Lipo to Upper and Lower Abdomen and Flanks. - Dallas, TX

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3 days prior- Be prepared for a novel, folks. I...

3 days prior-

Be prepared for a novel, folks. I am a writer and I will use these posts as my personal journal. I found RealSelf and literally have read every vaser/laser/smart lipo entry possible. I want to return the favor for someone who is also researching the procedure and could benefit from my experience. Here's how things started.

After being overweight most of my life and trying various diets, one thing always remained constant- my big inflated belly. As I've gotten older the fat around my stomach has become more of a tire and I often would push it down, push it in, and say to myself..."if I didn't have this stomach, I'd be so hot". I realize I haven't worked out hard in a long time, I haven't followed through with a diet longer than 1 month, but I needed a kick start. Cosmetic surgery always interested me but watching people have lipo done on tv made me squirm. One day I passed by a billboard advertising laser lipo and found it intriguing. I didn't have the money until recently when my father gave me a cash wedding present. My husband and I discussed me using the money towards this procedure and we decided to go for it. I have the normal hesitations...will it look lumpy? Will it make a difference and be worth my money? Will this be the change I need to finally take control of how my body looks and feel better about myself? Can I finally stop wearing shape wear??

At this time I don't want to name the place I'm using, although I've only seen a few reviews for them here on Real Self. If everything goes fantastic then I'll give them credit. If not, well...I don't want to put that out in the universe. Positive thoughts at this time.

My surgery is in 3 days. I've had my consultation, pre-op, blood work, and feel like a pro on what to expect. Tomorrow is the day I pick up my medications (never taken Xanax before, that in itself is anxiety inducing!). I've already cleaned up my apartment and will be stocking the fridge for my Vitamin Zero waters and other handy low-sodium snacks I'll need. Given my weight and the size of my stomach, I'm expecting a lot of leakage after the procedure. Leakage, pushing the numbing fluid out in my shower, and swelling is a high concern for me. I already wear Piko tops (look them up to see what I'm talking about) so I feel hiding swelling under clothes will not be an issue. I am also concerned about using the bathroom. Sorry for the TMI, but I have my period impending soon and also have IBS/acid reflux symptoms everyday. Given I'll be in a garment, I am wondering how I'll manage. Luckily my husband has taken a few days off of work and I won't be returning to the office till Day 5. Even on Day 5, my boss has approved me staying indoors for a few days (my job requires walking around at random in hilly areas). Again, I'm concerned I won't be well enough on Day 5 because my stomach is weak from lack of any strength, but we'll see. I do know I'll be in a garment with suspenders and my bra peaking though, with legs that stop at mid-thigh. The nurse said these are better than the swimsuit types because the legs won't dig in.

I'll mention the following concerns because it's on my mind. I did shop around for prices, experience prior to choosing this surgeon. I'm getting this done at a med spa and not a plastic surgeon's office. I voiced this concern to the nurse and was assured there is a difference between cosmetic surgerons and plastic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery is to enhance your appearance, plastic surgery is to repair and reconstruct. I could have chosen a plastic surgeon to do this surgery but I felt a connection to this palce somehow and feel comfortable with my choice. Both surgeons at this office have 20+ years of experience in cosmetic surgery and never had a malpractice suit. So God willing, my surgery will go well and I'll get the results I'm looking for.

In case you were wondering, my hope is to have a more defined waist, have my upper belly pushed back and up, and my lower belly tire flattened out and not protruding. It wasn't until this surgery that I realized how much having a big belly affects my life and clothing style. I've always been a modest gal but I wear a tank top to keep my stomach from not jiggling, a long flowy top to camoflauge my stomach, higher waisted jeans to go over the lower stomach, and seamless panties that smooth out everything underneath. This is everyday. The effect is great but sometimes I wish I could wear jeans with a tucked in shirt and not worry about the side profile of my tummy pooch.

