My 56th Birthday Present - Dallas, TX

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I will be 56 this weekend, and look 10 years...

I will be 56 this weekend, and look 10 years younger. In the last year there's been more attention than I like to my sagging cheeks and () around the mouth, so decided to update my face to match my body. It is 3 days after full face Ultherapy… and I pray it gets better. It hurt much more than expected, even with 2 Motrin 30 minutes before treatment. I did a colonoscopy with no drugs or anesthesia, so my pain tolerance is pretty high. It still felt like a million tiny needles piercing my skin, especially painful around the outer corners of my eyes. Ohhh, but I was not prepared for the swelling. On day 1, my left lower face was so swollen it jiggled when I walked. Not only was it swollen, but I had a 1” x 2” welt under my neck, 2 dime sized raised areas under the skin surface on my right cheek, and a 2 inch round raised area under the skin surface on my left cheek. Today the swelling subsided slightly, but there are ‘red transducer tracks’ on both cheeks and a darkened patch of skin on my left cheek. My left cheek is very numb. I took off 1 day from work, but would have taken a few more days had I known the after effects. EVERYONE noticed the swelling, so I had several dental work versions to appease the curious. As I write this, I feel tingling in my cheeks, similar to how it feels when local anesthesia wears off. I am praying this all resolves soon, and my money will be well spent on a great birthday present? I will provide updates in 7, 14, 30, and 90 days.

Well, this is day 7! I had birthday dinner with my...

Well, this is day 7! I had birthday dinner with my family and they didn't speak of swelling, so swelling is much better. My sister thought I had lipstick on my cheek but the subject was changed before she asked more questions - Thank Goodness! The dark patch peeled off and there was good skin underneath.

My main concerns now are the right/left asymmetry just under the eyes, and also asymmetrical cheeks. I still have "welts" on my neck and lower left cheek - feels like zits up under the skin. They are better than they were on day 3, but each idiosyncracy on your face is a source of concern.

I don't have another dr. visit until 3 months out. Seems to me he would want to know progress just for the sake of knowing how to improve his technique. I think I'll call the dr. tomorrow and ask about the welts/zits.

Overall, things are looking better ...

Well, this is day 21. The Dr. has seen me twice...

Well, this is day 21. The Dr. has seen me twice since the procedure was done - to evaluate the welts/zits, and what are small superficial minor burns on the neck and cheeks. Dr. prescribed a topical steroid for the burns and massage for the welts. The welts are smaller, still sore, but much better. Dr. said my skin was sensitive and hyperpigmentation (I call them T burn marks) will resolve with use of fade cream. The T burn marks are not that bad (like results of acne flare up), but I’m somewhat disappointed because I didn’t have them going into the procedure… but, it’s one of the known risks.

When my face was swollen, skin was tighter, but since swelling totally subsided, I don’t see a difference. Hopefully in 3 months the results will make it all worthwhile. I’ll update in about another month.

3 months have passed and just had my dr. eval ,...

3 months have passed and just had my dr. eval , viewing pre and post photos. He recommended a return at 90 days, since results are minimal. He sees 'a stronger chin line', but I don't see any difference that justifies the cost. I'll remain positive for a better 90 day result.

It’s been almost exactly a year since my...

It’s been almost exactly a year since my ‘birthday present’ full face Ultherapy, and I promised to return for an update, so here it is:

I regret having the procedure done. I am worse off than before the procedure because 1) I have facial discolorations from the transducer ‘burns’ and 2) My skin turgor (tightness) around my jawline is much worse off.

Procedure before and after photos showed a marked change in facial appearance, but not for the better. The photographer asked if I’d lost weight, because of the marked change in facial volume over 90 days. My physician offered to give me ’15 minutes’ with a different transducer at no cost to me, which I declined. Facial volume and elasticity has continued to decline markedly over the past 6 months.

I spoke with my physician’s assistant recently about my dissatisfaction and her response was ‘Didn’t Dr. X tells you that the procedure does not work in 25% of patients?’ Well, he did not tell me; and in fact, he assured me I would get good results.

I wish physicians were held to a standard that provided some compensation, based on performance and risk, for procedures that did not provide expected results. How often do you think plastic surgeons would perform procedures then? Oh, well … live and learn! The Ultherapy procedure did not work for me!!
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