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I was refereed by a woman at a clinic i had been...

i was refereed by a woman at a clinic i had been doing zerona at to think about vaser lipo. as i had seen zero results from zerona, i tried every single alternative, before signing up for vaser lipo.,i tried everything from the hcg diet, that made me gain weight and YES I FOLLOWED IT TO A T, i had done endermologie for 6 months with zero results, fasts, cleanses, diets galore you name it i tried it, and no matter how thin i have ever gotten i always have the same little fat pockets that create an asymmetry in my silhouette. i am an avid exerciser and diet connoisseur, i felt it was time to look into liposuction. i did my research and upon the woman's referral, decided to take the leap into vaser lipo.

i made sure my doctor was a surgeon, not a dermatologist, or family practitioner, he is not only a surgeon, but he trains other doctors in this procedure, he went to school at BOSTON UNIVERSITY MEDICAL,he did all of his interning and training in Boston hospitals, i felt very confident in him!!!

i knew from what the woman had told me that i would be very sore and swollen for the first week and i would slowly decrease in swelling over a 3-6 month period, i was expecting to be bruised and uncomfortable, so i took off 2 weeks, from work and all activities. the doctor, and his assistants informed, and confirmed to me that all of these expectations were realistic.

don't expect to be walking or working in 3 days it is unrealistic, this is a surgical procedure, accept that and prepare for that.

October 22 i had my abdomen, back and love handles done, not too bad at all with the pain, i was slightly uncomfortable but was fine. a deep tissue massage is more painful in my opinion, the doctor and assistant were fabulous, i could not have been happier, and more satisfied.

i was leaking, swollen and moving very slowly immediately afterwords. by day 2 the leaking was minimal, movement was the same, and some swelling had reduced. basically i sleep all day, drink lemon water and ice.

day three i am less swollen still bruised and sore, only in certain spots however, still resting, drinking lemon water, and icing.

i expect this to continue for the rest of the week. i will be getting my legs saddle bags and arms done this Friday. so i expect to be sore and swollen again, and assume i will be sore and slightly uncomfortable until December, swelling will decrease monthly for the next 6 months, i am very happy i did this, i have zero regrets, i have been realistic about the complications and recovery, and planned for it!!!!

Dr. Huertas, novopelle north dallas

he is exceptional!! very realistic and informative. gentle, and safe, very clean space wonderful bedside manner!!

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