This is probably enough rambling for now. I know having a pic on your post makes a tremendous difference and I'll be brave and show it. This sounds ill-conceived but I swear my stomach is one of the bigger ones on Real Self. There are people with similar shapes to their stomachs but mine is so full and rotund in the mid section, it is seriously jarring to the eye (or at least to mine). I am curvy everywhere and I actually enjoy it but I would be elated if my stomach saw results that most of you experienced.

I may ask my husband to take better pics of me but for now here is what I took last night in angst of sharing my story and pics with you. Please pray that everything goes well for me. Thank you so much.

Day of Treatment, Day 1 and 2

Day of Treatment
So, the deed is done. I don't know if I could go through the abdomen portion again, but the sides were fine. The abdomen took about 1.5 hours and the sides took 20 minutes each. 2400 ccs were removed from my upper and lower abdomen, and 1400 ccs were removed from my sides. My right side had 500 removed, and I guess my left side had 900?? This is without counting the numbing fluid people. I knew I had this done for a reason. I had a ridiculous amount of fat concentrated in my mid-section. Even the doctor seemed surprised I had that much fat to remove from my stomach. The day of treatment went fine. I took a valium when I arrived. I was told some people take a hydrocodone before the procedure and some wait till halfway to gage how they feel. I decided I wanted to be a solider for some reason so I opted for the 2nd choice. Just like everyone says, the numbing fluid was the worst part. The initial prick is fine, then there is a sharp stabbing sensation while your skin becomes bloated with fluid. It makes you feel like your abdomen will burst because it's so heavy. Having the fluid on my sides wasn't as bad as the stomach, simply because having what feels like 10 bricks on your stomach is more uncomfortable than on your side. Once your numbed, the procedure is fine. It is uncomfortable at times, especially when the doctor gets near the perimeter between where you are numbed and not numbed. I did yell out once around the belly button. God, did I hate that belly button area. It's still the sorest now. I think this is because I had some scar tissue from my gall bladder surgery some years ago, so the numbing fluid cannot infiltrate that area. I picked a med spa and was confident it was the right choice, but of course it was nerve wracking meeting the doctor the day of the procedure. He asked about my expectations and any questions I had. He was very professional, informative, and full of metaphors, LOL. The nurse stayed with me the whole time, she was great. They gave me a snack after the abdomen was done, and I'm glad we did that part first since it was the worst. My poor husband waited all day for me and in total with the waiting periods, the procedure took 6 hours. The kind nurse helped push out extra liquid after the procedure so my leakage wouldn't be so bad at home. Once at home, my husband and I went in the shower and he helped push out liquid. My poor baby. He's already squeamish and it looked like he was going to heave when lots of liquid and bits of fat came from my belly button area. He did a wonderful job of bandaging me with maxi pads. Showing your husband how to open maxi pads from the package was funny, but I am so thankful I've had him to help me. I had my greasy meal as the staff requested on my way home, no argument there, LOL. I will say after having the procedure even though the urge to eat bad is still there, I think about the procedure I went through and how eating bad doesn't seem worth it. I've been eating clean since the surgery and it feels really good. My husband fixed me a bowl of fruit and that was so delicious it was sinful. By the way, pain management was wishy washy. I'm a weirdo who likes to know what the pain level is without meds. I did take a hyrdocodone here and there, but I started to feel a bit nauseated so at the end of Day 1, I was taking extra strength tylenol instead.

Day 1
Woke up in the middle of the night just like everyone else. I took some pain meds, had a granola bar. I seem to only tolerate being up for no longer than an hour then I go back to sleep. Not necessarily because I'm sleepy, but because I'm tired and tv/phone surfing doesn't interest me. I ate small meals every few hours, all healthy. Didn't drink as much liquid as I should. Husband helped me change my bandages, he's been doing pretty much everything for me and I'm glad. In the shower I caught a glimpse of my stomach. I have a flat stomach, I HAVE A WAIST!, and my lower stomach is what I expected. Half flat, and the lowest part has some extra skin. Now I hope this extra skin tightens up and doesn't hang there after I start healing, but for now, this is everything I wanted. Only part I leaked from heavily was lower stomach. We had plastic liners, towels, puppy pads and I kept everything dry. I have a pic to show but sorry it's not of my unclothed torso. I didn't have the stamina or audacity to ask my husband for my phone just to take a pic while he was bandaging me, so I did these pics after the fact. Hopefully you can tell the difference with the garment on, because I sure can. Might I say even as a married woman, I always made efforts to hide my stomach around my husband. After the surgery I had to swallow my pride and ask for help. He saw me at my worst and I was ok with this. He saw me lay in the tub with liquids dripping, bent over "ugly naked" as he tries to get my garment on, and cut a hole in the Depends I was wearing so I could pee. May I note, I haven't gone number 2 yet. I do have stool softener on hand if I need to. These are important things for you to know if you have this surgery! It matters!

