just stiff and sore. Happy healing!

Feeling Great!

Hi all! Wow, what a weekend! Saturday, I mostly stayed in bed to rest. I had some tightness and soreness on my chest, but that was it. It was difficult to move without the help of husband as well. Felt like the hardest workout ever! I have still had no breast pain, only soreness, achiness, and tightness. I have also been having some cramps in my back. it is in the same spot, and feels like a charlie horse when it hits me. It is actually right at the curve of my scoliosis, so I can conclude that it is the newly pulled muscles and the impact they and the added weight are having on my spine's muscles. Today, I was able to walk, get up by myself, and have a general great day. I spent time with my kids, was able to go for a walk with them and my husband, and give them a bath. I have had no tylenol since yesterday morning. I am still taking Traumeel (a homeopathic tablet) for muscle soreness. As I am writing this, I am in absolutely no pain, and in fact, I am quite comfortable. I feel no soreness, tightness or achiness, and have been back cramp free since this afternoon. I am continuing to take it slow and easy this week. I have another post op appt on Thursday. I am feeling great, and know this is the best decision I have made for ME in a long time! I am posting some pics to show you all my progress. I can tell my implants have risen slightly, but that is normal. I am already massaging, it seems like a constant thing for me, as I love to feel them. I have never had boobs before, so the fell of them is fantastic! Hope all of you that have had surgery as of late are recuperating well!!!
Dalton Plastic Surgeon

I cannot express how caring, precise, and professional Dr. Williams and his staff are. From my RN to the office manager, all the nurses, to Doc himself,they are fantastic people, and provide beautiful results. Dr. Williams is quite meticulous with his procedures, and I am thankful for that, as I am looking forward to the best possible outcome. A true artist, and doctor with a wonderful bedside manner.

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