Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Flank Lipo - Dallas, TX

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I have wanted, and needed, a TT for 20 years. I...

I have wanted, and needed, a TT for 20 years. I had one pregnancy and got a diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles). It has been uncomfortable to lie on my stomach or have anything resting on my stomach, due to the pressure. I am so grateful to finally be able to have the surgery I have wanted for so long.

Day After Surgery

Dr. Bryan Armijo performed my abdominoplasty with muscle repair and liposuction to the flanks yesterday (10/29/2013) at Forest Park Medical Center Frisco. The facility, staff, nurses, and anesthesiologist were all caring, competent and it was a top-notch surgical center. Dr. Armijo is the absolute best in every way. I am posting my before photos and will update later with more information on the experience because I am sleepy from medications. :)

Pre-Op Experience(10/29/2013)

I am behind on posting but want to give as much information as possible to help others know what to expect. I am a registered nurse but am in good health and have not ever had major surgery aside from a C-section in 1991.

My surgery by Dr. Bryan Armijo was scheduled at Forest Park Medical Center of Frisco (Frisco, Texas) at 6:30 am and I was asked to arrive at 5:00 am. A good friend brought me and waiting throughout the 3 hour surgery, then drove me home and stayed with me. Because I am a nurse, know how to recognize problems and I'm in good health I opted not to stay overnight at the facility, which I think saved me $750.

I arrived at 5:00 am, registered at the front desk and was handed a beeper which let me know when it was time to go to see someone in admissions. Admissions asked for personal contact info, had me sign forms, asked if I had an Advanced Directive, etc. Then I went back to the waiting area and after a short time was met by someone who led my upstairs, measured my height and weight, checked my vital signs and led me to a private room where I changed into a hospital gown, booties and was given a hair covering to hold on to for later. I climbed in bed and got comfortable.

Shortly after two pre-op nurses came and asked me detailed health history questions which were entered into my computer chart and then started my IV. Dr. Armijo came in and we talked a bit, I stood up and he made markings on me for surgery. His last words to me were "We are going to take very good care of you" which was very reassuring. He's the best.

My anesthesiologist who I believe was Dr. Patel was wonderful and the nurses talked about how good he is. He looked about 27, lol. I remember his great smile, cool nerdy glasses and him asking me some questions. I told him I tend to get nauseated after anesthesia so he said he always pre-medicates for that and would take care of it. Then he gave me Versed in my IV. Within a minute I could feel the effects and became very relaxed and kind of loopy, as they wheeled me to surgery. I can remember a little of seeing the surgical suite but the next thing I remember after that is waking up in recovery.

Everyone was extremely kind, there was minimal waiting, the facility was beautiful and totally professional but inviting. I even asked one of the sweet pre-op nurses for a hug when the Versed was kicking in and he gave me one. I'm such a dork. :)

Next post will be about waking up from surgery in the recovery room, the ride home and my first night.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

So far he and his staff have been exceptional. I did not see any photos of his results until I came here, but I still felt very confident in his abilities based on my research. He is a sweet person, as well. :)

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