Day 2
Feeling alot better. My incisions have closed. We double checked with the nurse this was ok. So I only leaked for 24 hours and I feel lucky. I was prepared for 72 hours worth. We put anti-biotics on the wounds, light bandages, and no more maxi pads. Getting in my garment is a bit easier. I tried to pick up my lower stomach while I put on my garment again, but it's sore and tender so that was hard. I do hope when the soreness goes away I can lift this area when I put on my garment. The garment naturally lifts this area, but I really want to make sure I do not let my skin just compress all hanging low. Not a good look for a young lady. Pain is similar to being sore after a work out. A little itchy-ness is setting in but it's fine. I'm feeling a lot better and really jonesing to go out. Again, more pics for you but not of my actual stomach. I will work on getting one for you soon. My husband was curious why I want to share this with people. Because you guys helped me so much and I hope I help at least one person! Also, I don't know how some of you guys posted on your treatment day and right after. More power to you. I'm a little late to the party but it's all still relevant. Now my concerns are future ultrasounds and lymphatic massages, swelling, and being able to do my job duties without having dizzy spells or other complications. Also swelling. And PS...I kind of like wearing the garment because it feels good but I can see how it would get annoying. Summer is coming and I'll be in this thing in the Texas heat, blah. All is fair in flat tummies and war.

Day 7

Welp, I made it a week. Kind of flew by, kind of didn’t. Everyone is right, each day can be down or up. For now I’m mostly moving in the upward direction. Swelling seems to be less in the mornings and increases as the day goes on. This might be because I have to sit a lot at work, so my stomach is in one position and liquids are pooling towards the lower pooch (everything I don’t want). I do sit with a lumbar pillow I adjust and move around in my chair. Each hour I got up, used the restroom, looked out the window. Lately I push myself farther than I think I should and I’m grateful for it. People, this isn’t a lunch time surgery. It is a surgery. At least if you have a lot of fat taken out like I did. Which by the way, Ive been researching. Apparently 463 something cc’s is equivalent to 1 lb? If so, then the doctor removed FIVE pounds from my stomach and THREE pounds from my side. Yikes! I think about giant meat packets and how much 5 lbs looks like. I’m glad it’s gone. Let’s discuss swelling, shall we?

Ugh, swelling. At the same time I’m happy I had this done, I look way better, I’m still pretty swollen. My sides especially protrude a lot against my garment zipper. When I lay down at night, that’s when I feel it the most. Finding pants to wear at work that don’t dig in and fit with the garment/swelling on has been a bit difficult but manageable. I need to give some other pants a try this weekend so I don’t keep wearing these sweatshirt material ones, LOL. I take ibuprofen at times and half a hydrocodone at night to decrease swelling, help with the discomfort, and make me sleep better. That’s another thing, sleep.

My sleep has been disrupted every few hours for a pee and position change. It has been annoying. Last night may be the first night I only had to pee once and I didn’t need to change positions much. Getting in and out of bed is a chore sometimes, perhaps because our bed is lifted so I have a small step ladder nearby to assist me. I don’t know about you ladies/gents, but I didn’t really tell anyone I got this done except for my husband and secretary. My boss knows I was out for a few days for a “medical procedure” (which it is!), but nobody else. Some people are curious what is going on with my slowed walk and pained face at times when I get up. Only one person dared to ask what I had done and I won’t tell. I don’t want the judgement/it’s not anyone’s business. It sounds vain but really, I think it’s made me more healthy. Having 8 lbs of abdominal fat can’t be good for someone who’s 5’2”. By the way, I don’t think I ever gave you my stats. I’m 5’2” and my starting weight before surgery was 210. This morning one week after surgery, I was 207. So obviously, I still have plenty of fluid and am swollen because I should be 202. I’m not too concerned with weight, though I don’t like being over 200. I am writing this from work and will attach pics once I get home. Aunt flow has made an announcement she’s coming soon, so I’m still swollen but let me know what you guys think. I’m still hoping my lower belly tightens up and I’m not left with the droop, although in comparison to what I had, this could do.

Hope everyone is healing well, and help me find more ways to find new experiences by people, please? I’ve tried “laser lipo”, “vaser lipo”, “slim lipo”, and today “tumescent lipo” with loads of entries I haven’t read yet. I can’t get enough.

I think I’ll have my first lymphatic massage this weekend if I can swing one. I’ll definitely be massaging in the shower tonight. I want to see if it helps with swelling.

Update: Rolling pin used gently does wonders. I was getting indentations from my garment and it was due for a wash so I am currently wearing a flexee (I don't think it works well but it will do) while the Veronique is drying.

I don't know what day this is, but I'm in pain.

Just called the doctor's emergency line because I have sharp shooting pains since my ultrasound treatment today. I am out of hydrocodone and took Tylenol twice since this morning to no avail. I have tears streaming down my face as I write this. This is the first time I've cried since the whole surgery. I am hoping to hear back from the nurse shortly. I hate calling someone crying because I can barely get a word out. My husband refused to call for me because he thinks it would like we're drug seeking when it's anything but. He also wanted them to see how much pain I was in because I soldiered through the initial procedure without pain meds.

As I wait I'll tell you about the lymphatic massage I got on Wednesday. I researched who I wanted to do it and she was great. Uncomfortable a bit at some points but just because my stomach is so hard in places it's hard to move and I understand. I felt great afterwards. A few hours later I was so cold and shivery. I went to sleep and woke up nauseated and completely soaked with sweat. I threw up while being on the toilet. I didn't go to work the next few days because I had a fever and was weak. I wondered if it was the massage or just happenstance. I looked it up and apparently it's called a "healing crisis" if you have a lot of toxins in your body. I know the massage worked but this is now Saturday and I still have a temperature of 99.5. It's odd because my temperature goes up and down the past few days. It's gone as high as 100.something. I believe the fever is my body trying to fight off any toxins. I had to call in sick to work this past Thursday and Friday after the massage. It's so weird to not have told anyone what I got done at work yet deal with the pain and uncomfort of it all. Prior to the massage I was actually pretty good and mobile. Slower than usual, but mobile. Now I waddle and am slow.

Update, the nurse just called me back. She is going to get in touch with the doctor and see if I can get more pain meds. I initially spoke to the receptionist and although she was nice, a bit condescending because I can tell she has a "fake" nice voice. Being that I was in pain, it really irritated me. I'm very odd because despite being in pain and feeling like she was being rude since it's the end of the day, I did not push for what I needed which was medicine. She explained to me that shooting paints happen after the ultrasound and I should take some Tylenol (I know this, I googled it and had taken Tylenol twice at this point). Anywho. Now I'm trying to relax with a pillow under my belly and my husband is making me toast.

I got to see my side by side pic from Day 1 to Day 16. Stomach is way flatter, it almost looked like a different body. At the 3 month mark I think they take a new set of pics and I get to keep them for my records. I'll attach my pics from this morning. Pardon my sloppy bathroom but boy does it get hard taking care of the house when you're not feeling well. I have mastered picking things up with my toes, though. Can't think of anything else. I did write a Day 12 entry and left it on my desktop at work. At this point I don't care to upload it but I just wanted everyone to know EVERY DAY IS DIFFERENT! Be informed and ready! I have been wondering if I'd do this again. The results already have given me a lot of confidence and happiness but the pain and disability at work in particular have put me down. I am thinking of telling my boss in a PG way what I did so he can be understanding why I can't walk around for hours outside in the heat (my job requires this).

Sorry for the downer post. Just caught me in a downer moment and I'm finally on my computer.

PS- Let's talk the dreaded vag swelling. It's improved a lot, but a lot of days that was an area that was so swollen it was ridiculous. Wearing my garment actually helped compress that area. I haven't been able to appropriately groom myself because I'm afraid to shave when the top is so swollen. Just FYI.

Day 21

Wow, are we really here already? Since my last pain filled post, things have improved. I feel pangs of pain here and there (nerves connecting) and occasional places of extra swelling (lower belly, sides). My mobility has gotten better. I realize sleeping on my stomach wasn’t helping my case. I know, I know. I’m just a stomach sleeper. Last few nights I slept on my back and thought it makes my back sweaty and is irritating I can’t switch positions, I seem to be healing better. Wearing my medical grade garment is better than the Flexee as well. I think wearing the Flexee is when my sides swell more and feel like a balloon about to burst when I sit. I have my second ultrasound this weekend. At least this time I have pain meds and know what to expect.

Btw, I did end up seeing the doctor this past Monday, a rare treat in the MedSpa world. I’m going to go ahead and say it, I don’t care for him. He’s nice and all technically, but he is very rushed in his explanations and time spent with me. He checked out my belly and pressed down on various places seeing if I had an infection. He said I didn’t. Gosh my lower belly was so painful that day. Putting on my garment has required a 2 person job again. When the nurse helped me back in the garment I burst into tears because it was so painful. I’m not going to lie, at this point I’ve wondered “What did I do to myself?”, and if this is really a big enough difference that I paid for, suffered with pain, etc. I’ll go ahead and say this too. Liposuction is a big deal, go to a plastic surgeon. My doctor is a OBGYN who attended training for cosmetic surgery. Sure he’s a doctor, but this is not his first profession. I knew this beforehand and did research, still felt comfortable, but gosh did I take a gamble.

I’m still “early” in my recovery process I believe so I continue to do everything I’m told and be vigilant about it. I have slacked on the massages this week since the painful episodes. I might begin rolling pin sessions again today. I just don’t want to lose my mobility again. I wanted to add the sensation I mostly feel now is my lower belly being a very heavy belt and uncomfortable to move around with. It’s still difficult getting in and out of chairs or sitting on the toilet. I end up peeing on myself a lot (not the garment) but I’ve figured out if you lift yourself up a bit you won’t pee on yourself. Just FYI. Nobody wants to pee on themselves, am I right?

And to the lovely individual who insinuated I got paid by the clinic for this review, buzz off. I paid for this with my own hard earned money. I have been honest about my experiences and have been respectful of the clinic by not mentioning their name. Don’t bring negativity to my posts while I’m healing. Only positive vibes allowed and the occasional grumble (from me).


Hope to be Free.

I would add pics but my stomach doesn’t seem like it’s changed much since the last post. It is interesting to look through the photos and see how my stomach has morphed. I am feeling confident my lower belly will flatten up a lot more. My upper belly is flat. My sides are still swollen but I can’t wait for them to go down so I can see that ~hour glass shape~.

30 day mark!

I thank God I made it to one month!! Well, I’m doing pretty great. Still swollen in spots, tender in spots, hard in spots, but overall I can move around great and I am not in pain. My stomach did start to chafe and turn a darker color along my sides which the nurse gave me cream for, it’s called Biafine. Apparently it’s made in France and will help decrease the irritation and correct the color. I also started using Bio Oil about a week ago after I shower. I bought Bio Oil a few months back but didn’t use it till now, I really like it. It smells great, I think I already see a difference in the tone and texture of my stomach, and it feels like I’m pampering myself. I will continue to use it till the bottle is gone and reevaluate. Sometime last week I ran out of the arnica gel. Everyone here seems to swear by the stuff, but I thought it was ok. I had a nice cooling effect at times but due to my numbness, I didn’t always feel it. I never really got bruising and I don’t think it decreased swelling at all. Now I do have some bruises-like looking spots on my lower belly. I feel like this is happening later in the game due to my swelling decrease and possibly blood flow back to those spots. Who knows, I could be horribly wrong.

By this time I’ve had 2 ultrasound treatments as well. I have 3 more to go. The second one didn’t hurt this time around. My belly still felt jelly-like afterwards and I was “aware” of it, if that makes any sense. But no more shooting electrical pains. I hope that continues. I did have my second lymphatic massage last night as well. I was nervous about that one since I had such a caustic reaction the first time. She decreased the massage time to 30 minutes but seemed more aggressive in her massage. That’s ok, because my swelling has gone down a lot and honestly since I got sick, I stopped massaging myself. The lymphatic system is nothing to play with! I did end up getting pretty tired and thirsty afterwards, and I feel much the same this morning. I have bought 3 bottles of water with me to work this morning and will replenish throughout the day. I’m not sore either like I was last time, hallelujah. I’m not sure what other update to give you.

Oh, don’t cut up your garment the way I did. I now rotate between three, because I don’t want the creases to set in and like the idea of changing up my garment. One pair of spanx, one flexee, and the medical grade garment I cut the legs entirely off of. Easier to pee and get on, but the side zippers dig into my hips and that is a pain. I’m thinking I might ask for my second stage garment. Oh, I should discuss my weight! Surgery day I was 210. Today I weighed 199.3. This could be due to a lot of things. Sure, they took out 8 lbs of fat. I’ve also been eating clean and been on an “anti-inflammatory” diet if you will. No red meat, nothing fried, nothing sweet in excess. Not a restrictive diet, just smaller portions and healthier. I don’t feel deprived. Sometimes I want a burger now and then, but then I remember everything I’ve gone through and how this was supposed to be a catalyst for a healthier life style.

In other news, I told my Mom about this surgery, something I was avoiding because I didn’t want a negative reaction. She wasn’t surprised. She thought I would have gone all the way with a lap band or something. She told me I was brave for doing this, and I guess we really are. It’s a pretty big deal to put your body through for the sake of wanting a better physique, so I’ll take the compliment! I see her in a few weeks and I’d like to see her reaction if she sees a difference, I know I do. My clothes fit a lot better, the volume in my stomach has gone down, and I’ve gotten more of an hour glass shape. I’ve attached some pics, let me know if you see a difference (the lighting doesn’t do my body justice, might I add). I continue to pray my sides go in more, my lower belly flattens up, and I am lump-free and continue healing well. Thanks to the people who comment and message me. Your support and check-ins with me fuel the fire to keep this going. Happy healing!!

Week 5

Ok, feeling pretty back to normal at this point. I don’t have much new to report besides for the first time yesterday, I noticed my waist band on pants is loose. Big girls can perhaps commiserate with me, it feels good knowing you see a difference and feel “sexier”, but it’s kind of scary for your clothes to get bigger. I like the clothes I have, and it’s weird to be in between sizes. I hate the feeling of loose pants around the waist and I’m constantly pulling them up because I don’t want co-workers seeing my undies. This isn’t a complaint, just a thought.

I am a bit disappointed this might the majority of my results now. Take a look at my recent pics, do you think my sides are still residual fat or is that swelling? It feels pretty soft to the touch. My under belly is still hardened but pretty soft in spots compared to a few weeks ago. I have developed this 4 inch deep crease in my lower stomach and I’m not sure what that’s about. I was wondering if it’s my underwear, pants, or the way I sit creating the fold. I have to admit I haven’t massaged myself in weeks. I get an ultrasound treatment and a lymphatic massage weekly, I figure that’s pretty good. I’ll start rolling pin myself again soon, I swear. I’m just kind of dreading the uncomfort I’ll feel in my lower stomach.

Also, I ordered a second stage garment. The one I currently wear is loose on sometimes and tight on some others. I still wear the same size when I got measured again =( My waist might have decreased by 5 inches or so, I’m not sure. I’ll have to clarify with what measurements they have for me in their system. Stupid big hips, I think that’s what’s skewing my garment size. Given I need an abdominal garment, it will have to go up my hips so it needs to fit the widest part first. I’m concerned it won’t be tight enough. Oh well.
I’ve gotten interested in waist training. I don’t want to shift my organs around, but I feel like now is a good time as any since my stomach is so moldable. I’ve done a little research but I’m not fully there yet. It seems like steel boning, orchard corset . com, and easing into it is the plan. I just don’t want to wear the corset on the wrong part of my body or anything. Any tips?

Lastly, I wished I posted under “lipo” or “laser lipo”. I feel not many people look up vaser lipo in comparison so I don’t have many comments or feedback to help propel me further. I might start updating every month from now on because I don’t see any more drastic changes coming. I continue to use Bio Oil and I really like it. I think it’s improved my stomach’s stretch marks and is making my stomach look more appealing, as least to me. Happy Healing everyone.

And…I think I’ve read every lipo related review on RS now? I want more! Link me to some goodies!

Almost at month 2

Hi everyone,

I couldn't wait to update my profile because it's been awhile and I'm in the mood to talk.

How I feel: Pretty good. Most of my stomach has softened. The bottom part of my belly is still a bit tough but has softened a lot over time. Same with my sides. I am honestly a bit disappointed because I was secretly hoping to have NO love handles after the surgery. I think I still have residual fat left in my sides so it appears I still have love handles.I f only he had taken out a few hundered more CCs on each side! Also, I'm also disappointed how my upper belly still makes my belly button look like a sad face. I was hoping for my belly to have decreased in volume thus lifting my stomach up a bit more. Sounds unrealistic when I type it out, but I sure as heck did not want a tummy tuck. At least, not in this stage of my life. I'm hoping my stomach continues to morph and change in the next few months. Lastly, I now have noticed my mons pubis more than ever. Now that my tummy is flatter, my mons pubis sticks out a lot more. I didn’t think I’d want to get more lipo after this surgery due to the recovery time, but if I had the money, pfft…I think I would. I’d also do my bra rolls. (Probably not from the same place because I did not enjoy the doctor’s flip floppy bed side manner). I can see how surgery is a slippery slope. BUT, I can live with both of those issues. My stomach is what needed help and I received it. OH! How could I forget to mention that deep crease in my stomach! That’s still there. I think its extra skin that had nowhere to go so it indented. I’m hoping this smooth’s out over time. It’s one of my top complaints at this time.

Maintenance: I stopped getting lymphatic massages last week. I have my last ultrasound treatment this weekend. Adding both treatments together, I’ve done 10 sessions. I think that’s pretty good. I also bought this awesome massage roller at the 5 dollar spot. It’s manual, but it has rubber grippers on it that get in nice and deep into your tissues. That feels great to my stomach when I do it. I immediately notice hardened spots have softened. I continue to use Bio Oil. I also don’t know if that’s doing anything anymore. I’ll finish the bottle and try something else. Any ideas? Maybe Palmers Tummy Butter? I also weighed 198.2 this morning. That feels great. So down 10-14 lbs now? I went on vacation to the East Coast for 9 days and watched what I ate, though I did allow myself cheesecake, pizza, and a black and white cookie. I don’t deprive myself. Just portion control and stop eating once satisfied, not full. That’s been a big adjustment for me. But it feels good because I know I will do this the rest of my life. Given the way I’m talking, you would think I had gastric bypass or something!

Confidence: I’m feeling a lot better. Pants are loose, I had to buy belts! I think I’m at least one size down. I have more of an hour glass shape, which is what I really wanted. People have noticed, but because I eat clean, I can honestly attribute it to that and not exactly be telling a lie. I’ve gone shopping and tried on things I wouldn’t normally, and now feel many more options are available to me because I won’t be so hindered by my old protruding lower belly.

Told ya I write a lot. I will post pics from this morning when I go home. Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions on any maintenance I could do to continue progressing in my healing. Thank you!
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